Bathtub sex, like pool sex or beach sex, is one of those adventures that too often seems so much hotter in theory than in reality. In fantasy bathtub sex, you have a luxurious, jet-laden tub that’s deep enough to soak in, has great traction where you want it, and is big enough for whatever adventure you decide to chase. In reality, if you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub it’s likely cramped, tepid, and slippery in all the wrong ways. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined for equally tepid bathtub sex. Check out the below tips to make your bathtub sex hotter than ever.

Set The Scene Before You Dive In  

Bathtub Sex

Good bathtub sex starts with a sparkling clean bathtub. Put away all products that are sitting out near the tub. Deep clean your bathtub; the ceiling, walls, and floor around it; and the drain. Then clean the rest of the bathroom, too. Launder the bathmat and refresh the other linens, leaving out extras for the event itself in case your enthusiasm leads to splashing water everywhere.

Next, consider the lighting. Candles and baths are a cliché for a reason: many bathrooms are cursed with a choice between harsh overhead lighting or no lighting at all, but a few flickering candles can cast a gentle glow. If you’re tight on space and balancing candles on curved porcelain surfaces, put some museum putty under them to keep them from sliding.

Finally, you and anyone bathing with you should shower and wash thoroughly before you draw the bath. Baths are for pleasure, not for cleaning.

Use The Right Equipment for Bathtub Sex

Too little leverage and too much accidental sliding around are part of what make bath sex more complicated – but there’s an easy fix. Accessibility rails that suction cup to tile walls are readily available and can help you stay safe and stay in place.

Find it challenging to hold yourself up in a tub that’s at an angle? Forget slimy tub mats; simply fold a towel you don’t mind getting and sit on it under the water.

Lube for Bathtub Sex

Lube is also crucial since the bathwater will wash away any natural lubrication. If you’re planning to have sex using just body parts like hands or a penis, silicone lube will stay in place no matter how wet you get and is a better choice than oil-based lube, which is incompatible with condoms or gloves. If silicone sex toys – like Tracy’s Dog sex toys – are part of the equation, stick to water-based lube instead. Silicone lube slowly dissolves the surface of silicone toys, making them unsafe, while water-based lube goes with anything. Stock up in advance, use a generous amount wherever you need it, and be careful getting out of the tub afterwards.

Just Say No To Bath Bombs

Glitter bath bombs seem like a sexy, mood-setting idea, but save those for times you aren’t having bath sex. (Or use them, splash around, and then towel off and head somewhere dry for the main event.) Bath bombs in general can disrupt the vagina’s pH balance, according to Michael Cackovic, an ob/gyn quoted in SELF. And bath bombs with glitter, seaweed, or other add-ins can introduce particles to the vagina as well, especially during sex, which can lead to yeast infections or other problems. Thinking a quick douche will prevent the problem? Think again: douching can also introduce bacteria, and generally disrupts the vagina’s environment. Avoid bath bombs and fragrant essential oils in the first place instead.

Get The Right Sex Toys

Waterproof sex toys can take bathtub sex to the next level, whether alone or with a partner.

The Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is wrapped in fully waterproof silicone and perfect for bath play. Since it’s silicone, pull out your favorite paraben-free water-based lube and slather it all over the insertable part of the toy. If you’re alone, prop your hips out of the water as you get started so the bathwater doesn’t wash the lube away. When you’re ready, settle back with the unique suction cup positioned over your clit. The controls are slightly raised to make it easier to explore the ten vibration settings – even under water.

The Tracy’s Dog P.Cat is a waterproof external sucking sex toy only limited by your imagination. Try it over a clit or on your nipples alone or in combination with any kind of penetration. The shaped silicone handle makes it easier to hold even when in the bath. If you’re with a partner, fold a towel a few times and place it on the edge of the tub as a cushion. Sit on the cushion with your legs spread so your partner can watch as you use the toy – and use their hands or mouth, too. Or, try lounging in the tub together facing the same direction, chest to back, with one partner sitting between the other partner’s legs. The rear partner can then get full access to use the P.Cat on the front partner’s nipples, or anywhere else, getting lost in waves of pleasure.