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Lucky 7 Wearable Vibrator

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    Looking for a reformational, and definitely pleasure movement update to Luck 7 original prostate massager, this complete revolution in the male prostate play takes all your - or your partner's - P-spot stimulating wishes into orgasm.

    Motion trail shuttle by vibrating motor and thrusting modes. What it brings to you is a new and unusual experience that you can feel something is hitting your private spot and you are enjoying the collisional stimulation.

    You'll be able to play worry-free, and also insert, remove and adjust the massager comfortably with remote control.


    10 thrusting modes & for protest message
    10 vibration modes for A-Spot and G-Spot deep stimulation
    Quiet motor design, protect your privacy.
    Made of 100% body-safe odorless medical grade silicone.
    Bendable design for any position you like
    Easy to clean, 100% waterproof
    USB charging. One charge for multiple uses


    How to use it?
    Start by putting water-based lubricant on the product for more pleasure 
    The specification has a clear explanation of how to use the product & remote control
    You use it to stimulate any sensitive spots of your body
    After use, just clean it with water and you are good to go!


    Fun for girls:
    use it for nipples stimulation for warm-up or foreplay
    Slide the stimulation part into the vagina for G-Spot orgasms
    Or you can solely use the suction part on the clitoris for clitoral orgasms
    You can also insert the stimulation part into your anal and place the suction part on your clitoris for more fun!


    Fun for guys:
    use it for nipples stimulation for warm-up or foreplay
    Slide the vibration part into your anal to stimulate your prostate meanwhile the suction part can stimulate your testicles.
    Or you can solely use the suction/vibration part to stimulate your testicles
    Also, you can use the suction/vibration part to stimulate the head of your penis


    Fun for couples:
    use the product for foreplay to warm up
    You can use it on your partner in the way we suggest above to light the fire between you and him/her.
    Or you can use it in any way you want! Let’s explore more fun together!

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