The words "forced orgasm" don't seem to go together. Yet, this practice exists, and while it may appear to be contrary at first glance, everything is completely consensual.

In fact, forced orgasm refers to a BDSM activity that, at its core, is all about pleasure.

Yet, the same term “forced orgasm” is also used when referring to sexual assault. In this second situation, unwanted pleasure or even orgasm arises from non-consensual and unsolicited sexual stimulation.In this article, we will only discuss forced orgasm as a BDSM practice since, while sex has few rules, a fundamental one is that everything must be consensual, meaning that all parties involved must agree to what is going on.

Forced orgasm can provide intense delights and can be integrated into many other sexual practices and can even incorporate sex toys like clit sucking vibrators.

What’s the Deal With Forced Orgasm?

What’s the Deal With Forced Orgasm

If you're wondering what's the deal with forced orgasm, the answer is actually rather simple. Like in every other BDSM practice, there is a dominant and a submissive in this one as well. 

The dominant person seeks to offer the submissive orgasms. In most circumstances, ropes or handcuffs are also used to prevent the person experiencing the orgasm from resisting the stimulation.

Yet, because this is a perfectly consensual practice, the partners agree on a safe word to use when one of them wants the other to stop.

In this practice, the dominant might also use powerful vibrators, like the cheap sex toys from the Tracy's Dog collection, on the submissive to guarantee that the pleasure felt is overwhelming. This manner, the submissive can reach orgasm (or multiple orgasms!).

How Does It Feel?

The way a forced orgasm feels varies greatly from person to person due to differences in sexual tastes as well as tolerance for both pleasure and pain.

When it comes to submissive women, the forced orgasm actually converts into a series of orgasms that occur one after the other. When there are several orgasms that seem to never stop, the pain might come into play, so it is critical to set up a safe word before beginning any BDSM-type sexual activity.

Several orgasms are not necessary on the table for guys, but rather these experiences translate into a delayed climax. If the dominant partner continues to stimulate the penis after the male orgasm, it might result in post-orgasm torture, which is not enjoyable. Here is where the power of a safe word comes into play once more.

How to Try Forced Orgasm for the First Time

How to Try Forced Orgasm for the First Time

Although forced orgasm is not for everyone, it is crucial to remember that the goal of such sexual activity is still pleasure. Of course, given the above, pleasure is not a constant in this technique, but it remains the central goal.

We'll go over some tips to keep in mind if you want to experience a forced orgasm for the first time.

Talk about it

Because sex must always be consensual, it is critical to communicate freely with your partner about your desires. If you want to experience forced orgasm, whether from a submissive or dominant position, be sure your partner is equally ready to try it.

Decide on a safe word

As previously said, it is important to establish a safe word when it comes to any BDSM practice because accessories designed to immobilize a person are frequently included in these kinds of activities.

When the situation becomes overwhelming, you can quickly tell your spouse to stop.

Decide what is allowed and what is not

It's also essential to talk about what you're willing to do and what you're not. It is always vital to define boundaries before engaging in any kind of sexual activity.

Otherwise, even if the partner has only good intentions in mind, sex can soon turn from pleasure to agony, and will no longer achieve its goal, destroying the entire experience. Save your experience by having an open discussion!

Use sex toys

Use sex toys

Since forced orgasm is about tremendous pleasure, sex toys can enhance the experience. There are numerous alternatives available, ranging from rabbit vibrators and wand vibrators to clit sucking vibrators that stimulate multiple areas at the same time, allowing you to experience multiple orgasms.

If you don't have any sex toys, it could be time to start with vibrators like the OG Pro 2, which was designed for both clitoris stimulation and G-spot massage. This vibrator may be used on multiple erogenous zones at the same time.

The Ticky Sucking Vibrator is another intriguing option since it comes with numerous vibration patterns to boost the intensity of the moment.

Wrapping Up!

Forced orgasm, despite its name and the non-consensual situation to which it might also refer, is, in reality, a consensual BDSM activity with the primary goal of pleasure.

In contrast to typical orgasms, in this practice, the submissive participant usually has numerous orgasms with no gap in between or another form of denied orgasm. The practice can swiftly go from pleasure to pain, which is why it's critical for partners to communicate so that the moment is actually memorable and full of delight.