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Hump Vibe.
Hump Vibe.

Hump Vibe Mini Seat Massage

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    It’s common for men after certain age to start experiencing some health issue. Sedentary lifestyle, office work and bad habits all lead to mucus and other pathogens being accumulated in the area, leading to some dysfunctions. This problem is often treated with a massage, performed in the doctor’s office. A similar effect, however, can be achieved with an Humpvibe, specially designed.

    ♥ Ask - As a man, when you sit for a long time in the office, or ride for a long time, or take an international flight, do you feel muscle numbness and tension in your hips and thighs?

    ♥ Why - Medical research shows, between the male anus and external genitalia, called the perineum, it is connected with the superficial transversus perineum, bulbocavernosum muscle, ischiocavernosus muscle, deep transversus perineum, urethral sphincter and other muscle groups. The men who sitting for a long time will lead to poor circulation of the perineum, soreness in the perineum and muscle tension.

    ♥ How - Adjustable vibration modes shake hips and thighs rhythmically off tension to stimulate perineal muscles to melt away stress from sitting too long and and improve blood flow in the limbs.

    ♥ What - This small male seat massager is meticulously designed for rider, office worker, the elders, gaming players, long-distance travel passengers who sit for long time, providing great relaxing and alleviating aching hips and thighs.

    ♥ User-friendly - There are 10 modes vibration is able to target certain needs; Comes with a Wireless charger compatible with 220-240V electrical outlet. Humpvibe chair massager cushion allows to enjoy massage experience in car, office or at home. As gift, Humpvibe is elegant color, brings best wishes for families, friends and yourself either. If you meet any issuses with product usage, our team are always here for you.

    For Non-private place usage 
    Cross-border of SexToys and regular health product 
    Simplicity of operator
    low operating noise
    Strong shock sensation
    Completely seamless design allows any use of scene
    100% waterproof, easy to clean
    400mAH wireless rechargeable battery 
    90min working time 10 modes 


    How to use it?
    Press long to start, press short to adjust 10 different modes
    Use it on the seat, the vibration part of the product is close to the position of the human perineum (But the driver is not allowed to use it during driving)
    It can also be placed in the armpit, cervical vertebra, popliteal fossa, elbow, or any muscle or joint that needs massage

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