Who doesn’t love a good game of strip poker or naked twister? Games are not just for kids! In fact, adults can get a lot more pleasure from them when done right.

It’s super easy to sexually charge any game, from Go Fish to Scrabble. Playing naked games is a form of foreplay that gets you in the right headspace for mind blowing sex.

When you’re both cuming, everyone wins!

With a looming pandemic, most of us are once again stuck at home with shelter-in-place orders and restrictions. So, if you are looking to add a little excitement to your life and spice up your next sexual encounter, I recommend trying one of these 8 naked games and start your own bedroom Olympics.

1. Sexy Suits

To play Sexy Suits, all you need is a deck of cards and a timer. For each suit, assign a sex act. For example, diamonds are oral, hearts are hands-on, spades are kissing.  The number on the card indicates the number of seconds you will perform the act. Whoever draws the card will perform the act on the other person. If you draw a six of diamonds, you’ll perform 6 seconds of oral on your partner, and then your partner will draw a card. I can tell you from personal experience, it doesn’t take long for this game to escalate!

2. Santa Cums Early

Christmas may have come and gone, but you can still enjoy some festive holiday-themed pleasure with this game. To play, you need to get Santa’s sack – ideally, a big red bag, but a pillowcase will also work. Place a bunch of items in the bag. I recommend the following:

- Feathers

- Candle and matches (wax play)

- Vibrator

- Dildo

- Lube

- Pieces of paper with sex acts written on them

- Ties

- Blindfold

Sit on “Santa’s” lap and pick a toy from his large sack. Were you naughty or night?  What you pick will be used on you! The better collection of sex toys you have, the better this game will be. If you put a clitoral sucking vibrator with G spot dildo and stimulator in the bag, you will be begging Santa to pick this.

3. Roll the Dice

All you really need for this game is a pair of dice and a timer (or just use your phone). For each number, assign a pleasure act and a specific amount of time. For example, if you roll a three, you get three minutes of nipple sucking, or if you roll a 12, you get five minutes of penetration. It will mix things up, and the short amount of time allotted for each act will be a tease that builds up the intensity, resulting in a toe-curling orgasm!

4. Pleasure Pictionary

Like I said earlier, you can really make any game sexual. Pleasure Pictionary is one of my favorite sex games. Get pieces of paper and markers. Draw out different sex acts and scenes, and your partner will guess what you are drawing. You can do this with charades too. It’s super fun and will get you both laughing and relaxed, which is the best state of mind to be in to have a mind blowing orgasm.

5. The Kissing Game

This game starts innocently enough but will pick up steam and lead to greater levels of intimacy and pleasure. When you are watching TV or a movie, pick a word, and every time you hear it on the TV, you kiss. When you have been with someone for a long time, you often don’t kiss as much as you used it. Kissing becomes foreign, so when you bring it back, it can cause you to reconnect on a physical level.

6. The Fantasy Box (and supplementary tickle trunk)

After you build up your fantasy box, you will have sex games to play for a long time to come. To start, you and your partner will each write down five sexual fantasies on individual pieces of paper. Put these in your fantasy box. When you want to add a little excitement, or every Tuesday, pick one of the fantasies from the box and try it! To really make these fantasies really come to life, you need your tickle trunk. A tickle trunk is where you keep your lube, sex toys, costumes, blindfolds, etc. You don’t need to buy out the entire sex shop to have a solid tickle trunk. A multi-purpose vibrator, wig, lube, and ties will go a long way and can be used for many different fantasies.

7. Edible Body Painting

There are kits you can buy, or you can make your own. First, lay down some old sheets that can get a bit dirty. Then, melt some chocolate and get a paintbrush. There are two different ways you can play. You can paint your partner and then lick it off after, or they can paint themselves, showing you exactly where they want you to lick and suck. Following this creative work of art, get in the shower together and help each other clean up.

8. Ticking Bomb

To play ticking bomb, all you need is a timer. Your phone or an egg timer will work fine. Every 15 minutes, engage in a pleasure act – anything but penetration. Fondling, oral, caressing, and massage are great examples. You are basically teasing your partner until they are begging for sex. Bring your partner to the brink of orgasm and then switch it up. After the 15 minutes are up, you will switch. Finally, after the second timer goes off, you can have what you have both been begging for. The build-up and prolonged foreplay will result in better sex and a mind-blowing O!

There are apps and board games you can purchase from sex shops too. However, as you can see, it’s not necessary. With some lube, a good vibrator, and a lot of creativity, you are ready for the bedroom Olympics!