Exchanging sexy text messages can feel arousing and hot or lame and cliché. Sexting, FaceTime sex, or a hybrid of the two can be considered fine arts, similar to music; anyone can sing, but it doesn't imply they're good at it!

There are some tips that can help you master the art of sexy words, but also of video sessions with your spouse - using clit sucking vibrators or more traditional techniques. You can learn the 6 secrets discussed in this article through the simple trial and error method. Like everything new.

FaceTime sex & sexting can be your new foreplay techniques or the main act. It’s like a choose-your-adventure activity. The direction it heads in is up to you!

Everything About Sexting and FaceTime Sex

Everything About Sexting and FaceTime Sex

Sexting is the practice of sending sexually explicit text messages. This is a step forward from traditional dirty talk during phone sex, which allows people to experience intense moments with the support of a voice on the phone that speaks just the right words.

Sexting has the same aim as phone sex in that it helps to create sexual tension. This occurs because well-chosen words stimulate the creativity of the person who receives them. This is similar to what occurs in the mind when reading an erotic novel.  

FaceTime Sex takes things to a higher, more technological level. In essence, this activity shifts the emphasis from words to visuals, yet any moment of sex with your partner in front of the camera can be accompanied by dirty talk.

You can use any app for such sexual activity. As a result, the situation might swiftly shift from FaceTime Sex to Skype Sex, or any other type of app suitable for video sex.

These types of sexual experiences are helpful, particularly in a long-distance relationship. Aside from the fact that you can enjoy each other without having to be in the same room, such a sexual connection keeps the passion in a relationship alive.

You may also add sex toys to make things even more intense. There's no need to spend a lot of money on vibrators for this because you could always go with one of Tracy's Dog's cheap sex toys.

If you are usually too self-conscious and FaceTime sex seems like a big thing, you should start slow, off-screen, with some sexting, so you can put your fantasies to work.

6 Secrets You Need to Know Before Sexting and FaceTime Sex

6 Secrets You Need to Know Before Sexting and FaceTime Sex

Facetime sex and sexting, like anything new you do, requires some practice to get things precisely where you want them. That's why we've compiled a list of 6 secrets that will come in handy during or before your next sensual video call for long-distance lovers.

Secret #1: Start slow and gradually build intensity

If this is your first time or you are in a new relationship, you should start slow and build in intensity. When you quickly start sending him graphic texts all the time, they can lose their luster. The fact that they are a bit taboo is what makes them so hot.

Give your spouse a tease here and there for the biggest impact. Here are a few examples to ease in:

  • “I can’t stop thinking of the last time we were together!”
  • “You looked so hot last night!”
  • “I’d much rather be in bed with you than at work right now… xx”
  • “I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I was thinking about the last time you touched me...”

These dirty texts will give them an instant shot of arousal. From there, you can build up the intensity. Next, you can start to really trigger their imagination with some sensual storytelling to make your sex life really intense.

Secret #2: Sext at the right time

Timing is everything, and this is why these kinds of sex tips apply in other scenarios as well. A sext at the wrong time won’t get the response you are hoping for. Before sending a sexually charged message, ask your spouse what they are doing to determine if the timing is appropriate.  

When they are stressed or pouring their heart out – it's more appropriate to send a sentimental text than a sex text. The most important thing in a relationship is mutual respect, even if sex is shortly after.

When it comes to a long-distance relationship, it's even more important to ask what your partner is doing before you send any spicy text, because your schedules can be so different.

Also, before you start this new sex adventure, would be a great idea to decide on some rules, like whether taking screenshots is or not allowed.

Secret #3: Read the room

As you saw in secret #1, you should start slow. This strategy also helps with secret #3, which is reading the room. You really need to pay attention to how your spouse responds. Some people prefer more subtle sexts, and the more graphic ones can make them feel awkward, while others like the naughtiest messages you could create. Gradually increase the intensity, see how they respond each time, and try to match where they land.

Video calls for sex on FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype can also be a ton of fun and a sex toy can make things feel like real life. Sexting tips 1 to 3 also apply to FaceTime sex, but there are some additional things to consider.

Secret #4: Set up a tripod or use a laptop

It’s tough to pleasure yourself and get those right angles. Instead, prop your phone up on your nightstand, get a tripod, or use the webcam on your laptop. This will allow you to indulge yourself with some fingering or to use a vibrator and still be able to focus on the video.

To take the hands-free pleasure to another level, you can even opt for sex toys that can be controlled remotely, like the OG Pro 2 and the Juicy Clitoral Licking Vibrator. This way you can even think of some fun FaceTime sex positions that will make your partner really happy, while the mutual pleasure will be there for sure during your video chat sex.

Secret #5: Use sex toys and lube

As mentioned before, sex toys can really be a game changer for your sexy video calls. Not to mention that your sex lives will be so much better!

To give yourself incredible toe-curling, mattress-grabbing orgasms, while making a show for your spouse, you should get yourself a clit sucking vibrator and a generous amount of lube.

Prop your camera up, spread your legs, and enjoy the sucking, pulsating and throbbing sensations of your tongue-like vibrator and let the body language to the talk. Not only you will feel incredible, but your spouse will get off just by watching your solo sex scene. You can use sex toys even for some nipple play.

Secret #6: Dress for the occasion

To really get in the mood, it is a good idea to dress up for your next sexy video call. To spice things up even more, you can even try some role-playing based on your costume.

There are no rules here - wear whatever makes you feel sexy to get in the mood! So, if that’s an oversized t-shirt or leather bodysuit, it doesn’t matter - as long as you are feeling good and ready to experience some pleasure.

Wrapping Up!

Both sexting and FaceTime sex can be intimidating practices at first, but they can rapidly transform into delightful moments that provide intense pleasure to both partners, especially if the few tips suggested here are followed. Still, it is important to do these kinds of sexual activities with someone you really trust.