You might find that gaining a better understanding of the male orgasm and how it functions could absolutely transform your sex life and your relationship. In fact, your partner will be grateful for the effort. Additionally, he'll probably think it's great that you're studying up during your free time. For example, have you ever wondered - what does a male orgasm feel like?

It's important to note that even though physical signs of orgasm may look similar from person to person, they are not identical. Is it possible to fully understand someone else's feelings? Probably not. But we can try. In this article, we're going to dive into the world of male sexual sensations and explain what does a male orgasm feel like.

How Does a Male and Female Orgasm Differ?

The main difference between male and female orgasms is that the female climax can be physiologically disrupted more easily than the male response, and the male response is normally accompanied by the ejaculation of semen. The effects of orgasm are usually longer for females, but both men and women experience momentary muscular contractions during the event. It is likely that men experience orgasms more consistently during intercourse than women since male responses are usually triggered faster.

What Does an orgasm for a Guy Feel Like

We began our investigation into what makes a man ejaculate during sex or masturbation by introducing some of the things we already know: For one thing, the male orgasm tends to be shorter and more intense and occurs no more than once during a single sexual encounter. On the other hand, if stimulated properly, women can experience a series of orgasms over a short period of time with little recovery time. Men will also feel sleepy after ejaculation because of the rush of drowsy chemicals in their brains, like norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide, and prolactin.

Even masturbation practices are different between male and female genders. Generally, women prefer using sex toys like vibrating, clit sucking dildos, while penis owners go for masturbation cups and penis rings.

Here are some important differences:

Length: Women's orgasms last longer when compared one-to-one with men's. In men, the flood of pleasure chemicals and intense muscle contractions lasts between three and ten seconds, in women, it lasts twice as long. In contrast, men can control their ejaculation and have longer orgasms if they learn to control it.

Hormones: During orgasm, our brains release basically the same cocktail of chemicals - a combination that takes us straight to pleasure town. Researchers have found that men "cool down" faster than women, plummeting back to Earth and becoming very relaxed, whereas women may remain more excited for a longer period of time.

Refractory period:  A refractory period indicates how long it takes for a man to be ready to have another orgasm. Younger men tend to have shorter periods - a few minutes to a few days - and as we age, they tend to last longer! The orgasms of women are not usually restricted in the same way as those of men.

How Long Does a Male Orgasm Last?

How Does Ejaculation Feel
Your erection should disappear once you stop being sexually aroused. During sexual intercourse, orgasm lasts anywhere between 4 to 15 seconds. A male orgasm typically goes through four steps leading up to ejaculation. They include arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution and refraction. An erection is the result of blood flowing into the penis at more than 50 times its normal rate during arousal. As the heartbeat increases during the plateau phase, which lasts between 30 seconds and two minutes, the person is basically preparing for an orgasm. Orgasms feel so good because the muscles contract, and the brain is told that it is experiencing pleasure.

Can Men Make Their Orgasm More Intense?

What Does it Feel Like to Ejaculate
Regardless of how many times you've had sex, you'll probably notice that some orgasms are more intense than others. Thus, the question arises, can I intensify my orgasms?

It's important to note that orgasm intensity is complex, as it can also be affected by testosterone. Higher testosterone levels at a younger age can cause a more intense orgasm, while age-related lower testosterone, lack of sleep, stress etc. can have very bad effects on it. In order to maximize the quality of your orgasms, you must take good care of your penis, sexual life, and health.

However, you can definitely intensity of your orgasms by amplifying certain factors. One possible solution is to use an erection-enhancing sex toy like a cock ring. In general, however, a lot of orgasm intensity is determined by build-up. Therefore, if you just had an orgasm a few minutes ago, having another soon after may result in a relatively weak one. You're likely to have weaker orgasms if you orgasm several times a day.

The longer you can avoid masturbation and sex or use a technique called "edging," the stronger the orgasm will be when you do experience it. In the end, everyone's orgasm will be unique.

What Does Ejaculating Feel Like?

A study  about how sex can affect brain rhythms suggests that "good" only scratches the surface of what an orgasm feels like. Sex is a source of pleasurable sensations and emotional connection, but beyond that, it's actually an altered state of consciousness.

As mentioned above, male orgasms are generally the same when it comes to how the orgasm is achieved. There are several stages that lead up to male orgasm. Despite the variation in time between these stages, most men go through them. Below, we've listed the different stages in full detail so that you can get a better understanding of what does cumming feels like.

Arousal: A guy's body prepares for an intense orgasm when he is turned on. An erection occurs when the shaft of the penis fills with blood. He feels himself get 'pumped up' as muscles tighten in his body.

Plateau: Sometimes, during sex, the body starts preparing for an orgasm - usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes before the blowing begins. The heart rate spikes (150 bpm or more), the muscles tighten, and pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum) cleans out the urethra in preparation for sperm.

Orgasm: During the period of emission, the sperm move into position at the top of the urethra, reaching "the breaking point." Following ejaculation, the penile muscles and the muscles located near the anus contract extremely fast and propel the semen out. It's not all that different from a woman's orgasm, this quick release pattern. An orgasm triggers a flood of neurochemicals in the brain, launching the person into a state of hyperfocus.

Resolution & Refraction: After orgasm, the man's erection starts to decline as well as all of that muscle tension. Chemicals such as oxytocin and prolactin released during orgasm make him feel relaxed and sleepy.

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like for Men: According to Guys

What Does Nutting Feel Like
The experience of male orgasm has been a mystery to every woman at some point in their life. You can't help but wonder about other people's experiences when you have different sex organs.

Here are the experiences these 10 people had with the male orgasm - from the weird fantasies they have right before it to the nap they take after it, and even the feeling that they could die before it's over.

It's Like a Pleasant Trance

Andy, a 30-year-old computer programmer, said he enters a trance-like, robotic state during sex. In the moment, he drifts into wild and passionate forests that he can't explain and that is just as ephemeral as the experience itself. But what about afterwards?

"Everything makes sense for a split second," he said. "Like I'm seeing things clearly for the first time. That to me is the most powerful thing about orgasm — the moments afterward."

It's More Intense on the Edge

"My most intense and life-changing climaxes occur after I've reached the edge and held out a few times," says Paul, a 23-year-old actor.

"There's a difference between just letting loose when you first feel the urge and challenging yourself to hold out." he said. "I'm a million times more exhausted after I've stopped and kept going."

Masturbation and Sex Are Different

Set designer Adam, 27, says his orgasms vary depending on whether he's masturbating or having sex. In his eyes, masturbating causes an orgasm out of necessity, but he sees it as a spiritual experience when he's inside a woman.

"I feel like I'm passing the core of my soul to someone," he said. Then he added, "Not to be cheesy, but it's like sharing your energy with somebody. Being so close to someone during a very vulnerable period."

Short and Sweet

Wes, a 26-year-old advertising copywriter, confirms the already known fact that the male orgasm is normally shorter than that of a female. In addition, it does not seem to be quite as euphoric.

"My girlfriend seems to experience her orgasm in lingering waves," he said. "Ours isn't like that. We have a very intense three- to five-second burst, if that, and then our entire body goes numb. It feels good, but I get the feeling hers are better."

Sometimes, It Takes Time

Bob, 26, has experienced orgasms instantly or over a longer period of time.

"Depending on the situation, it's either a slow or quick buildup, followed by an insane explosion that lasts three to five seconds," he said. But then the afterthoughts kick in. "Then you either feel shame, or a feeling of 'Yeah, all right, I totally had sex,' which is immediately followed by a need to nap."


Eric, 25, always comes like a shot from a gun. "The male orgasm feels like the onset of a dire need at the very same moment that it's being fulfilled, in slow motion". He proceeds to add, "[male orgasms] are like a voracious, mind-shattering thirst just as a waterfall begins to surge down towards you from above. Like a tickle that creeps up from every corner of your body until you're desperate for it to stop and also to continue forever, as if squeegees are scraping through your limbs. Like a gunshot, startling and discreet, leaving you with the vibrations, the trembling steel, the blow-back."

It's a Full-Body Experience

Matt, 26, believes the male orgasm is a whole body experience. "It kind of transcends a pure physical feeling," says Matt. "It's like a whole body and mind numbness, where, for a few brief seconds, you strangely feel both helpless yet in complete control, mentally vacant while the entirety of your tactile sense rushes to a single point of exit."

Wham, Bam - Simple as That

For Mark, 26, what happens when a man comes is quite simple, really. "There is no need to explain the male orgasm in great detail, because there's no great detail about it," Mark says. "Your dick gets hard, like, 'What's up. I'm here to party'... sometimes well before the party has even started. Your dick gets warm (full party mode), then it feels like it's going to explode, like a power-up in a video game. Then you're done."

Pressure Builds and Falls

Kyle, 22, has getting off down to a science. "A pressure builds, and keeps building until you can't hold it in anymore," Kyle tells us. "There's a threshold that you cross when you know that once you release, you're done. What follows is like that pressure building and falling, but every time it builds, you let out more (which is why ejaculate doesn't just gush out in one go, and it comes out in steady intervals).

How to Have the Best Male Orgasm?

Let's not get it twisted. Any orgasm is a good orgasm (for the most part). But imagine if you could have a full-body, toe-curling orgasm every single time you climaxed?

We can't promise your climax will reach new heights every time, but we can offer a few helpful tips that you can use while masturbating, during sex, and outside of the bedroom for a more fulfilling experience. This means you'll feel sensations all over your body.

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What Does the Male Orgasm Feel Like


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Wrap Up!

As we learn to control ourselves better, we are able to have a long, earth-shattering orgasm or even multiple ones!

Finally, we should all take the time to discover how our partner experiences pleasure. In life, there is always something new to learn and new surprises along the way that can strengthen our sexual bonds and relationships. Discover a new world of sexual possibilities with us! Check out our blog and take your orgasms to the next level.