Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I start?

1. Charging Mode/Connector

To get started your device, and get on the road to pleasure town, insert the charging cable into the charging connector.

Wait for the button light to start flashing. This means the charging has started.
Now, go pour yourself a glass of wine, and return after 2- 2.5hours.

When the device is fully charged, the indicator is on. The charge will last for 60 minutes of pure pleasure.

2. Suction Mode

Press & hold for 1.5seconds to start this function.
If you want to change the intensity and go up, short press the button (10 levels are available).
If you want to stop this function, press & hold for 1.5seconds

3. ON/OFF Button & Vibration Mode

Press & hold for 3 seconds to turn it ON, and then shortly press to switch to the next level. (there are 10 levels available).

If you want to stop this function, press & hold for 1.5 seconds.

If you want to turn the device OFF, press & hold for 3 seconds.


2. What Are The Functions And Colors ?

1. Can you operate both functions, suction and vibration, at the same time?
Yes, we’ve designed the vibrator to be flexible and allow you to use it in any combination you want.

2. Can you operate only one function at a time, suction or vibration?
Yes, you can. Look for the sucking button and it will activate only that option. Our vibrators are designed to be as flexible as possible, and to suit your own needs.

3. Are the pink and purple vibrators the same size?
Yes. They’re both the same size. You can choose your favorite color out of the two.


3. How To Clean And Store ?

After you’ve had your fun, it’s time for clean-up and after care. For both you, and your vibrator J You know what to do for yourself, so we’ll only recommend the steps for your vibrator:

Clean the device with warm water and soap. And then run it through some hot water to wash any traces of soap. Pat it dry with a clean lint-free cloth or microfiber towel so there is no fluff left on it.

Store it within reach, so it’s ready to grab whenever you’re in the mood for some fun. Your nightstand is perfect. Make sure it doesn’t touch other objects, or within reach for children.


4. How About Battery, Charger And Remote ?

1. The vibrator arrived without a charger. How can I charge it?
The vibrator comes with a charging cord. If by mistake, you don’t have one in your package, please email us at our after-sale service email: to sort it out for you.

2. Does it come fully charged? Can I use right out of the box?
No. It’s not charged. The vibrator comes with a cord that you’ll need to use for charging up your device. That takes anywhere up to 2h for a full charge. And from there the fun is on.

3. Do you need AA or AAA batteries for this device?
Our vibrator comes with a rechargeable battery, that you will be able to charge by attaching the cord coming with it. You do not require any additional batteries for your vibrator to work.

4. Does it come with a remote?
No. The vibrator has buttons that activate the function you want to try out. To enjoy it and variate the functions, press the according buttons.


5. SOLO Play Or Couple Play ?

Can the vibrator be used for couple play or is it only for alone play?

Our vibrators are made for both, couple play, to enhance the intensity of your experience as a couple as well as spice up your alone time. It can also be used for the foreplay, during sex, or in any other fun combination you can think of.


6. Lubricants And Condom ? 

1. Can lubricants be used on the vibrator?
Yes, you can use water-based lubricants, yet avoid the silicon-based ones, because it may damage the vibrator. We want you to have as much fun as you’d like and not be disappointed by a malfunction. When using a lubricant, make sure to avoid the side with the opening – “the mouth”. We advise, if you prefer to use lubricants, to use a condom, to prevent the lubricant getting inside the device.

2. The silicon still makes me feel like plastic, I don’t want to insert it into myself ?
Silicon is not plastic, and it is 100% safe. However, if you do have this concern, we suggest you try it with a condom with lubricant.


7. Can I Bend It And Twist it ?

How flexible is the vibrator? Does it bend?
The vibrator is adjustable and highly flexible. You can bend it under any angle you like to experience maximum pleasure. Don’t worry, Tracy’s Dog won’t blush *wink* But Don't Twist it.


8. Is It Loud When It Works ?

Is it loud?

The vibrator is not loud. If you plan some fun alone time, with the kids in the other room watching TV, don’t be worried that you’ll wake up the whole house.


9. Can I User It If I Am A Virgin ?

Can I use the vibrator if I’m a virgin?
The vibrator is designed for full enjoyment only for women that have had sex at least once. You can still use the suction function, without insertion. If you do not want to penetrate your hymen, we do not recommend inserting the vibrator.

10. Shipping And Package ?

1. Do you ship to my country?
We ship to almost all countries in Europe and also USA. Check our website for specific countries or get in touch with our customer service for your particular country.

2. How is it shipped?
The vibrator is shipped in a very discreet package that won’t giveaway anything that’s inside, in case you have someone else picking it up.


11. Warranty And Return

Does it have a warranty?

Yes. Your Tracy’s Dog vibrator comes with a 365 days warranty. Email us for any questions and we will help you out.


12. Does It Get Hot ?

Is it normal for the tip of my toy to get hot while in use?
While we designed the vibrators to be as seamless as possible, the motion of friction and vibration does generate a little heat. Hence, using the vibrator for a longer time may heat it up a little. Nothing unpleasant or to be worried about.


13. VCH Piercing

Can the vibrator interfere with a VCH piercing? (a hoop or a barbell)

No, it does not. It will only take a little adjusting and you’re ready to enjoy it equally as someone without a piercing. If anything, we hear *wink* that a barbell vibrates enough to enhance the pleasure and make good use of your piercing.

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