Ladies, it is time to end the stigma over lube! I have heard too many people dismiss lube as if it means they are some kind of failure or there is something less desirable about them because they aren’t getting wet enough.

I don’t care if you’re a natural slip ‘n’ slide - it just doesn’t compare to the silky sensation from a good lube! 

I am a huge advocate for lube, and I have been for years. I keep mine beside my bed and, within a blink of an eye, have myself lubed up for solo and partnered lovin’.

When it comes to sex, we can all agree the wetter, the better

Often, women don’t even consider adding lubrication to their sex lives until they experience intense vaginal dryness. This means too many people are missing out on the enhanced pleasure lube offers. Alternatively, if you have experienced vagina dryness, you are well aware of just how much it can ruin the mood. 

The majority of us have experienced this at one point. Sometimes where you are on your cycle can make a world of difference (thanks, hormones!).  Simply put, less estrogen = less wet, and our estrogen levels can drop for a number of reasons, including age, stress, surgery, medications, and smoking. To understand how it will increase pleasure, it’s important to understand what it is.  

“I know it makes me wet, but what is lube?”

Lube is a liquid or gel used during sex or any sexual activity to reduce friction. You can use it during vaginal and anal penetration or with your favorite sex toys. Even our great-great-grandparents were lubin’ up. In 1919, KY Jelly was the first manufactured lube to hit the market. Prior to that, people used olive oil. Lubricants have been used for centuries but have cum a long way in recent decades. We now have different types of lubes, offering various textures, sensations, and even flavors. 

“There are too many kinds! What type of lube should I use?”

Think of lube like a 3-in-1 shampoo. Does it get the job done? Sure. Are you overly satisfied with the results? Probably not. The same goes for lube. Rather than expecting one type to work for every situation, why not have a few different kinds on hand so whether you are engaging in solo play with or without toys or anal penetration, you are using a lube that will ensure the greatest amount of satisfaction.  


This lubricant is easy to clean and gentle on your skin, making it safe to use with both condoms and sex toys. It doesn't always last quite as long as other types of lube, but there are no rules on how many times you can reapply it. It’s the safest, most versatile, and natural of the lubes. This type of lube is safe for use with condoms too.  Of course, my all-time fav is none other than Tracy’s Dog Water-Based Personal Lubricant. Made right here in the USA, this odorless formula is not sticky nor greasy and is even hypoallergenic. It also maintains pH balance, which is super important, especially if you are prone to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. This one also lasts way longer than any other water-based lubes I’ve tried while still being super easy to clean and non-staining. 


This has a much greasier consistency and is not safe for use with sex toys. This type of lube is long-lasting, making it a great option for women who experience severe vaginal dryness or find sex uncomfortable or even painful. Since they are hypoallergenic, they are also great for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. Some can even be used with condoms but make sure to look for the words ‘latex-free’ before assuming anything. Silicone lube, particularly in gel form, is also a great choice if you plan on taking things to the shower or bath because it won’t simply wash away when in contact with water. Hybrid lubes will be primarily water-based with a bit of silicone making them safer for penetration. 


These lubes tend to be a bit messier than other lubricants, and many are edible. Oil-based lubes also make a great massage oil, and who doesn’t love receiving a massage that turns into sex? It's important to note that if you are using condoms, this is not the type of lube you want to use, as it can cause the condom to rip or tear.

“What about those lubes with special features? Do I need one of those?”

Not necessarily. It’s just like all the special features in condoms right now – many of these aren’t as life-changing as they sound. You can always try them out but remember that something was added to get these attributes, meaning it is not as natural. If you are sensitive, I’d stay away but here are the most common specialty lubes available:  

  • Warming

Warming lubes create a warming sensation once it comes into contact with your skin. Usually, if you are getting hot and heavy, you are already warm, but it can spice things up a bit if you are solo.

  • Flavoured

These are commonly used for oral sex with an abundance of flavors to choose from, like strawberry, cherry, mint, cinnamon, or passionfruit.

  • Desensitizing/Numbing

These are commonly used for anal penetration. Unlike vaginas, the anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication, making it prone to tears and irritation if you decide to engage in anal play without the use of lube. These lubes are great for anal because they numb your anus so that you can enjoy the feeling of being penetrated without having to feel the stretching of your anus. This also helps the anus relax, which results in a more enjoyable experience. 

If you haven’t given lube the old college try, then it’s about time you do! For better lovin’, you need to lube up!