The recent change in women's and men's perspectives on sex and pleasure has led to a grown interest in sex toys.  Both men and women are not shying away from expressing their pleasure or lack of during sex. It is usually caused by a myriad of factors, from lack of interest to health problems. With the increased availability of sex toys, you need not suffer anymore.

A Sex toy enables a man/ woman to explore his/her sexual fantasies solo or with their partner.  Popularly used sex toys by women include; dildos, butt plugs, handcuffs, vibrators, clitoral stimulators, nipple clamps, kegel balls, and straps many others. For men, they include; penis rings and pumps, pocket vagina pussy et al.

Listed below are reasons as to why you need a sex toy

As a Remedy for Underlying Health Condition

Treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy and medications for blood pressure, heart conditions have been proven to alter the production of estrogen and testosterone hormones. The hormones play a significant role in one's sexual functionality. The above medication tends to cause hormonal imbalance. This may lead to low sex drive, inability to be aroused, or vaginal dryness, making sex painful and uncomfortable. Using a sex toy helps stimulate blood flow to the vagina or penis, thus ensuring maximum lubrication. This also helps in healing of vaginal tearing that might occur during sex

Slim dildos help expand the vaginal muscles, thus making penetration less pain during sex.

Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

As for men, sex toys help in alleviating embarrassing sexual conditions like premature ejaculation, impotence. Such conditions usually result from reduced blood flow to the penis, thus unable to maintain an erection, nerve damage, excessive drug or alcohol use, effects of medications, or general testosterone imbalance.

Sex toys like Penile rings are designed to stimulate penile nerve endings and blood flow to the penis. It helps in getting and maintaining an erection for longer. Similarly, the rings help in preventing premature ejaculation. Also, penis pumps and enlargement sex toys are purported to increase penis size.  On the other hand, strap-ons are also a great option if you cannot get an erection. Frequent sex generally improves your prostate health.

Helps You Sleep Better

Sex toys make sex enjoyable. Frequent sex improves your sleep pattern by producing the sleep hormone oxytocin and the feel-good hormone prolactin. The hormones help in inducing sleep and relaxation. Having sex regularly inhibits the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Helps to Boost Immunity

Frequent sexual activity helps in blood circulation around the body. This promotes the spread of antibodies in the blood vessels. The antibodies help in boosting the immunity, therefore warding off any germs, diseases, and infections. Similarly, sex works out the heart muscles by increasing heart rates.

During orgasm, the body releases endorphin hormones. The hormones help in relieving muscle pain and aches.

Helps in Tightening the Pelvic Muscles

As a woman, sex toys like kegel balls are a great addition to your sex routine as they help strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. This is said to increase pleasure during sex. Similarly, it improves your gall bladder muscle control, therefore minimizing the risk of urinary incontinence.

Relieves High Blood Pressure

When penetrative sex is not possible, sex toys help you archive orgasm. Frequent sexual activity helps in lowering your blood pressure. High blood pressure is usually caused by high sodium or alcohol intake, general obesity, constricted blood vessels

Need to Spice Up Your Sex Life

It is common for men and women to feel bored or unsatisfied with their sexual life. This can be due to work pressure, sexual incompatibility, among many others. Sex toys are a welcome addition to your bedroom to guarantee your pleasure. You can choose to use a sex toy by yourself or with your partner making it an enjoyable moment between you two. Due to their small sizes, sex toys are quite discreet; thus, you can use them at any place of your convenience. Additionally, as a couple, one can choose the other's sex toy to increase intimacy between you two. Similarly, this will help you understand your partner's sexual needs and preferences.

Need for another Tingle

Sex toys come in handy when you want to experience a different stimulation, especially by yourself. Most of the sex toys are fitted with motors that control their intensity and vibrations. Through this motor, you are able to control your own climaxes. Additionally, some toys are specifically designed to promote clitoral and G spot stimulations, thereby causing mind-blowing orgasms, especially when penetrative sex is either painful or not available.

For the physically challenged, using sex toys enables you to try out different positions that you might not be able to do during sex. Such gives you confidence.

Need to Explore on Your Own

You can use sex toys both when with your partner and when you are alone. When you are alone, you can try new things that you will not do with your partner. In case your partner is a bit laid back, you can use sex toys experiment and understand what works best for you.

Helps Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Sex is a form of exercise, whether partnered or solo. Sex helps in strengthening your heart muscles through increased heart rates and blood flow to heart muscles. Frequent vaginal intercourse helps in improving heart rate variability and reducing the risk of a heart attack.

Similarly, during sex, there is a lot of physical movement and activities, all of which aid in stretching your muscle joints. This helps in the transportation of nutrients to body cells and tissues, thereby promoting good health.

Increases Intimacy

Partnered sex toys help improve intimacy as it involves a lot of activities and vulnerability from both partners. It also promotes emotional support between partners.


Gone are the days when the use of sex toys was discussed in hush tones. Using sex toys does not downplay the importance of intimacy during partnered sex. It offers an opportunity to get your freak on and enjoy your sex life, whether solo or with your partner.