Life is about experiences, and we have to allow ourselves to make mistakes in life. But life lessons do not have to be learned in the hard ways. Here are seven tips that I wish I had known when I was younger, and I would like to share with my fellow girlfriends.

  • Try out a few birth control methods before you stick with one

According to CDC, In 2017–2019, 65.3% of women aged 15–49 in the United States were currently using contraception. Without a doubt, Birth control is a big deal for sexually active women. Therefore, it is not something to be overlooked as most of the available contra-ception methods have some unwanted side-effects, including nausea, vomiting, bloating, spotting or bleeding between periods, weight gain, etc. It is worth investing some time to carefully research everything and choose the one that works for you and your body. More importantly, try it out a few times to know that it truly works out for you.

  • Don't feel it is a hassle to pee after sex

You probably never see a girl rushing to bathroom after sex in a movie scene, but I am telling you that it is one of the easiest ways to avoid the inconvenience of having a sex-intercourse-caused UTI. Most girls develop UTI at some point in their life. I am sure you never forget that burning feeling down there. UTI not only cause discomfort and inconvenience to your life but also can harm your health in the long run. Sex caused UTI can be easily avoided if you pee after sex as the bacteria will be urinated out of your system. Next time, don't be lazy and get the job done. There is nothing more important than taking care of yourself.

  • Never have sex with a guy who ever argues about condom

There are a million reasons why condom is essential during sex and there should be no negotiation or argument about it. If a guy argues with you about it and can't compromise feeling a bit less pleasure, instead stubbornly insisting on running the risk of you getting pregnant or contracting STIs, trust me, he is probably not the one to keep. Love yourself and insist on using a condom for sex unless you are in a committed relationship with someone.

  • Reconsider before you invest in those uncomfortable but pricey panties and lingerie

Women love shopping, well I don't blame you if you are one of them. I know those panties and lingerie may look very tempting across the street, but think three times before you walk over to buy them. Do you really need them? Is it really going to save your relationship and ignite new fire with him? Besides, No matter how comfortable a thong claims to be, it is really not. Chances are you might just wear it once or twice, and it will sit in the wardrobe forever. Why not save that money for a trip that you have been dreaming about for a long time or for some quality time with people you love instead?

  • Don't feel embarrassed to ask your partner to do an STD test

We all have been in that dilemma. You were sexually attracted to someone and were nervous about having sex with that person for the first time. Apart from that excitement, you were also embarrassed to ask him to do an STD checkup. The bottom line is that there should be no assumption here, as some STDs don't develop any symptoms, especially in men. Unfortunately, women are more susceptible to the consequences of most STDs;Therefore looking after our sexual wellness should be our top priority.

  • Don't expect a guy to fall in love with you if he told you that you are just FWB

Hollywood romance movies like Friends With Benefits, No Strings Attached etc have a similar scene that the guy falls in love with the girl he is just casually sleeping with. I am not saying that it is impossible to happen in real life, but you should not expect that. Women tend to be hopeful that they can change and dynamics into what they want if they keep trying hard. Having this thought is very dangerous because you brings disappointment into your life. Therefore, if you are in this game, play it safe.

  • Invest in a quiet vibrator if you are single in the pandemic time

Dating becomes extra rough in the time of a pandemic. Suddenly, casual sex is not an option anymore. If you are single and live with your family or roommates, investing in a vibrator is probably a good idea if you want to keep up with your sexual experience. Make sure you get a quiet one though, the last thing you probably want is for the noise to travel through the thin wall. A quiet vibrator can free you from that stress and help you focus on your experience. Personally, I really like this Craybit which teases both your A-spot and G-spot.

  • There is a lot to learn, both in theory and in experimentation

The Internet is the best resource to learn most things, and it applies to sex education too. Don't get me wrong; I am not talking about the porn industry because sex scenes in porn can be extremely misleading and unrealistic. Instead, there are many useful blogs, books, and documentaries online, some target mainly female sexuality. If you wonder where to start with, the easiest way is to google and find the most-rated materials within a few clicks.

Practice makes perfect; it goes for sex as well. Women's sexuality peaks only above 30. Age and experience will empower you to express what you like sexually and, in return, help to enhance your sexual adventure. Remember, sex is a lifetime marathon rather than a sprint.