Routine kills passion, and it affects everything; when thats happen how to spice up your love life is the big question. Even love is no exception as it can not escape from this powerful spell. No matter how clicked you were when you first met each other, no matter how hot the honeymoon was, stress from work, daily frictions, and excessive responsibilities gradually take away the original mystery and novelty, undermining the relationship and intimacy.

At the same time, there is a natural curse that is impossible to avoid. As our age increases, our body starts to experience a drop in libido level. No matter how good and compatible it was initially, sex starts to hit a plateau, and you begin to wonder what happened.

One of the challenges we face in a relationship is how to remain passion for our significant other, especially in a committed monogamous relationship. Therefore, whether you are already experiencing it or are afraid that someday it would hit you too, you should always remain calm. Here we will walk through a few things that you can try to spice things up. 

5 Tips about how spice up your love life

All is not lost, follow these tips and see how your love relationship will improve.

Start with an honest conversation

First, you need to admit that there is nothing to be ashamed of. It is very common that we experience that plateau in life even though nobody wants that. Unfortunately, It remains a huge social taboo that people tend to keep how they feel only to themselves and treat this topic like a skeleton in the closet. Understandably, It is not an easy thing to start with due to the sensitivity and harm it can further cause to your relationship. The last thing you want is to upset your partner, making them feel that they are not good enough. Therefore, even though an honest and mature discussion can clear all the fogs, help understand the problem and explore what you can do to change the situation, it would be best if you were more mindful and considerate when you initiate an honest conversation with your partner. 

A couple massage

Modern life can be extremely overwhelming, leaving no time and room for the closest people to spend quality time together. Without quality time and good communication, your relationship is very likely to be in jeopardy. A massage not only sets you free from the daily routine but also provides you and your partner with a perfect setting to spend quality time and reconnect with each other. A good massage can calms the nervous system, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system. During a massage, your body releases serotonin and dopamine; these chemicals can increase the feeling of affection and intimacy, putting you in the right mood to open up to each other and have a mature and open conversation. 

A romantic break in nature

The next thing on our list is to plan a romantic getaway. We all got burned out in life sometimes and slowly become numb; we need to be reminded about life's essence and the beauty of simplicity. This is where nature comes into play. Nature has a magic healing power; it calms you down, clears all the noise in your head, and helps you concentrate. The truth is that you don't always have to spend a fortune on a romantic break, as there are many affordable romantic options you could have for a weekend or some days; such as having a walk on the promenade or having a weekend retreat in a cabin lake house, etc. 

Role Play and exchange sexual fantasies

Do you still remember the tremendous fun you had when you played a role-playing game as a kid? Believe it or not, role-playing can be a huge turn-on for some couples in the bedrooms too. Why is that? First of all, role-play gives you a way to escape from reality, fulfilling you with any fantasy. Like video games, many people enjoy playing it because it helps them escape from the real world. We all got caught up sometimes in life and at work; therefore, it is a relief to feel free and be someone else. Caitlyn Caracciolo is a marriage and family therapist specializing in sex therapy. She explains that one of the benefits of exploring role play in the bedroom is that "role-playing is the acting out of your own fantasies or a partner's, and the playing out of a fantasy tends to happen when one feels very safe and secure within a relationship. Role-playing can be an excellent indicator of feeling emotionally and physically safe with a sexual partner." If you are curious whether you and your partner will like it or now, why not test it out?

Introducing toys to the bedroom

When the movie "Fifty shades of gray" was first premiered, it was seen by many people due to the curiosity people have. While you don't have to follow in the footsteps of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, there is something we can take from the movie and try to implement in your own bedroom. Believer it or not, sex toys can teach you a lot about yourself and add whole new horizons to your relationship, thus creating a stronger bond between you and your significant other. Sex toys help couples to spice things up and have a variety of exciting experiences in the bedroom. 

Besides, sex toys can also help women to explore their hotspots and have more orgasms. According to studies, most women can't reach orgasm without stimulation from the clitoris. Therefore, using sex toys such as a vibrator can largely increase orgasm chances, thus improving the quality of sex. 

No matter if you and your partner are more adventurous or more conservative, there is a range of things to choose from, from the most beginner products to more advanced products. Sex toys can add novelty to the sexual experience. Instead of having a threesome with another person, sex toys free you from the concern of having any ethical issues. 



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