Sex fantasies – we all have them! A scenario or kink that drives us wild! Being spanked, a partner entering you with a dildo, BDSM, or dressing up in costumes – when it comes to sexual fantasies, the options are as endless. Role-playing is a fun way to explore sexual fantasies. Taking on a new persona and creating erotic scenarios with your partner will improve your sex life in BIG ways.    

Role-playing pleasures our body and mind resulting in mind-blowing sex – sexual experiences you will think of for days, months, even years later!

I love escaping to a sexual fantasyland every once and in a while. For me, I really like to get into character and set the scene so I will plan this sex-cape for days or weeks before. And if I’m honest, the anticipation is half the fun!

If you have been flirting with the thought of role-playing, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know before role-playing.

Talk it out

Good communication is the secret ingredient to steamy sex. It may not sound as sexy, but when you can express your wildest fantasies, how you like to be touched, and what you don’t like, you will experience a lot more pleasure. When it comes to role-playing, you need to talk it out.  

“So, how do you feel about role-playing?”

This is how I first approached the subject. I prefer to cut to the chase, but trust me, I understand. Bringing it up for the first time can seem a bit *awkward*. Your approach is everything. Bring up role-playing when you are feeling more comfortable. I have brought it up at dinner and while making-out (which escalated into some HOT dirty talk!).

Be direct and explicitly tell your partner what you want them to do and what you want to do to them. Discuss the details, like where it will all go down and if you need props. You should also discuss boundaries and a safe word.

When you are role-playing, it can be tough to determine when someone is playing their role or has broken character. Here’s an example: let’s say you are going to get freaky with a robber who just broke into your home. When you yell “No” or “Stop,” it could be interpreted as a part of the role. Alternatively, “Princess Unicorn” wouldn’t make sense here, so it would be a great safe word. This is why you need to establish safe words and boundaries in advance. I say “real world” to break the scenario; it’s not overly creative, but it's effective. You can use Princess Unicorn, real world, or make up your own.

Choose a sex scenario and characters

After talking it out and establishing your safe word, it’s time to choose the scenario you will be role-playing. With countless HOT scenarios begging to be played out, it can be hard to choose one. If you are having a lil trouble deciding, here are a few of my favorites…  

Hitching a ride

The long roads are getting lonely on this cross-country drive. You are restless and horny as you drive alone down a dark highway. You slide your panties down and start to give yourself a bit of pleasure. Suddenly your headlights fall upon a handsome hitchhiker. You pull over to the side of the road. No one is on this road but you and him. He gets in…  

Losing your virginity

You’ve been waiting for the right one, but they just haven’t come along, and you are sick of waiting. You are determined to lose your virginity tonight and will go for the next guy you see. After brief introductions, you head back to your place. You're nervous but excited. Will this be everything you’ve been imagining?  

Prison pussy

You’ve been in prison for a long time. The pent up sexual energy is almost too much to handle. It’s unnatural. After graphic, sexually charged letters and photos, your pen pal is visiting. It’s the first conjugal visit you’ve had in years…

You give your secretary their annual review 

Your secretary has continuously been missing deadlines. At your last review, you told them this was their last warning. It has continued to happen, and if they want to keep their job, they are going to have to put in some extra time and effort and pay for the mistakes they’ve made. “Please come into my office and close the door behind you…” 

A very thorough physical

You walk into the examination room. You are waiting in the chair, and the doctor enters the room. The Dr. orders you to take off your clothes and lay on the table, legs spread with feet in the stirrups. They watch you with intense hunger in their eyes as you undress and position yourself on the table. The table is cold, and you watch as they put on their medical gloves. It’s time for your physical…

A full body massage

Work has been a nightmare lately, with pending deadlines and constant stress. You have been through a lot, so you schedule a massage for some needed R&R. The lights are dim, candles lit, and soothing music is playing in the background. You are soon covered in oil, deeply relaxed, and breathing heavy as your masseur slides a dildo inside you…

Just the thought of these scenarios is enough to make you wet. Pick a scenario and get creative with your partner. To spice it up, alternate between submissive and dominant roles, and don’t forget the props!   

Pleasure props: sex toys and costumes

Using sex toys and costumes can really make your role-playing come to life. New clothes, wigs, and makeup will get you into character. Pleasure props like whips, dildos, and vibrators really enhance the experience. Are these required? No, but they are definitely worth the investment! A multi-purpose sex toy like the G Spot dildo vibrator is versatile enough to work into every role-playing scenario. It can be used as a dildo and vibrator. It can reach deep with anal or vaginal penetration and stimulate your clitoris and nipples. Perhaps the doctor uses it as a part of the exam, or it falls out of your glovebox after picking up the hitchhiker….

Don’t get caught up in the acting or performance – you aren’t trying to win an Oscar. Have an open mind and just focus on having fun. These experiences are a great way to enhance your sexual connection with your partner, as well as yourself, as you explore these sexy scenarios.

Happy role-playing!