Condoms continue to be the safest form of protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs and STIs), as well as one of the most commonly used forms of contraception. Therefore, they are used by billions of people worldwide.

However, there are some misconceptions about condoms that persist. Regardless of the increasingly provocative names for condom sizes, such as "Trojan Magnum," or "Playboy XXL," the reality remains the same: you do not have to fit the condom, but the condom must fit you.

Choosing the incorrect condom size, whether due to embarrassment when entering a pharmacy or store, or simply because you don't know which size fits you, can lead to unpleasant situations ranging from discomfort during the sexual act to condom ineffectiveness.

The Tested Efficacy of Condoms

Condoms are believed to be the only method of protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, they are one of the most effective methods of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. But, what is actually the proven efficacy of condoms?

To find out, researchers from the National Library of Medicine studied 800 couples who used latex condoms exclusively for up to six menstrual cycles. After reviewing the findings, it was determined that latex condoms, which are by far the most common type found in commerce, are more than 95% effective in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases.

The researchers noted that condoms broke or fell off during sex very rarely in the cases of the analyzed couples, and the chances of this happening are still very low.

Different Types of Condoms

Different Types of Condoms

If you've ever looked at the condom shelf at your go-to store, you've probably noticed that there's a wide range of options. Aside from the fact that condoms come in various sizes, which we will discuss separately, they are also made of different materials and frequently have different designs.

When it comes to materials, latex is the most commonly used, and as evidenced by the research presented above, signed by NIH, they are clearly effective.

Polyurethane, polyisoprene, and lambskin are other materials used in the manufacture of condoms. Each individual material is subjected to tests before being released to the market, and the efficiency is also comparable to that of more common condoms.

Essentially, the choice of material is influenced by personal preferences. It is even recommended to test several materials to determine which one provides you with the most comfort and a superior sensation when compared to others.

The textures and shapes that are present throughout the condom's material are referred to as its design. Some condoms are designed to resemble veins, while others feature tiny bumps that are intended to increase the partner's level of enjoyment during sexual activity. 

Some condoms, including those that light in the dark, are less popular but have a strong visual impact. They feel the same as conventional condoms, but they make for a hilarious option for a date night.

Condom Sizes

When it comes to condom size, things appear to be rather straightforward. There are really just four sizes that are considered standard: small, average or medium, large, and extra-large.

  • The small model, which is frequently referred to as "Snug Fit," is typically designed for males whose penis measures 5.1" and below in length and has a girth of between 4.7" and below. 
  • The average one, or “Standard Fit”, will fit a man whose penis is between 5.1" and 6" long, and has a girth of between 4.7" and 5.1".
  • The large type, also named “Magnum”, is made for a man whose penis is between 6” and 7” in length and has a girth of 5.1” and 6”.
  • The extra-large kind, also known as “XXL”, is designed for men whose penis is between 7” and 8” in length and has a girth of 6” or above.

Of course, things are not always precise in real life, so there will be variations from brand to brand. If you found that the large model from one brand fits you, there is a chance that the average kind from another will be suitable.

To ensure that the condoms you buy will fit you properly and that you will feel comfortable wearing them, always check the box to see whether there is a sizing chart.

Find Your Size

Find Your Size

You must take certain measurements in order to decide which size matches you. There is nothing complex here, so don't worry. A measuring tape, a ruler, or a string are all you need to have on standby. Oh, and an erect penis.

You must place the ruler or measuring tape from the base of the penis to its tip in order to calculate its length. 

When it comes to girth, you need to measure around the penis to calculate the circumference. Wrap the string once around the thickest area of the penis. Put some marks on the string where the two parts meet so that you can use a ruler or measuring tape to determine your circumference.

Why Size Does Matter

There are several reasons why size is so important in this situation. It is critical, both for your comfort and the effectiveness of the condom, to select the appropriate size for you, ignoring any temptation to select the box with the most appealing name.

If you choose a size larger than the one that is appropriate for you, the condom is likely to move, roll, and even fall during sexual intercourse. However, if you choose a smaller condom and manage to put it on, the discomfort will be severe and you will be unable to enjoy the moment.

Furthermore, if the condom size is not chosen correctly, it has the potential to break, which is a very scary scenario.

Besides that, if there is insufficient space for the sperm to be stored, it will leak, making the condom ineffective. In general, at least 2" of space is required for sperm collection.

Wrapping Up!

Condoms will remain the most effective and widely used method of contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Besides that, these are at the core of sexual education.

Despite the fact that there may be some pressure to get your hands on the box that best complements the penis, it is critical to make the right choice when it comes to the size of condoms, which will determine the comfort you will have as well as how effective the condoms will be.