Valentine's Day is around the corner, and every person has that gift that makes them feel intimately loved. Perhaps this year, you could be a little more creative and spice up your sex life. It doesn't matter whether you are in LGBTQ or straight relationship; Tracy's dog always has your back. Below are some of the sex toys that you could give your sex partner this Valentine's Day.

Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

Cordless Handheld Wand Massager is a luxurious vibrator in the vast in the famous Tracy's dog brand. It features a soft medical grade silicone and a precious metal contrasting finish.

The sex toy has an out boxing experience. It comes packed in a unique black and gold box that gives it that luxurious theme. The packaging comes wrapped to hide the content from anyone, including the postmaster; only you and the vendor knows what you bought.

The device comes with a USB port and cable for charging. The charging system connects with powerful magnets that make it waterproof as per the IPX7 standards. That way, you can use it in your bathtub or shower, making your bathing sessions more fun. It also comes with a luxurious black pouch that you can use to store your sex machine in your drawer or closet discreetly. On a full charge, the device can last you up to 180 minutes of intense pleasure.

What makes this item a must-have is how the silicone body gives it that soft and luxurious feel. It provides the right sensation mostly as Cordless Handheld Wand Massager works on your most sensitive body parts. The control buttons are also in a perfect, convenient place, making the device more comfortable to use with minimum destruction. It is an ideal body massager that can help you relax and relieve pains from your feet, neck, back, calf legs, and arms.

 Cordless Handheld Wand Massager comes with several different intensity levels. It provides the versatility to enjoy the high-powered rocket intensity or slowly take things on the scenic level. The silicone texture makes the device comfortable regardless of the intensity level you pick.

Ben Wa Balls Trainer Kegel Balls Exercise

For centuries now, people have been using kegel balls to strengthen their pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. The tiny weighted balls come from different manufacturers in various sizes and shapes to help you take care of your vital muscles with ease. The other brands have their quality, but we find Tracy's brand Ben Wa balls to be some of the best in the market.

Tracy's legal balls come with three progressive vaginal weights, each having the most ergonomic shape you will ever come across. The property makes this sex toy comfortable, soft, and easy to insert and pull out of your vagina.

These balls' effects are much better as you only need to exercise with your Ben Wa Balls for 15 minutes daily and see the difference in one or two months. It works wonders in all the muscles surrounding your vagina by tightening and massaging them. That way, this device helps you in several other ways. It enhances your bladder control, supports you In postpartum recovery, and keeps you from the dangers of prolapse.

Ben Wa Balls Trainer Kegel also gives you much convenience and flexibility as you ladies can have them on when doing house chores, going shopping, working out, or running. If you are pregnant or post birthing, the fantastic device will help you restore your confidence.

It is safe and environmentally friendly. The device features an abs plastic body with 100% medical silicone straps. It comes with a regular box, so if you wanted to send it as a gift, you would wrap it first. They are also waterproof, making them easy to clean.

Craybit - Deep Penetration Rabbit Vibrator

Craybit - Deep Penetration Rabbit Vibrator is Tracy's dog product that helps you have that intense over sensation inside out. The curved tip teases your deepest nerves, G-spot, and even the A-spot. It hits your G-spot so intently that it raises your heart and shakes your entire body. At the A-spot, the feeling is intense and addictive that you will always be wanting more of this device.

The A-spot is a deep and hard-to-reach area in a woman's body that most sex toys and partners fail to get when you are making love. But that does not seem to be a problem for Craybit - Deep Penetration Rabbit Vibrator. It is long enough to penetrate and work on both G and A-spots. It is also slim and smooth, with a curving at the tip to slide past your cervix without bumping it.

The device comes with three motors. Two of these are on the shaft, while the third one is on the clit attachment. The first two stimulate your while the third one remains behind to tease and wonder on your clitoris.  It also comes with 15 different speed and pattern modes to give you a wide range of intensity levels.

There is no limitation to using the Craybit - Deep Penetration Rabbit Vibrator. It features a waterproof material making it convenient to use anywhere, whether in bed or the shower.

Double-Ended Dildo Vibrator

If you ever wanted to have the feel of a real human erect penis in a dildo, then this is your product. Double-Ended Dildo Vibrator has lifelike, exquisite convex veins that mimic a natural human penis. It also has a spherical shape and a big head in a stiff, erect dick to give you the real experience.

It features a superior grade medical silicone that makes it safe to use even for ladies with sensitive skins. Another advantage of this item is waterproof, elastic, and non-greasy, making it easy, convenient to use, and clean. These properties make this item one of the hygienic sex toys in the industry.

The packaging is so discreet and private that only you and your seller know what you are buying. When fully charged, the sex toy can give you up to 120 minutes of pleasure. It is versatile enough for both straight and gay couples.