Are you looking to take your sex life experience to a whole new level? The ideal solution to that may be sex toys, whether you have a partner or not. Your sex partner will only reach a certain natural level, which may be at the time so redundant and obvious. To get out of that stage, you need something to control to experience the game's highest peak. That is where sex toys get their vote. Below are three top sex toys that will revive your bedroom sessions from the monotonous routine to a different experience.

Double-Ended Dildo Vibrator

You will be delighted upon receiving your new Double-Ended Dildo Vibrator. It comes with unique sensations in stark, different from what you get from other standard flexible silicone dildos or toys. Made from medical grade silicone material, it has a unique, alluring contoured shaft that will give you a whole new experience.

The toy starts to entice you from the unboxing experience. It comes in a wrapper postal services paper for privacy so that even the delivery guy will not know what they are carrying. The Tracy's Dog Dildo is recognizable from the box (after removing the wrap). The glossy card box has a beautiful picture of the dildo and some information and instructions.

When you open the box, you get your dick-like dildo as expected. It has a creative yet simple design perfect for both solo and partnered play sessions, especially when you have that soft water-based lube. The dildo is more of a vaginal because of its flared base, which is not that anal safe. However, it should not limit you when you want to try it.

The silicone material and unique design provide an unyielding coolness, and the rigidness will make you catch a breadth upon insertion. For best sensation, use some lube on the toy and place the smooth pointed tip between your ready pussy lips. Slide it slowly so that you can enjoy the feeling. You will gasp as your warmth envelops every inch of the contoured glass dildo.

The dildo is an impressive sex toy for female users and goes at an affordable price, and it is quite a bargain. You could even give it to your partner as a Valentine's Day gift.

Lelo tor 2

At initial innovation and production, Lelo tor 2 was for partnered use with at least one partner having a penis.  However, with creativity, the toy evolved to accommodate solo plays where lady users use fingers or dildos for external sex. You just need to introduce it to your bed, learn the vibrating ring crevices and curves, and test out the different intensity levels. The toy comes with a uniquely diverse range of settings between the lowest and the highest level to make it a more versatile device. It has six stages that give you different sensation levels, from the simple, less intense teasing murmur to the heavy intense pulse.

You can first adjust the settings to the lowest level to use it solo, apply your favorite lubricant and then place the vibrating part of Lelo tor 2 against your ready valve. You can also be creative enough to put the device at the base of your dildo and apply it externally.

Also called the cock ring, Lelo tor 2 is smaller than AirPods and has only two buttons making it easy to operate. You only have to increase or decrease the intensity by pressing on the positive and negative signs marked on either side. It comes in refreshing subtle hues of green, black, and dark purple. The toy is non-abrasive; you can try it as a clitoral vibrator with your partner in penetrative sex.

Lelo tor 2 is also usable for LGBTQ's with no penises. Ladies can substitute penis with strapping on and still use the sex toy as it should be. For maximum pleasure, try playing with the toy direction. You can either flip it to point your clit or don letting the vibrating part target your partner's testicles.

Doxy Number 3

Doxy number 3 or the Doxy Sol is a small version of the famous Doxy Die Cast. It has a brushed aluminum and titanium structure and weighs almost half as Doxy Die Cast. It comes with a 12 ft power cable, which is long and convenient enough to get across any standard bedroom. The device is super easy to use as it only has the buttons, power, positive and negative.

The brushed metal in Doxy Number 3 feels pleasant to hold.  The design is a bit standard to doxy, with the flexible neck leading to the silicone head giving you broad-style stimulation. Initially, it was for clitoral stimulation, but you can use it gently against a penis if you fancy vibrations on your shaft. It applies a different mechanism from the Magic Wand Rechargeable as you can only use it when plugged in power.

Doxy Number 3 is a bit different as the silicone head is detachable. You can always screw it off and wash it under your tap. While doing this, keep the body away from water as it may damage the electronic components inside the device. When it comes to vibration and focus, Doxy Number 3 is a bit better than the Doxy Die Cast because of its relatively smaller head than makes it concentrate on a tiny, specific region.  The sex toy is ideal for power queens as it is strong even at its lowest intensity levels.  One disadvantage with this little vibrator is that it produces a loud high pitched whir.

Bottom Line

Getting the best out of your sex toy goes beyond putting it in your genitals for pleasure. You might, at a time, need to be creative and flexible on how you handle it. You will find some couples sex toys much better for solo plays if you use them right. Even with that, you must still consider certain factors like materials used in making the toy, intensity levels, and design when selecting your sex toy.