You may already own a vibrator that gets you where you want to go, but you want to try something different; perhaps you're new to owning sex toys; perhaps you want to try something new with your partner or just want to own a purple vibrator. Whatever your intentions, below, you'll find 12 options for purple vibrators, both with a partner and by yourself. 

There are a variety of orgasm-inducing picks available, so no matter what you're looking for, whether it's a clitoral sucking vibrator, finger vibrator, rose clit sucker, G-spot vibrator, anal vibrator, U-shaped vibrator, couple vibrator, air-pulsing clitoral stimulator, rabbit vibrator, we've got you covered. Having found yourself here means it's time to upgrade your nightstand with one of the best purple vibrators.

Are you concerned about the cost? Don't worry; we've got you covered. You don't have to drain your bank account to own a Tracy's Dog toy, after all, as this batch of high-quality purple vibrators is for every budget. Take a look at our selection, then prepare to have a lot more fun in bed.

Vibrators 101: Tracy’s Dog Purple Vibrators

What exactly is a vibrator, and how does it work? It's no surprise that a vibrator vibrates. The purpose of vibrators is to stimulate sexual stimulation in intimate areas such as the genitals. Vibrators come in many forms, as you'll see below, and each type is designed to stimulate different erogenous zones and support or speed up the occurrence of orgasms. These vibrators are typically battery-operated or USB rechargeable, depending on their design. Vibrators let you explore new sensations and take control of your own pleasure during solo play. Newbies to masturbation can use vibrators to learn what their bodies like and don't like and feel in control during the whole process. The vibration pattern can be changed, the on/off button can be pressed at any time, and the vibration can be increased.

Sexual communication can be practiced when using a vibrator during partnered sex. It is attractive to guide your partner verbally because it strengthens your connection and helps you understand what sensations feel good or not. Additionally, vibrators can help you achieve orgasm during solo or partnered sessions without straining yourself or causing discomfort. There is also a myth that vibrators desensitize intimate areas and reduce the chances of experiencing orgasms. The opposite is true. Vibrators are completely safe to use. However, not every vibrator is the same. Vibrators on the market may not be made from materials that are safe for the body. And that's exactly why, at Tracy's Dog, we guarantee the highest quality medical-grade silicone vibrators at affordable prices; if you want to check out our Best Sellers page, click here.

Tracy’s Dog Best 12 Purple Vibrators

It can be difficult and expensive to find the right vibrator. Due to the fact that no two bodies are the same, it is also highly individual. There are thousands of vibrators available to choose from, with many subcategories, including very large vibrators and extremely small vibrators with multiple vibration patterns, ones that attach to your fingertip, other vibrators that mimic tongues, even more that approximate penis, wearable vibrators with remote controls, as well as vibrators that stimulate the clitoris through suction. Due to this, it's difficult to find the perfect purple vibrator in one go. If you would like to see the article about pink vibrators, click here.

As a result, we have chosen the 12 best purple vibrators designed by Tracy's Dog that will deliver one of the most toe-curling orgasms that you will ever experience. Whether you're searching for the best lubes, the best sex toys for couples, or the best sex toys for men, we've got you covered, too.

1. OG Pro2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator


OG Pro2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator


Tracy's Dog OG PRO 2 is a powerful 2-in-1 clit sucking vibrator that stimulates both your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, enabling you to hit a mind-blowing orgasm faster. This suction vibrator clitoral toy is totally waterproof you can have a blast anywhere you want, bathtub, shower. Tracy’s Dog OG Pro2 Sucking Vibrator with a remote controller is perfect for a couple as well as for solo play.


  • 10 different vibration modes to target your G-spot
  • 2-in1 clitoral sucking vibrator
  • 10 suction models for clit stimulation
  • IPX-7 waterproof device
  • Remote control with an operating range of 6-10 meters
  • 100% Body-safe silicone

2. OG Sucking Vibrator

 OG Sucking Vibrator

The Tracy's Dog OG Sucking Vibrator stimulates both your clitoris and G-spot for a game-changing orgasm. In addition to having body-safe, silky smooth, waterproof, and odorless silicone, this purple vibrator is made from highest quality materials. It can be bent and shaped in any way you like, so you can enjoy it how you like. It's fun to play alone or with a partner! 


  • 2 in 1 clit sucking toy and sucking vibrator
  • 10 vibration patterns for deep stimulation of the G-Spot
  • 10 suction modes for clitoral stimulation
  • Body-safe, waterproof, and odorless silicon
  • Flexible/Bendable, suited for any positions

3. Rosie, Portable Rose Clit Sucker


Purple Rose Clit Sucker


The Tracy's Dog Rose Clit Sucker uses the vacuum clit sucking technique to deliver the most realistic oral pleasure and nipple stimulation. This purple vibrator with its tiny but exceptionally powerful motor has seven different modes that will help you reach a mind-blowing orgasm faster than ever.


  • 7 different intensive modes
  • Safe & quick magnetic charging
  • 100% body-safe odorless silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Super portable and cute
  • Easy to clean

4. Mage Portable Finger Vibrator


Mage Portable Finger Vibrator


The Mage is a portable Tracy’s Dog sucking finger vibrator designed to deliver the best orgasm you ever had. With 7-intensity vibration and sucking modes, Mage will reach your sweet spot without a hassle. This purple finger vibrator will not only get you where you need to be, but it will also help you to achieve a toe-curling orgasm in a matter of minutes.


  • 7 vibration modes
  • Easy to clean
  • Medical-grade silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Portable size

5. Licky Tongue Vibrator


Licky Tongue Vibrator


In order to achieve the most realistic tongue licking simulation, Tracy's Dog created Licky, a small but fascinating tongue vibrator. With its 10 powerful licking vibration patterns, this Tracy's Dog purple vibrator will give you one of the most intense orgasms of your life. With Licky's portable design, you can carry it anywhere you go.


  • 10 licking vibration patterns
  • Super portable
  • IPX 7 waterproof
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Realistic tongue licking simulation

6. COCO Silicone G Spot Vibrator 


COCO Silicone G Spot Vibrator


Coco is an all-in-one vibrator that combines a G-spot vibrator, anal vibrator, clitoral vibrator, and nipple stimulator. This purple vibrator is made from the highest quality silicone available on the market that is completely odorless and body safe. Its seamless design makes it 100% waterproof and extremely easy to clean, while its bendable texture allows you to hit the right spot in any position. You can enjoy the process alone or with your partner!


  • 4 in 1 Vibrator to deliver maximum pleasure
  • Waterproof, body-safe, and odorless liquid silicone
  • Powerful steel motor for deep stimulation of the G-Spot
  • Bendable texture that is suited for all positions
  • One full charge for 1.5 hours of joy

7. Lovebirds 3-in-1 Licking Vibrator


Lovebirds 3-in-1 Licking Vibrator


Lovebirds is a 3-in-1 licking vibrator that is capable of licking, thrusting, and vibrating simultaneously to enhance your orgasm. Anal and clitoral licking pleasure can be enjoyed simultaneously with this multifunctional Tracy's Dog purple vibrator that features 10 vibrations and 10 licking frequencies.


  • 3-in-1 vibrator
  • 10 vibration frequencies
  • 10 licking frequencies
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean

8. Double-E Vibrator G Spot toy


Double-E Vibrator G Spot toy


The Double-E vibrator from Tracy’s Dog is a new generation of purple vibrators, designed specifically for your G-Spot and clitoris. Double-E's function has the head capable of having a rotation motion for more sensation. With 20 unique vibration modes this purple vibrator will deliver the best orgasm ever.


  • 10 Different vibration
  • 10 Different vibration modes in the tail partial
  • Special Rotation modes in the head for more stimulation
  • Ergonomically designed to hit your elusive pleasure zone
  • Body-safe, waterproof, and odorless silicon
  • USB Quickly charge for pleasure whenever you want

9. P. Cat Sucking Vibrator


P. Cat Sucking Vibrator


P. Cat sucking vibrator from Tracy's Dog is just too darn cute to leave out of your collection. There are 10 different suction modes on this sucking vibrator to melt you gradually with amazing orgasms! You can enjoy clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation, and labia stimulation with the device's multifunctional 3-in-1 design.


  • 10 suction modes
  • Different pulsation frequencies
  • 100% body-safe odorless silicon
  • Cute and portable
  • Super easy to clean

10. Ticky Sucking Vibrator


Ticky Sucking Vibrator


The Ticky Sucking Vibrator is the ultimate 2-in-1 Tracy's Dog clitoral sucking vibrator that brings maximum pleasure to your G-point and clitoris. You can choose from five sucking, five slapping, and ten vibration frequencies to reach your sweet spot effortlessly. Featuring the controllable built-in heating core and constant temperature control, you'll experience a realistic warm touch, allowing you to reach a mind-blowing orgasm in no time.


  • 2 in 1 G Spot & Sucking vibrator
  • 5 slapping and 5 sucking frequencies
  • Built-in heating core
  • 100% waterproof design
  • 100% body-safe medical grade silicone

11. Wearable Panty Vibrator

Wearable Panty Vibrator


Designed by Tracy's Dog, Panty is one of the most fascinating dual vibrators on the market today. It stimulates your A-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Panty vibrator has 10 strong vibration modes covering both your G-spot and Clitoris. In addition to being an ideal solo toy, this remote-controlled dual vibrator makes a great addition to a couple play!


  • Dual stimulation of G-spot and Clitoris
  • 10 powerful vibration modes
  • Maximum adjustability
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean

12. Nina Vibe Couple Vibrator

Nina Viber Couple Vibrator

Nina Vibe, a Tracy's Dog new generation of 2-in-1 U-shaped vibrators that stimulate both A-Spot and clitoris for dual pleasure. With Nina's 7 different pulsating patterns and 7 different speeds, there are 49 different settings to choose from. Featuring a functional design and remote control, it is the perfect toy for a couple of hours of fun.


  • 7 pulsating patterns
  • 7 vibration speeds
  • Remote control
  • Bendable design
  • Easy to clean

Wrap Up!

Maybe you already own a tried-and-true vibrator that gets you where you want to go, but you want some variety; perhaps you're a newbie to sex toys; maybe you want to try out the perfect product with your partner, or maybe you just want a purple one vibrator. Whatever your intentions, ahead, we have presented the 12 highest quality Tracy's Dog purple vibrators to help heat up your sex life with your partner or in solo action.