Let's face it: Keeping the fires of passion within a marriage is hard work. Even the most loving couples argue sometimes. We've been there, and we know just how difficult it is to maintain a harmonious relationship, especially since many factors are involved. 

When it comes to sexual pleasure, many married couples choose to ignore issues surrounding this primal form of intimacy.

"I'm not satisfied but it's okay because I love my spouse."

"I caught my spouse masturbating without me - I'm upset but I don't know how to broach this subject."

"Our sex life lacks excitement but I don't know what to do…

At one point or another, these thoughts are bound to enter your mind. What most do not know is that they can matter into their own hands, or rather, on sex toys.

Is using sex toys considered disrespectful in a relationship?

The answer is no; using sex toys within a relationship is perfectly acceptable and if anything, it is even encouraged by countless sex and marriage therapists. You don't need to pay a marriage counsellor to know that good sex is the best tool to ignite the fires and passion of a sexless marriage.

Millions of couples out there agree that sex toys provide them with an outlet to express and obtain pleasure. Using sex toys also opens up a whole new communication world where couples go to places they've never been to. Reaching greater heights of passion using sexual aids would greatly encourage us to convey our pleasure and also to reciprocate so that our other halves would enjoy the same delights between the sheets.

7 tips on how to make the most out of sex toys in your marriage

  1. Carefully handpick the best sex toys for your partner

Be it their birthday or your marriage anniversary, choosing the right sex toys according to both of your appetites would be a great way to start. Buying him and her sex toys would guarantee you nights of pleasure as you show that you'll want to reciprocate the pleasure, thus creating a more satisfying and sustainable sex life.


  • Surprise your other half with a gift-wrapped package 
  • Send links to quality sexy toy websites to your spouse and allow them to choose (a gift card would work nicely too!)
  • Purchase then hide several sex toys under the sheets or somewhere around the house so that your spouse can discover them to their delight
  1. Learn to experiment

Once you've safely received your sex toys, it's time to experiment! Make it a couple activity so that there's no room for jealousy. Once your spouse realizes that sex toys can be a fun way to express passion together as a married couple, they might be more willing to use them together.

Fun fact: did you know that 7 out of 10 women can't reach orgasm through penetration alone? Buying and using sex toys that provide external stimulation to the clitoral area would help a woman scream out of ecstasy each time she climaxes. 

  1. Use your mouth

Besides utilizing it for oral pleasure, a happy couple is one that talks about their sex life and the toys they use. Make sure they are okay with buying some before actually checking out your cart. Obtaining a consensus when it comes to selecting the best sexy toys would guarantee you an unbridled passion for nights to come.

  1. Build up a collection

If you have been on a sex toy buying spree, we recommend you seek out the best place to safely store them for when it's needed. A bedside table is ideal as it keeps the sex toys out of the way and is also easily reachable when needed. You'll generally want to keep it out of reach from children and pets who might find numerous ways to destroy them, much to your chagrin.

  1. Clean them well

Sexual health is vital in a happy relationship. Cleaning your sex toys well and disinfecting them after each use is a healthy habit that you should practice. Use a good disinfectant or otherwise, running them under water after scrubbing them with soap is good enough.

  1. Pair sex toys with lubricants

Being well lubricated allows you to optimize the usage of your sex toys. Contrary to popular belief, lubricants aren't used only for anal sex. You can use lubricants to heighten pleasure or delay them as you wish. 

  1. Buy only quality innovative sex toys!

We can't stress this enough: couples should only buy quality sex toys that do not dampen the mood. Imagine purchasing a sex toy only to find that it breaking apart after only using it a few times! Buying quality personal toys will not only ensure continuous and satisfactory lovemaking; it would also safeguard both of your health. 

Protip: When buying online, check the sex toy website to see if they display testimonials and reviews. Good social proof can be a useful guide on choosing the right toys for your marriage. If there are issues pertaining to the toys' quality, you'll know which sellers to stay far away from.

Conclusion: are you ready for some sexy time with your significant other?

It's not easy trying out something new in relationships, but if it has worked for many other couples, why not try using sex toys to spice up your sexy time between the sheets? Find out what turns your partner on, and they'll see that sex toys are not a selfish replacement in marital sex.