Without a doubt, we live in a privileged era. Our generation travels so much more than our parents' and grandparents' generation, thanks to the cheap airlines and accommodation solutions such as Airbnb. Individuals who work online and have strong travel buds take advantage of it and have made digital nomads a new trendy lifestyle. In a word, the travel industry was thriving robust from airline companies, travel agencies to all kinds of bloggers and online influencers, until covid hit hard and brutally shut everything down.

I was one of these avid travelers. I started traveling about ten years ago and so far have been to 30 countries where most of the places I backpacked alone. In 2019 alone, I managed to travel to 10 uniquely beautiful countries.

While embarking on a trip to an exotic destination sounds exhilarating, packing can be a daunting and stressful task. However, we all need to learn to deal with this unsexy yet crucial task because it can cause troubles to your trip if you forget to pack your essential items. Today, I will share five things to include in your next packing list as a solo female traveler so that you don't need to compromise your sexual health during your trip.

Always have a pack of condoms

I know many girls are not comfortable shopping for condoms or sex products, but now it is time to get rid of that social shaming. Let's be honest; condoms are not only a great gear to protect yourself from most of the STIs, but it also gives you a choice to not miss out some hot sex when you meet a desirable partner. 

Pro tip: Condoms don't respond well to temperature changes, so it's safer to keep them in your cabin luggage where the temperature is maintained all the time.

Level up your orgasm with sex toys

It is already proofed fact that sex toys can enhance and expand your sexual pleasures. Sex Therapist Levkoff says, "There are vibrators designed for all different types of stimulation. Some are internal, to stimulate the g-spot directly; others can be used for partnered sex," encouraging women to try different types. The sex toy industry has been witnessing a spike in sales since the covid 19 pandemic. Now, many companies also launch their products with a minimalisic design, dedicating to travelers.

No idea which one to pack for travel life, here is my recommendation: this travel pal will guarantee you one of the best orgasm experiences.

Protip: Do check the law and regulation of the country you are headed to make sure sex toys are allowed. 

Don't forget the lube

Do take lubrication with you; what lube is to sex toys is what milk is to coffee. The main benefits of lubrication do not limit to easing friction and pain during sex; It can also make sex more pleasurable and sensual. Stacking products from your favorite brand in your suitcase can save you from the unwanted "adventure" of looking up "sexual lubrication" with the aid of your translation app in a foreign city and the awkward moment at the check out counter. 

Pro tip: Do remember it is considered a liquid product, and therefore, it needs to be placed in the checked-in luggage if the bottle is over 100ml. Otherwise, there is a risk of being tossed by the airport security staff if they see it.

Opt to go green

The menstrual cup has been adopted by many women over the years ever since it got invented and some women are completely in love with it. Its biggest perks lie in 3 folds, i.e. it is reusable and can be used for years; It is money-saving in the long term; it is environmentally friendly. The menstrual cup also has some health benefits, such as reducing dryness and strengthening the vaginal muscles, improving comfort, and better time between the sheets.

Pro tip: If you have not started to use it yet but are eager to try, it is recommended to choose the right size and practice while you are at home until you get used to it because the last thing you want is getting messy and spilling the blood everywhere in a public toilet in a foreign city

Bring a self-defense tool ( Pepper spray) with you 

It's a common movie scene to see women grabbing pepper spray and spraying it in their attacker's face, rendering the assailant staggering to the ground, defeated. Pepper spray is known as oleoresin capsicum, an oil that produces tears when sprayed in the eyes. It is a convenient and "easy to carry and use" kind of self-defense tool, rendering the assailant powerless but without causing any permanent damage. It is also completely legal, and it is one of the defense tools that does not break your bank at all.

Therefore, if you have not got one yet, consider getting one for your next solo trip. Bringing pepper spray with you can offer you peace of mind, especially if you find yourself in a city with a relatively higher assault rate. You are 100% responsible for your own safety and should feel protected and powerful. You can never be too careful when traveling alone in a foreign country with a different culture and language from where we come from, where you probably have not even had the time to be acquainted with anyone yet.

Protip: Though almost zero training is needed, do read the instructions and practice a few sprays at home to feel comfortable and know how to spray correctly. 

Cranberry extracts against UTI 

Last but not least, always carry some cranberry pills for the prevention of UTI. As women, we probably all experience UTI at some point in our lives, and nobody will ever forget these burning and shaky feelings. Though sex is the one source of catching UTI, it is not the only one. Cranberries contain compounds called proanthocyanidins, which prevent E. coli bacteria from attaching to the lining of your urethra and bladder.

It is fair to say that traveling is more complicated for women. As female travelers, we often face more hidden dangers and threats than male counterparts do. Therefore, I can totally understand why some women feel discouraged trying solo traveling due to various reasons. However, if you are the brave ones, do include the above items to make your trip sexier and safer.