The time has finally come for butt stuff to get its due. According to studies, over a third of American women engage in anal intercourse. Although rimming and anal fingering is becoming more popular, not all have ventured into anal sex toys. Butt plugs are a perfect way to turn up the heat on your sex life, particularly since everyone can enjoy them.

The topic of anal sex has become more and more popular in recent years. Despite no longer being taboo, some questions might be too frightening to ask among friends. For example, when and how should one use a butt plug? And which butt plugs are the best ones? The anus has a lot of nerve endings, and choosing the right  one and knowing your butt plug benefits is a must. This is precisely why we have created this article to discuss the butt plug benefits and present a few of its options. 

What is a Butt Plug?

The most popular sex toys for anal play are butt plugs. With the simple yet genius design, people can enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for long periods without getting tired. Both men and women can benefit from butt plugs to intensify their orgasms while preparing for anal sex. A butt plug is usually shaped like a cone, starting narrow and becoming wider before narrowing down again. In contrast to other sex toys, such as dildos, butt plugs are meant to remain in place during play. In preparation for anal sex, a butt plug can be used to stimulate the anus. 

Are Butt Plugs Safe?

Butt Plug Benefit
It is totally safe to use butt plugs if you start slowly and give it time. Generally, if you take the right precautions, everything should be fine. Among these precautions are:

-Lubrication is essential. When it comes to butt play, lube is a necessity. Using an insufficient amount of lubricant can cause irritation and tears. This is the tear of the delicate anus skin, which can be very painful and uncomfortable. if you would like to learn more about different types of lubricants for anal plugs make sure make sure to check out this article; Can You Use Lotion as Anal Lube.

-Always clean your sex toys. Any sex toy should be washed and disinfected before and after use. Despite how clean it may appear, even a super-clean bum can harbor microscopic fecal matter that can cause infections. Sharing sex toys can also spread sexually transmitted infections. You can reduce the risk associated with sex toys by handling and caring for them properly.

-Health issues. Use of butt toys should be avoided if you have hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or a prostate condition. Consult your doctor or other healthcare providers first before using a butt plug.

-Choose the right size. As a matter of fact, the size of the butt plugs differ, and it is usually based on how experienced you are in anal play. Therefore, if you're a beginner, you should start with a small to medium butt plug and increase the size as you gain experience.

How to Use a Butt Plug?

It's always best to take baby steps when you start something new. Therefore, you should start slow. When you are relaxed, anal play is usually more enjoyable, while the tension may cause an anal tear. Don't forget to pay attention to how you feel. Whenever something hurts or feels wrong, slow down or stop. You might want to start with something smaller than the butt plug. For warming up, a finger can be a great tool as well. Wear a disposable latex or nitrile glove to keep your hands clean and prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the body.

Apply lube to your finger and rub the rim of the anus gently before inserting it. After you've inserted one or two fingers comfortably, you can start inserting the butt plug. You can experiment with different positions for the insertion of the butt plug until you find one that works for you. There is no one position that suits everyone, as each individual's anatomy determines what is most comfortable for them. If you want a butt plug right now, and don't have it on hand, don't worry! We got you covered. Check out our article about DIY Butt Plugs, and build your own!

9 Butt Plug Benefits that You Should Know

Anal Plug Benefits

Despite its long wait, butt stuff is finally getting the attention it deserves. According to studies, more than one-third of American women engage in heterosexual anal intercourse. There is an increasing interest in things like rimming and anal fingering. However, the benefits of butt plugs are commonly unknown, which is why we have created a list of 9 butt plug benefits below.

1. Butt Plugs Gives You Different Sensations 

The only way to know for sure is to try it out! You might find that anal play gives you the feeling you've been waiting for due to the different sensation that comes with stimulating all those anal nerves. The anus has tons of pleasurable nerve endings, which is why butt plugs are wonderful. The best way to stimulate these nerves is with a vibrating butt plug, which will provide multiple modes of stimulation while also allowing your muscles to relax. The key is to give yourself plenty of time to experiment, and it may be helpful if you explore butt plug play after you've already turned it on.

2. Butt Plugs Stimulate Your Anus

Butt plugs are a great way to get comfortable with the sensation of stimulating your backside when you're just starting out with anal play. Start with a small butt plug, and then work your way up to bigger ones. Make sure you use plenty of lube; start with using a toy around your anus, then move to inserting it into the anus when you are ready. After you've played with the butt plug enough, your anus will be much more relaxed and ready for the anal play you have been craving. Learn more about how butt plugs stimulate your anus HERE.

3. Anal Play Can Lead To Orgasms

Those who believe there are only two types of orgasms (clitoral and vaginal) need to think again. By stimulating a-hole, anyone can experience the awesomeness of the anal orgasm. All kinds of play, including anal, can result in orgasms, especially for women. Anal penetration is often credited with giving women the most powerful orgasms of their lifetime. 

4. Butt Plugs Are For Everyone

There are a lot of benefits to anal play, including the fact that everyone can enjoy it. The experiences and sensations that feel good to you are not influenced by your sexual orientation or gender. However, you should always be cautious about cleaning your sex toys if you share them between butts. Even after being cleaned, sex toys made of poor-quality materials may harbor germs. Put a condom on it, or use one toy per partner if you are unsure.

5. Butt Plugs Can Intensify Your Orgasm

A benefit of butt plugs is how they can affect the vaginal area. For some women, butt plugs actually alter the size of the vagina canal, making the simultaneous penetration of the vagina even more pleasurable. Find out what feels best by trying different shapes and sizes. Even though it may seem too much, having your vagina penetrated while wearing a butt plug can be really exciting and satisfying. Learn more about the difference between anal orgasm and vaginal orgasm in this article;  Does Anal Feel Better Than Vaginal?

6. There are Different Types Of Butt Plugs

In addition to butt plugs, there are other anal toys that can be extremely satisfying. Anal beads, which are essentially longer butt plugs, can also be very satisfying. Usually, anal beads are round beads that are separated by space and attached to one long wand. So go out and try different types of anal plugs and enjoy one of the most satisfying orgasms that you have ever experienced. If you would like to learn more about the difference between anal beads and butt plugs  make sure to check out this article; Butt Plug vs. Anal Beads: Which One Is For Me?

7. Butt Plugs Can Warm You Up For Anal Sex

There's no better way to get closer to anal sex than to let butt plugs take you there. A butt plug is a great way to get started with anal play! They are available in a variety of sizes and materials for everyone. Butt plugs are usually tapered and shaped for optimal insertion, and they tend to increase the anal shaft, which in a sense, prepares you for safe anal play. 

8. You Can Enjoy Anal Play With your Partner

Despite having had plenty of other sexual experiences with your partner, butt play can feel incredibly intimate. The addition of a toy to butt play can heat things up between the sheets since it requires vulnerability and communication. Experiment with your partner inserting the butt toy inside you, letting them play with the remote controller. It may be erotic enough for your partner to explore your back door with their finger, tongue, or butt plug without penetration. For the first or second session, leaving penetration off the table can help you enjoy the sensations and figure out what suits you.

9. You Can a Wear Butt Plug in Public

Nowadays, it became common for people to enjoy anal stimulation even outside of their bedroom. And, a butt plug is definitely the best choice for so many reasons. With the variety of designs, shapes, colors, and features, a butt plug is actually quite versatile, and it can fulfill everyone’s fantasies. However, wearing a butt plug in public requires a bit of preparation in order for someone to enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why it’s essential to consider some things and learn a bit about butt plug in public. Therefore the butt plug is something that you can wear in public and no one will notice. If you would like to know more about wearing a butt plug in public, check out our article; Guide for Wearing a Butt Plug in Public.

Top 3 Best Butt Plugs For Beginners

Butt Plugs Benefits
It can be intimidating to explore the waters of sex toys, especially when we're talking about tools for anal play. But don't be afraid, because the best butt plugs are here to help ease your mind about exploring the best butt plug on the market. Keeping this in mind, we picked the 5 best Tracy's Dog butt plugs that will change your perception of the anal play forever.

 1. Shrooms Butt Plug Vibrator

Best Butt Plug Benefits

Shrooms is a set of 3 butt plug vibrators with different sizes suitable for all users. Shrooms by Tracy’s dog is an ergonomic butt plug design that makes it easy and comfortable to insert, while its 9 vibration modes will make you enjoy thrilling orgasms more than ever. With a remote controller, it is perfect for a couple as well as for solo play.


  • 3 sizes that fit all
  • 9 different vibrating patterns
  • Remote control
  • 100% body-safe medical grade silicone
  • 100% Waterproof

    2. Dr. S Thrusting Anal Vibrator

    Best Anal Plug Benefits

    Dr. S is a thrusting anal vibrator that targets the most sensitive points in your anus. The Tracy's Dog anal toy comes with a silicone-covered plug and remote control. The 10 thrust patterns provided by its motors will give you the most memorable anal stimulation you have ever experienced. It is your choice whether to enjoy Dr. S by yourself or let your partner do it for you.


    • 10 thrusting patterns
    • Adjustable to suit your desires
    • Remote control
    • 100% waterproof
    • 100% body-safe silicone

      3. Ares Cock Ring Butt Plug   

    Benefits of Butt Plugs

    Ares is a 2-in-1 remotely controlled cock ring butt plug developed exclusively by Tracy's Dog. This asslocks design allows you to experience extra dual stimulation of a cock ring and butt plug for an unforgettable night! Made of flexible silicone, this remote butt plug offers 10 thrusting and 10 vibration modes that will deliver the best and the most prolonged orgasm.


    • 10 vibration modes
    • 10 Thrusting mode
    • 2-in-1 asslocks design
    • 100% waterproof
    • Flexible silicone

    Wrap Up!

    It's about time that butt stuff gets its due, and this is exactly why we discussed the benefits of butt plugs. Even though rimming and anal fingering are becoming increasingly popular, not everyone is familiar with butt plugs and their benefits. But we hope that after reading this article, it will make more sense for you to buy one and enjoy all of its perks! Shop for the best sex toys at Tracy's Dog.