In the world of beauty, aesthetics and stimulation seem to be a lovely combo. Although clitoral jewelry is rare, some variations have gained popularity, such as vertical and horizontal piercing on the clitoral hood.

These jewelry pieces are worn because, in addition to their aesthetic value, they can aid in stimulating this highly erogenous area. The level of stimulation that women can enjoy varies depending on the jewelry they wear.

Thus, before deciding on the position and type of jewelry, it is critical to have some basic information.

Different Types of Clitoral Jewelry

Clitoral Glans

The piercing industry is constantly evolving. New models, techniques, and, in this case, stimulation goals emerge.Therefore, exploring current trends is worthwhile as it helps us to understand how they popped up and what factors have contributed to their popularity.

Clitoral Glans

Clitoral Glans are the only kind of piercings that are applied directly to the clitoris, though the precise location varies according to the type of jewel that is chosen. As opposed to horizontal jewelry, which is put in the middle of the clitoris, vertical jewelry is pierced through the clitoral head.

This kind of piercing has a fairly obvious reason behind it. The area of the body that is the most sensitive to sexual stimulation is the glans of the clitoris. It has neuronal circuits that both receive and react to sexual stimulation, making it the human body's most densely innervated area.

Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

This piercing, known as the Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing (VCH), is the most common type of clitoral jewelry. It is attached to a tiny section of the hood's peak.

There are two reasons why this type of piercing is so popular. 

First, because the VCH piercing is placed in the hood that covers the clitoris, one end of the jewelry is directly in contact with the clitoris, increasing stimulation. Many women, on the other hand, opt for a vertical clitoral hood piercing for different reasons, such as aesthetics and empowerment.

Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing

As the name implies, this type of jewelry is worn at the base of the hood in a horizontal position. It is usually a ring that touches the clitoris and thus adds stimulation. Aside from aesthetics, the main reason for this type of piercing is to experience intense sensations.

Triangle Piercing

The triangle piercing runs horizontally through the hood's base and beneath the clitoris' shaft. It is a contemporary piercing that emerged in the late 1990s. The jewelry can be found beneath the clitoris, as well as through the Labia Minora. This type, like other pieces of jewelry of this kind, aims to support and stimulate the clitoris.

The Sexual Benefits of Clitoral Jewelry

The Sexual Benefits of Clitoral Jewelry

As previously discussed, clitoral jewelry emerged and managed to resist primarily for the advantages it provides in sexual stimulation. These benefits are felt not only by the person wearing the jewelry, but also by the woman's partner during sexual intercourse.

The VCH and the triangle are two of the most popular types of clitoral jewelry because they provide the greatest stimulation.

The intense pleasure we are talking about is felt when the clitoris is stimulated, whether through oral sex or with sex toys, as well as during penetrative sex, vaginal or anal. This is because the inner parts of the clitoris are extending down to encircle the vaginal canal and even reach the anus.

As for the partner, sexual stimulation can begin as soon as the clitoral jewelry is seen—in this case, the aesthetics are the ones that can raise sexual tension to new heights.

Aside from the aesthetic reasons that contribute to pleasure primarily from a mental standpoint, there are also tangible benefits associated with genital stimulation during penetrative sex, depending on the position chosen.

Make The Best From Clitoral Jewelry: Best Sex Toys for Stimulation

The best way to feel the benefits of such a piercing is through direct stimulation of the clitoris. In general, all Tracy’s Dog’s clit sucking vibrators are designed to increase the level of pleasure. These sex toys can be also used during penetrative sex with the best sex positions with a vibrator

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OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

This little magic-maker is ideal for any woman who has clitoral jewelry. The OG Pro 2 has several vibration models with different intensities that can be adjusted as needed. Furthermore, because this toy is remote-controlled, it can be fun to use with your spouse.

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P. Cat Sucking Vibrator

P. Cat Sucking Vibrator

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Rosie, Portable Rose Clit Sucker

Rosie, Portable Rose Clit Sucker

This sex toy is one of a kind. Rosie has a pleasing aesthetic and is ideal for clit stimulation. It is made of smooth silicone and has 10 sucking modes, which means it can boost the pleasure felt to unimaginable levels.

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Wrapping Up!

Clitoral jewelry is something truly unique, not only because it aesthetically complements the clitoris, but also because it has clear benefits in terms of sexual intensity.

However, before you decide to get such a piercing, you should talk about this with a professional in the field and visit a specialized clinic to completely remove any potential discomfort.

Until then, with or without clitoral jewelry, sex toys can completely transform sexual stimulation as we know it today!