For many years, sex toys have provided an excellent option for couples and single ladies to spice up their sexual fantasies. It does not matter whether you are LGBTQ or straight. The pleasure you derive from these devices is unmatched. However, not all of them have the same quality and effectiveness. Several factors come into play if you want to select the perfect sex toy. They include,

Your Target Erogenous Zones

People are different and so are our sexual fantasies. Some people want a sex toy that targets a particular pleasure zone. Others need sex toys that ignite all the available erogenous zones at once. Before buying a sex toy, you might want to check and see whether it will work as per your expectations.

Some toys like Tracy's dog Pro 2 G spot dildo stimulator, so if that is part of your plan, then this will work wonders for you. It would be best to consider the sex sensations you enjoy most. You could also consider the sexual fantasies you want to try and what you want to learn. These aspects will give you the right direction to follow.

The questions you need to answer are whether you are into suctions or going with a specific texture. Try to base your choices on the areas and stimulations combos that heighten your orgasm and peak your desires.

Toy Strength and Levels of Intensity

It would be best to check on the intensity settings in a particular toy before you buy it. That way, you will be buying something in your strength range. It would be a waste of time to buy a toy, only to realize that it does not take you to cloud nine. Similarly, you are wasting money if you buy a toy that you can't handle. You have to know whether you are the drill or hammer type or want something for basic masturbation.

Sex toys have strengths ranging from soft pulsation beast mode deep fast and powerful. Knowing your sensitivity level will go a long way in helping you pick a perfect vibe for yourself. Always ask yourself what works best for you; soft or intense stimulation?

The aspects of strength and intensity levels come to play when you cannot buy the product from a brick and mortar store. You can always check on the sensitivity and suction level from an online store before making an order. Some top toys like Tracy's dog have their suction levels well indicated on their product description. So you will not have any hurdles choosing this.

It is always a smart move to go for toys with multiple intensity levels. This works wonders, especially if you are not sure of your pleasure requirements. It also allows you to try and experiment with new levels from light to intense stimulations.

The material

The material in your pleasure friend will play a significant role in your sexual fantasies. Besides giving you pleasure, your sex toy should guarantee your vaginal hygiene. People have different kinds of sensitivity, so the material you choose should not cause you any allergies. The vagina is also the most absorbent part of the human body. So, always ensure that the sex toy you choose will not expose your vagina to any problems.

The industry assumption in the sex toy industry is that you get what you pay for. So it is straightforward to fall into marketing traps set by people who only aim to profit. It would help if you took enough precautions and only picked safe products made from safe materials. The best material for sex toys is silicone and stainless steel. You can always go for a sex toy like Tracy's toys as they only feature such high-grade quality materials.

Even with that, it is essential to note that the material you choose will also depend on your personal preference. Here are some of the materials you will find in ladies' sex toys.


Silicone-made sex toys have a velvety, soft, and durable finish. We recommend that you only use water-based lubes on this high-grade material. This material is what makes Tracy's dog a top sex toy.

ABS Plastic

This material is most common in bullet vibrators, ben-wa balls, and in most sex toy handles.

TPE/TPR material

These materials are famous for their flexibility. They are also one of the most skin-safe materials and are common in sex toys like realistic dildos.  

Glass materials

Sex toys made from glass materials are robust and resistant. Such sex toys are ideal for temperature plays.


This material is what makes the cheapest toys on the market. Sex toys made from these materials may cause allergic reactions. So manufacturers include latex in them to reduce their effect on people with sensitive bodies.

Type of Relationship

The kind of sex toy you choose will depend largely on your type of relationship. Enhancing your physical pleasure enhances your sexual feeling. You can always transfer the pleasure you derive from your sex toy to your partner. But it would help if you considered some factors. For example, there are sex toys that only lesbian couples can use, like Tracy's 2 in 1 clitoral stimulator. You can never buy this for your male partner.

There are a few cases where heterosexual men used vibrators to find sexual fantasies with their partners. You can also propose the same (to your heterosexual partner) if you think it could enhance your sexual pleasures.

When proposing a sex toy to your partner, you must also consider their perception. Some people will react differently to some products. For example, a vibrator may reflect poorly on your partner's sexual ability. So always consult your better half before you shop for any toy.

If you want to enhance your sexual fantasies with sex toys, then you must know what works for you and what does not. I believe that after going through the above factors, you will have what it takes to get your ideal sex toys.