The path to intense satisfaction and pleasure conceals secrets that can only be discovered with time. From sex toys to jewelry that complements the clitoris, there are many things to try in order to better understand what you like and what tricks can improve your sex life.

However, as appealing as clitoris jewelry and, implicitly, a clit ring are from an aesthetic standpoint, there are also some drawbacks in addition to the benefits they can bring in terms of sexual intensity.

These drawbacks are not universal, but they may appear if you do not adequately research the procedure that is about to be done on you.

The clitoris is a very sensitive area, which is usually a good thing because the pleasure it can provide is indescribable. On the other hand, if certain hygiene procedures are not followed, this sensitivity can translate into equally great discomfort.

Right now, we'll focus on the disadvantages and risks of a clit ring, as well as some tips and tricks to help you avoid them, but if you're curious about the benefits, just read this article and decide if it's worth it.

What’s a Clit Ring

What’s a Clit Ring

A clit ring is a piece of jewelry that is attached to the clitoris. It can be worn on the clitoris's head or the clitoral hood. The latter is the most common and poses fewer risks than those placed directly on the clitoris's head.

When compared to ear jewelry, which has been worn for hundreds of years, jewelry for the genital areas has only recently gained popularity. This is in part because it can increase the amount of sexual pleasure experienced, whether it be through the use of sex toys, oral sex, or traditional penetrative sex.

There are various types of accessories for the clitoris, which vary depending on the exact position in which they are worn, as well as the type of jewelry. The pleasure experienced during sex also varies depending on these factors.

Many women are becoming increasingly interested in the clit ring concept because the shape of this piercing aids in satisfaction by putting direct pressure on the clitoris.

How It Should Be Done

Because we are dealing with a sensitive area, extra precautions must be taken when deciding to get a clit ring. First and foremost, the area where the piercing will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic prior to the intervention.

If you notice that the person who is about to get you a piercing wants to skip this step, pull up your pants and leave. If you stay, there are big chances that you will have to deal with a really unpleasant infection once the procedure is complete.

The skin is then pierced with a 12 to 16-gauge hollow needle with the jewelry attached  Typically, the procedure is very quick, and many reports suggest that it does not hurt any more than other body piercings, even though the area is much more sensitive than others.

Of course, the work does not end here but is transferred from the person who performs the piercing to the wearer as the healing phase begins. This stage varies depending on the location of the piercing and can take up to four months.

During this time, hygiene is of the utmost importance, so make sure that the area is always clean. 

The Drawbacks of a Clit Ring

The Drawbacks of a Clit Ring

Any cut in the skin can lead to an infection, whether from an injury or a ring clitoris.

Furthermore, choosing a questionable salon with hygiene issues can lead to really serious complications, such as HIV, hepatitis, or other sexually transmitted diseases, especially since we are talking about a sensitive area that requires special care.

Additionally, allergic reactions to the material used to create the piercing can cause issues. For these reasons, it's important to take your time before deciding to get a clit ring done and to carefully review the salon where you'll go as well as the safest materials.

We recommend you consult a gynecologist before, but also after getting such a piercing to ensure that the area heals properly and that you take all precautions to avoid any discomfort.

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Discomfort

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, information is crucial. To stay as far away from discomfort as possible, you must study your options, including the benefits and drawbacks of a clit ring, as well as the steps you must take to ensure that everything is healing properly.

Also, ensure that the salon you choose follows all hygiene rules and that the staff is qualified, experienced, and aware of all the steps they need to take to guarantee that the procedure goes smoothly.

Choose high-quality materials to avoid allergies and other complications. Remember that the piercing will be in a very sensitive area. As a result, choose jewelry made of stainless steel, niobium, or titanium.

After you get your piercing, keep the area clean at all times. Wash with warm water and disinfectant-containing soap. Any alcohol-based solution should be avoided. Also, after each sexual contact, thoroughly clean the area.

Speaking of sex, which is probably why you decided to get a clit ring, it is recommended that you avoid having sex for two weeks after you get your piercing to allow time for the area to start healing.

It is also important to wear looser clothing that does not cling to the piercing and causes discomfort.

Wrapping Up!

A clit ring can look stunning while conveying a strong message. It also influences the degree of satisfaction you have during each sexual encounter.

Even if it is fascinating and alluring, ignoring a few hygiene rules might result in significant unpleasantness or even pain. Thus, it is crucial to take the time to make sure that you pick a salon and a piercing that will lead to pleasure rather than discomfort.

If you're still hesitant to get a piercing due to fear of pain, consider trying a sex toy for a great orgasm without any discomfort!