Sex is complex. It is a form of liberation, a way to forge a strong bond between partners, or a way to express an already existing bond. It is driven by passion and desire.

However, no matter how you define sex, the goal is almost always the same: to achieve orgasm. Is this goal, nevertheless, met?

Many studies show that, unlike men, women have a more difficult time reaching orgasm, and that more than 75% of them require more than penetration to achieve this almost sacred goal of sex.

Based on these findings, we can safely assume that women's sexual lives deserve to be improved, and this is easier than you might think. Basically, you can always choose a clit sucking vibrator, which will completely alter your perspective on sex. And that's not all. 

If you're drawn to BDSM practices of any kind, a clit clamp might be just what you're looking for.

What’s a Clit Clamp?

How to Use a Clit Clamp

The clitoris is once again in the spotlight, and it's no surprise given that this pea-sized spot contains over 8,000 nerve endings, making it a pleasure epicenter.

A clit clamp, as expected, focuses on the clitoris and aims to apply pressure to this tiny erogenous zone in order to increase the sexual intensity felt and, ultimately, contribute to climax.

Despite the fact that it may sound painful, a clit clamp is not about pain—even though it is a BDSM practice— but about pure pleasure and extremely intense sensations.

Of course, given that we're talking about clippers attached to the clitoris, there's a chance of pain, but usually, this indicates that something went wrong. You must wear the clamp at the bottom of your clitoris for a maximum of 10 minutes. In the event of sudden pain or numbness, remove the clamp immediately.

When the clamp is released, blood rushes back into your clit, allowing your clitoris and genital area to become extremely sensitive.

Benefits of a Clit Clamp

Clitoral Clamp

So, let's talk about the perks of using a clitoral clamp. Adding some extra excitement to your intimate moments can really spice things up. The following are a few benefits of clit clamp worth mentioning:

1. Sensitivity overload: Clit clamps have this magical way of making your clitoris super sensitive. It's like a turbo boost for pleasure! Every touch and vibration becomes more electrifying, taking your pleasure to new heights same way clitoral ring.

2. Enhanced blood flow: Clit clamps apply a gentle pressure that gets your blood flowing down to your clitoris. And when that happens, you can expect increased arousal and a more engorged, sensitive clitoris. It's like turning up the heat and getting fired up for an unforgettable ride.

3. Customizable stimulation: The cool thing about clitoral clamps is that you can adjust them to suit your preferences. You're in the driver's seat, able to find the perfect level of pressure that will rock your world. It's all about finding that sweet spot that makes you tingle with delight.

4. Hands-free fun: Once you've got that clamp securely in place, you're in for hands-free pleasure same way as Rose Clit Sucker. You can let your imagination run wild while still enjoying that amazing clitoral stimulation. It's like having your own personal pleasure assistant, freeing up your hands for other delights.

5. Adventurous exploration: Using a clitoral clamp is an invitation to embark on a pleasure expedition. You get to explore different sensations, discover new erogenous zones, and unlock a whole new level of excitement. It's all about pushing boundaries and finding what makes your toes curl with pleasure.

Remember, everyone's preferences are different, so what works for you might not work for someone else. The key is to communicate openly, take things at your own pace, and prioritize pleasure and consent in all your intimate adventures. Enjoy the journey!

How to Use a Clit Clamp?

It's not rocket science, which is why a clit clamp can be used for both sex with a partner and entertaining solo time.

Things are pretty straightforward when it comes to using a clit clamp in your solo routine. First, apply the clit clamp and concentrate on areas you normally ignore. Pay attention, pamper yourself, and discover new erogenous zones on your own. Make it possible to fall in love with yourself while the clit clamp sensitizes the clitoris.

Finally, release the clitoris and enjoy what it has to offer. You can even make the most of the new sensations by using a sex toy with different intensity levels, such as the OG Flow.

As for using a clit clamp with a partner, things can get even more interesting if you wear them during penetration to increase the intensity. Following penetrative sex, the clit clamp can be removed, and the partner's attention can be directed to the clitoris, which is ready to deliver a truly powerful orgasm.

Tips & Tricks for Using a Clit Clamp

Clit Clamps

When using clit clamps, there is a learning curve, as with anything new. It's not about anything overly complex, but rather the careful use of a toy that has the potential to bring both pleasure and pain if not used properly.

As a result, we will go over some tips and tricks for using a clit clamp for the first time.

Start With Clitoral Stimulation

Focus on stimulating the clitoris before applying the clit clamp. In this regard, you can use the traditional method—with your hand—a sex toy specially designed to stimulate the clitoris or leave yourself in the hands (or rather the mouth) of your partner for some oral sex.

This way, you will begin sensitizing the area even before applying the clit clamp, and the sensations felt will be stronger.

Safety Is The Way

These safety rules apply regardless of the type of clit clamp used. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to use lubricant in order to eliminate any potential discomfort caused by the constant friction that occurs between this sex toy and the clitoris. We recommend using a Water-Based Lubricant.

Also, if you don't want to go from pleasure to pain quickly, never leave the clit clamp on for more than 10 minutes. Furthermore, if you experience any discomfort, remove the clit clamp and carefully reapply it, as it was most likely placed incorrectly.

Remove It and Have Fun

It may be more pleasant to remove the clit clamp than to wear it. To maximize the pleasure potential of this sex toy, pay close attention to the clitoris immediately after removing the clit clamp. Depending on your preferences and the options available, attention can translate into oral sex, masturbation, or simply using a sex toy like Portable Rose Clit Sucker.

Give it a Good Wash

Carefully washing any sex toy before and after usage is a good tip to follow. It is sufficient to wash the clit clamp with warm water and a disinfectant-containing soap. Let it dry naturally. Once its dry, store it in a tidy and enclosed space so that it doesn't accumulate any dust.

Wrapping Up!

Even though they may appear frightening at first, clit clamps are sex toys designed solely for pleasure. Hence, if there is pain, it indicates that something is not right.

This type of BDSM has grown in popularity precisely because it is a soft form that excludes pain while bringing extremely intense sensations. Essentially, we are discussing a sex toy that aims to sensitize an area that is already a source of pleasure.

However, clit clamps aren't for everyone, which is why vibrators are still an excellent choice for clitoral stimulation and orgasm.