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Tracy’s Dog is your loyal kink companion

With groundbreaking designs to empower self-love and sexual expression.We make mind-blowing sex toys trained to obey your commands. Our stash is sexy, our story is inspiring, and our service is unmatched. Tracy’s Dog loves everybody regardless of age, gender, sexuality, or otherwise.

Our Strategy

We use body science and psychology to help you feel frisky and fulfill fantasies. Ourcollection promotes a healthy sex life, provides reliable stimulation, and comes with bragging rights included. Tracy’s Dog sex toys bite back with balanced elements, intuitive controls, and supreme mechanics.

Our sextech ergonomics are so good they went viral. We created pleasure products to celebrate diversity and support your unique anatomy. If you haven’t had multipletoe-curling orgasms before, buyer beware.

Our Stash

We make toys for male and female pleasure, with versatile designs suitable for non-binary adults. Our stash includes gadgets of all shapes and sizes to ensure maximum satisfaction. Go solo or enjoy partner play to exercise more control over your sex life. Or take a walk on the wild side with one of our deluxe devices.

Tracy’s Dog is known for the OG Sucking Vibrator, but that’s just the tip – just to see how it feels. We believe people should be the boss of their bedrooms. So our team works like a dog developing upgrades to accommodate evolving desires and shifting trends.

Our Story

Who names a sex toy company Tracy’s Dog? We do. Our mission is to become your faithful and loyal companion for personal perving. We promise to provide pure joy without all the unnecessary BS. If a dog is a person’s best friend, Tracy’s Dog is the leader of the pack.

We encourage people to love their bodies and feel freedom from sexual stigmas. Exploration and experimentation are at the core of our DNA. Our innovative collection invites adults to discover higher levels of bliss with robust features and responsive interfaces.

Tracy’s Dog performs like a champ regardless of your experience level or relationship status. We started this company to serve horny, busy women tired of low-quality pleasure products.

However, our crew loves men and LGBTQ+ too. So, we lengthened our leash to include something for everyone. Sexual wellness is gender-fluid here.

More About Us

The clit sucker concept was essentially trial and error until we escaped the pound. Obsolete options required significant updating, but nobody could unlock the treasure chest like us. Then Tracy’s Dog introduced the 2-in-1 OG Clit Sucking Vibrator, and all hell broke loose.

Tracy’s Dog was proud to see our ad at Madison Square Garden in 2019. Still, nothing compared to the momentum from our hilarious Amazon review. We invite you to witness the magic for yourself.

Our unique collection offers simultaneous clitoral and vaginal ecstasy unlike anything on the market.

Our Exclusive Collection

We make exclusive designs that offer dual stimulation without direct skin contact. Our revolutionary collection creates a powerful vortex of sensations to prevent over-stimulation and desensitization.

Just ask the people who loved our stuff so much they tattooed our Ducky mascot on their bodies. We see you!

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