6 Sex Positions for a Mind-Blowing O

Barret - Oct 28 2021

Sex Positions for a Mind-Blowing O

Let me ask you three questions…

Do you find yourself wishing he would just hurry up and cum already? 

Does sex feel more like a chore than fun? 

Do you find yourself struggling to reach the “big O” during sex? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to switch up your positions. Listen, I love getting down with some good ol’ fashion missionary sex too - but not all the time. 

Variety is the spice of life, and some of the most mind-blowing sex I’ve ever had was when we were rolling around in different positions. Novelty is sexy. When you mix it up, it increases excitement and arousal, leading to bigger and better orgasms. 

If you want to spice up your sexcapades with new positions, then you need to try these 6 positions! 

1.Doggy Style

Doggy Style sex

This beloved sex position is a fan favorite because it allows for deep penetration, which stimulates your G-spot. By stimulating your G-spot, you can have the strongest orgasms ever! 

 If you’ve never tried it before, you will get on all fours, and your partner will kneel behind you and enter you from behind (*from behind, not in your behind, but that is an option too). What really makes this position so great is you can simultaneously massage your clitoris or have your partner use one hand to touch your clitoris at the same time.

 If you really want to have your mind blown, use a heating G spot vibration like the one from Tracy’s dog. I’m telling you, you will never be the same after you try this!!

2. Lotus

lotus sex

This position is rooted in Tantra and has incredible emotional and physical perks. It allows you to be very intimate with your partner, all while getting the perfect amount of grinding action on your clitoris. 

First, have your partner sit cross-legged on the bed, sofa, or chair. Next, climb on top of him and wrap your legs around him so you face one another. 

 All you have to do next is rock back and forth using your hips and get ready to experience a mind-blowing O. Pro tip – you want your clit to grind against him, so get close, and if you need to, add a pillow under your bum. 

3. Lifted Missionary

Lifted Missionary Sex

There is something about feeling a man on top of you, taking control while he enters you either slowly, fast, and hard. But as we know, this position can feel a little routine or *ahem* boring. 

 What if you could do something to take the basic missionary position up a notch? All you need to do is place two pillows underneath your bum to help tilt your pelvis up towards the ceiling. For a little extra stimulation, have your partner grind their pelvis into your clitoris. 

When you get the position just right, you are in prime condition for a G-spot orgasm. Your G-spot is located inside your vagina, just behind the pubic bone. Now imagine your partner’s penis rubbing back and forth against this spot. 

 Before you know it, you will be digging your nails into his back, moaning in pleasure, as you orgasm more intensely than you ever thought possible! Now for ladies who prefer a woman’s touch, this mind-blowing orgasm can still be achieved without a penis. That’s where a vibrator comes into play.

One with some flexibility will allow it to bend and rub in all the right places. Just thinking about the fun that could be had with this toy should make you wet.

4. Legs on Shoulders 

Legs on Shoulders sex

If you haven’t already tried this position, I would be shocked if it didn’t quickly become one of your favorites.

This position allows for deep vaginal penetration and is great for both clitoral and cervical stimulation. You’ll also get a good amount of eye-to-eye contact, creating a very intimate moment between you and your partner.

While you are on your back, drape your legs over your partner's shoulders. Your partner’s body should be at a roughly 90-degree angle. To add even more intensity, have your partner grab your butt so that they can tilt your pelvis upwards and slightly towards you.

Communication is key in this position, as a simple tweak in movement can mean not having an orgasm at all to orgasming within only minutes. 

5. Happy Baby Pose

happy baby sex pose

Source: redbookmag.com

This position allows you to hit all angles without having to go without clitoral stimulation as well. For those of you who enjoy anal sex, this is also an ideal position. 

 It’s also a great way to enjoy a little double penetration, either by use of fingers or a fun toy like the heating G spot vibration.

If double penetration isn’t for you, your partner can stimulate your clitoris instead. All you need to do is lay on your back with your legs bent and up in the air. Your legs should be slightly past shoulder-length apart, with your hands gripping the soles of your feet. 

6. The Tiger

tiger pose sex position

Another one of my personal fav’s, the tiger is like spooning but with penetration. Both of you will lay on your side, he will enter you from behind, and you will move forward with your butt pushed toward him.

There will be more space between your back and his chest. This is a tantric position with lots of opportunities for additional pleasure.

If you like your hair pulled during sex, he can pull your hair with one hand while pulling you close and touching your clit with the other. The tiger provides a full-body pleasure experience. Meanwhile, this position is also suitable for the man with erectile dysfunction.

If you want to grab a Kama Sutra book, have at it. But know that you don’t have to practice acrobatics, have superior core strength, or be ultra-flexible to add some new steps to your mattress mambo.

These six positions will increase excitement and intensity and have you running to the bedroom for another mind-blowing O.

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