Clitoral stimulation has an excellent reputation nowadays, and this is due to the thousands of nerve endings that have made the clitoris a magic maker when it comes to sexual pleasure. This tiny part of the female body has over 8000 nerve endings, an impressive number that makes it easy to understand why there's so much interest in stimulating it.

Some people have difficulties identifying the clitoris, while others find it hard to stimulate it. The truth is that things are quite complicated when it comes to clitoral stimulation, especially during penetrative sex. 

Because clitoris stimulation can result in intense pleasure, it is useful to consider various sexual positions that may be helpful in reaching a strong climax.

Fortunately, the sex toy market has expanded in the past few years. As a result, there are now an impressive number of vibrators that can become your clitoris's best friend. 

Best Positions for Clitoral Stimulation

"But aren’t all sexual positions suitable for stimulating the clitoris?" one might ask. Well, not exactly. Certain positions make stimulating the clitoris nearly impossible because, contrary to popular belief, this small part of the female anatomy is not as accessible as you might think.

Missionary: Oldie but Goldie

There is a reason why this position has earned its "oldie but goldie" status. Although some may describe it as a boring one, in reality, it is ideal for stimulating the clitoris as well as creating a strong bond between partners. 

This can be achieved through eye contact, which can help increase sexual tension, but it can also help you be more present, without allowing your mind to wander.

To stimulate the clitoris in this position, the man must apply pressure to it with his pelvis. In other words, the partners must be extremely close.

This position is also ideal for adding a sex toy, such as a clit sucking vibrator.

Doggy Style: A Hot Classic

Doggy Style A Hot Classic

This one is another position known for the intensity it provides. While it is true that, unlike the missionary, the doggy style does not enable eye contact, it works as an open door to unimaginable pleasures. 

It allows both men and women to engage in clitoral stimulation. A remote-controlled sex toy can help if you both want to be hands-free.

LeapFrog: Doggy Style With a Twist

This position is like a doggy style, but with a nice twist for both G-spot massage and clit stimulation. 

For this one, the woman must sit in a doggy position and then arch her back until her breasts touch the ground. It can be the bed, sofa, or whatever surface you prefer. With one hand, you can easily access the clitoris and make the magic happen. 

Reverse Scoop: An enthusiastic embrace

The bond between partners is strong in this position, due to eye contact and the prolonged embrace throughout the sexual act.

Stimulating the clitoris can be accomplished by rubbing each other in a tight embrace, but also with one's hand. Either one of you can be in control. 

The Om: When Two Become One

As you have seen, stimulation of the clitoris is possible, especially in positions involving close proximity. The om is a position that, in addition to a strong connection between partners, stimulates the clitoris through contact with the pelvis.

The man must sit in the lotus position, and the woman must sit on top. It is a straightforward position with significant effects for both partners.

Best Sex Toys for Clitoral Stimulation During Sex

All of the sexual positions featured above are suitable for using sex toys. Given the importance of clitoris stimulation in reaching climax, it would be thrilling to review some of the vibrators specifically designed for such stimulation.

OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

This is the missing ingredient in your sex life. With various levels of intensity, this sex toy can make any woman shiver with delight. Moreover, this one is remote-controlled for increased intimacy between partners, making it ideal for each position described in this article.

  • 3-in-1 vibrator for clit stimulation, G-spot massage and a nice blend between both;
  • High-quality materials for a silky-soft touch;
  • 10 levels of intensity for mind-blowing orgasms;
  • Remote-controlled toy;
  • Water-resistant for fun times in the shower.

OG FLOW, 2-in-1 Clit Sucking Vibrator for Double Pleasure

OG FLOW, 2-in-1 Clit Sucking Vibrator for Double Pleasure

Another great toy from Tracy's Dog that can intensify clitoris stimulation and practically any sexual act. The OG FLOW changes the game rules and comes to assist any couple looking for a spicy sex life. With different levels of intensity and suction modes, it can help you in different ways. 

  • 2-in-1 vibrator for clit stimulation and G-spot massage;
  • Waterproof sex toy, suitable for showers;
  • 10 levels of intensity for increased sensations;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Pleasure Air technology for suction modes.

Juicy Clitoral Licking Vibrator

Juicy Clitoral Licking Vibrator

Tracy's Dog introduces the 2-in-1 magic, which can be used for both G-spot massage and clitoris stimulation thanks to the various modes and intensity levels that can be accessed with the simple push of a button.

  • 2-in-1 vibrator, for clitoral licking and G-spot stimulation;
  • 10 different pulsating modes;
  • 7 tongue vibrations;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Remote-controlled for hands-free fun.

P. Cat Sucking Vibrator

P. Cat Sucking Vibrator

Because everyone should have a pet, the P. Cat is precisely what you're looking for. Ideal for both couples' fun and epic solo time, this magic-maker is discreet and has suction modes that will definitely change your life.

  • Lightweight, but powerful sex toy;
  • Discreet, so it can be carried anywhere;
  • Pleasure Air technology for different suction modes;
  • 3 power levels.

Wrapping Up!

Nobody can deny that sex is an absolutely fantastic activity. Orgasm is always the goal - and it's obvious why, it relieves stress, allows for intense pleasure, and contributes to increased self-esteem.

The good news is that if you try these sex positions, you will likely achieve your ultimate goal without making any mistakes.