I work both as a doctor of disability support and as the administrator of an Instagram page for the disabled community. It is my aspiration to speak on how can we offer help to the disabled community since I am one part of this community.

Sex is an activity that strengthens our immune system. Studies conducted by scientists at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania have shown that regular intimacy increases resistance to viral diseases by 30%.

A good discharge is necessary for everyone, regardless of his physique, temperament, or disability. I will tell you how to enjoy the process if you spend most of your life in a wheelchair.

These days the majority tries to avoid speaking about sex for the disabled community. For many people, it`s not clear that sexuality has nothing to do with a person`s physical condition.

We break the stereotype - of people with disabilities have problems with sex, it is only because of lack of practice, and it isn`t connected with unwillingness to experience sensual pleasure. And surprisingly, they have more desire than healthy people.

We are attentive to their needs and offer safe sex toys to help them experience pleasant emotions from sex. We noticed that, at the peak of popularity, there are two instruments with excellent characteristics, so we focus on them.

A person with disabilities not always has the kind of sex that he wishes, especially if they are trans, homo, bi, hetero, and so on. It is difficult to find a partner with these statuses while satisfying the needs of a loner is more achievable. People have a right to have such experience using sex toys that are specifically adapted to the wishes and needs of people with disabilities.

It's not the condition of one`s body that matters, but it`s important to decide on what stimulation is more preferable. Can't grab and hold an object due to lack of hands? No problem. For this, tools have been developed that can be tucked into underwear. It will be possible to support sedentary arms with belts when it is difficult to grab a dildo.

People with disabilities are picky and can customize toys to suit their desires. What was previously intended for women to stimulate the nipples can be also adapted now by men to stimulate erogenous zones on the body and get sexual pleasure.

Tracy’s Dog Automatic Masturbation Cup Turboo

An innovative tool from Tracy’s Dog that able to sway your old masturbation cup experience. The technology of the future Turboo CFEET aims to deliver immense pleasure to males through three dynamic vibration modes. The attractive appearance of the device, made of medical silicone with an original design, resembles a miniature rocket, which is convenient to keep with you.

The amazing masturbation effect is achieved by the roughness inside the Turboo, which enhances the realistic experience with a slightly different grip in comparison with its smooth counterparts. The built-in rotating ball is able to tilt and control the masturbation cup in the desired direction.

First of all, a water-based lubricant is applied to the penis. The device is controlled by a button, which needs to be held for 2 seconds to enter the vibration mode. A short press changes the three modes. To clean the device only water is needed. USB charging is enough for an hour of sexual pleasure.

Tracy’s Dog Vibrator for Couples Nina Vibe

The U-shaped device is designed for sexual pleasure for couples and a solo. A total of seven - patterns of pulsation in combination with seven different speeds, and it gives in a total of 49 settings to achieve sexual pleasure. The body is made of silicone that is pleasant to touch and does not harm the body.

Tracy's Dog's revolutionary pulse technology in the vibrator is the way to achieve unearthly orgasms. To operate one`s pleasure is possible using the remote control at a distance of up to 10 meters. An important point - the remote control is powered by batteries, the vibrator itself is charged from USB.

We also recommend practicing sensual pleasure with other sex toys designed for people with disabilities. Try something new, and we are ready to offer products at a reasonable price.

Sex is a matter-of-course thing and a right of any person. The body should let off steam, get the sexual release to let mind and soul be in balance.

Tracy’s Dog Vibrator Double-E 

The Impulse Double-E Vibrator gives sensual double incitement, while the automatic rotating tail  give exciting climaxes. Utilizing electro-incitement innovation, this vibrator automatic rotating head to naturally fortify and tone pelvic floor muscles liable for extreme climaxes. The deliberately positioned zinc compound electro-stim cushions delicately heartbeat to increase sensation and peak. 

Do not neglect the communities and forums of disabled community. Here, on condition of anonymity and in an open form, you can discuss all aspects of the sexual life of people with disabilities, get help and support.


The Blog wrote by Mr. Klimychev Sergej Konstantinovich.

Klimychev Sergej Konstantinovich have been a doctor in prosthetics and orthopedics for over 15 years. During this time, Klimychev Sergej Konstantinovich's team and himself leading more than 10,000 cases to offer support in the disabled community.  I talk a lot on forums for people with disabilities, Klimychev Sergej Konstantinovich is also an administrator of the Instagram page for the disabled community.