Months ago, posted a blog article shitting about Tracy’s Dog without a shred of evidence to support its claims (excuse my language, but that’s exactly what they are doing). Regarding the blog post, we just want to say it’s nonsense. Without even seeing, touching, or using our products, they made a list of false accusations about our product and defamed Tracy’s Dog’s brand. We understand that is a sex toy seller, technically it’s our competitor since we are in the same industry (which makes more sense now about why they slander us) , but it’s really immoral and unethical to wrongfully accuse your competitors without any concrete, compelling evidences. To be honest, this poor behavior really reflects badly on their business, TheTravelingTickleTrunk.

Without further ado, let’s begin. Shall we? )

P.S. - The content of’s blog post is in grey. The content in blue color is what we, Tracy’s Dog, would like to say.

“Several of my friends, being aware that I love sex toys and I love sex toy humour, forwarded me a sex toy review that has gone viral of late.  It's for a toy call 'Tracy's Dog' (more on that horrible name later) that is kind of like a We Vibe and a Satisfyer rolled into one.   It has the clit sucking part and then an internal piece that's supposed to be for G-spot.

I will admit, the review is pretty funny.  I'm not going to post a link because I don't want to encourage people to give this thing hits or consider buying it.  The person writing the review has a great sense of humour and describes what she calls a near-death experience from coming so hard so fast.  If you've seen it, you know what I mean.  It's funny for sure and I'm not going to shit all over somebody's sense of humour.

But I am about to shit on everything else about this review.

First of all, this is a terrible toy.  I have not seen this toy in particular but I can tell you just from looking at the name, the packaging, and the price, that it's terrible. [ “I have not seen this toy in particular”... well, then how can you judge something you haven’t even seen before? The whole article fails to be objective, fair, and accurate. ]  The name 'Tracy's Dog' is bizarro, and makes no sense.[The reason why we are named Tracy’s Dog: we are loyal, caring, and loving to our customers. Just like your dogs. You can’t diss the brand without getting to know it or without doing some research about it]  It's clear that this is a Chinese or Taiwanese manufacturer who did not do their job in checking English translations.  That right there is an indicator that they are not putting care and attention into the sale of their products in North America.  [Right here, makes nonsense discriminated judgments based on no evidence, we understand it’s coming from local protectionism but here the writer looks like he or she is trying to be taller by cutting the heads of others.]

In this day and age, there is nothing inherently wrong with toys manufactured in China or Taiwan, but you still do have to be careful.  You should be able to track down the actual designer and maker of the toy so you can check into the quality. I'm certain that will not be possible with this toy.

When I searched for 'Tracy's Dog', I found a number of toys under that name - the vast majority of which are made of horrible, bottom-of-the-barrel jelly rubber.  [Again, we would like to ask travelingtickletrunk, how could you make this conclusion when you haven’t ever seen the product? Obviously, this is just another cheap shot from the travelingtickletrunk. Our products are made of top medical grade silicone; it’s body-safe, odorless, and skin-friendly. If the writer hasn’t seen or used our products, how convincing you think his or her words can be?]  If they make those toys, why would their other toys be of much better quality?  [The truth is we have been upgrading our product lines since the company started, and we won’t stop on the road to better products with better design with better customer service. Keep improving. That’s how we do. ]

As I mentioned as well, the price is way off.Any designer of good quality toys who invests in the technology, design and material of the toys, and who warrantees the toys as they should be, will not sell a toy like this for $47 retail.  Most of the toys of this type cost me more than that wholesale.  [ Tracy’s Dog is all about affordability. It’s what we stand for because we want everyone could have a chance to explore their sexuality and experience the best orgasms without breaking the bank. Our products are super affordable since our product prices range from $20 to $45. Compared to other brands, we offer high-quality sex toys with reasonable prices. We can keep price like this because we design and manufacture the toys independently and then sell them directly to our customers without any middlemen. We directly face our customers to have a better understanding on their needs and what we could provide for them. Plus, we offer a one-year warranty for all products we sell.]

Why does it matter, you might ask?  After all, a deal is a deal.  Here's why it matters.  Yes, you could save $50, maybe even more, by buying this over something like a Satisfyer or Womanizer.  But you are taking a risk with your health and safety.  Satisfyer and Womanizer are air pressure technology that doesn't actually even touch your body, it just moves air around to create a feeling of suction, pressure and vibration.  Some of these rip-off toys create actual suction - and some of them are extremely strong suction.  This can be dangerous. Some people have reported being cut, bruised and abraded by toys that look like this but are actual suction rather than pressure waves.  I'm sure I don't have to tell you that cutting, bruising and abrading the clitoris is not a fun time.

[This will be the last time we mention this - if the writer hasn’t even seen our toy in person, then I wonder how can he or she even conclude that our toy creates actual suction rather than pressure waves? Specifically, on our OG clitoral sucking vibrator, the technology we use on our clit sucking part is air pressure technology. You can choose different frequencies to adjust the intensity of the suction function. Tracy's Dog OG clitoral sucking vibrator is loved by thousands of customers and editors. We haven't got any reports or complaints about the suction part causes any harm to their clitoris. However, we often get told how surprised they are when they use the product because they come so fast and so strong. Period.]

Another thing to be aware of with sex toy reviews on Amazon is that a lot of them are fake.  Just like with any other review site and any other product, it is possible to pay people to write reviews for you.  It's well worth it do that because if you get a very engaging, funny review, like this one, it can quickly go viral, getting you thousands of free clicks. [Our Amazon reviews or the reviews on our website are left by our customers and users. I suggest the travelingtickletrunk to go check it out on your own because seeing is believing. Our customers really are the best because the reviews are so raw and full of humor. We are truly thankful for all the support and love they show to us because their satisfaction is what keeps us going!]

I know I have a vested interest in encouraging you to shop locally for your sex toys.  Yes, I benefit from that.  But I also have a keen interest and concern for your sexual health.  That's why I started doing this in the first place. [And that’s why we started doing this in the first place as well. Our customers’ sexual health is our priority and that’s why we have strict quality control of our products, so our customers don’t have to worry about a single thing while using our products. Just pure pleasure!] I could sell cheap toys and make a huge markup like some of these sites do - but I'm more interested in providing a place where people can trust that they are not taking risks with the toys they buy.  I want us all to have a place where we explore and enjoy toys without that worry. [It’s nice to know that they sell sex toys with integrity JUST LIKE US. All we want is to provide people with excellent quality sex toys without breaking the bank. We want them to explore their body and sexuality, to discover themselves, to enjoy the fantastic orgasms they could have, or to deepen the bond you have with your loved one. Tracy’s Dog’s mission is to engineer toys for solo & partner play, to make them versatile and friendly to all your curiosity, whims, and spicy dreams. Tracy’s Dog’s toys are designed for everyone regardless of age, gender, or sexuality because everyone has the same rights to pleasure and sexual freedom. Besides, the toys are made in close collaboration with sex therapists and sexologists with all of your feedback. However, it’s not morally right to wrongfully accuse your competitors without any concrete, compelling evidence. ]

So ya, if you want to enjoy the funny reviews, go right ahead, but please don't buy the toys.  If you see a review for a toy that sounds great, come to the Tickle Trunk and ask us about it.  We'll tell you honestly what we know and if we thinks it's safe, good quality, and good value.

And please support your local retailers, they are working hard to provide great places for you to shop and to give back to their local economies.  They need your support to do it.

[Tracy's Dog supports local retailers because we know retail business has been facing many challenges in this digital age when people choose shopping online instead of going into the store to shop. We welcome all the retailers to reach out to us for business collaboration and fully support their business without a doubt. However, that's low of travelingtickletrunk to falsely accuse a brand like us in the same industry to get attention. It seriously violates our business morals, and we feel sorry for them. ]

PS - please don't google Tracy's Dog vibrator.  You will find pictures that you probably don't want to see.  Trust me on this......please.” [the end of travelingtickletrunk's blog]

Wow, long article, right? Thank you so much for reading this through. We are pretty sure you have a clear understanding of what's going on.

There are many reasons for travelingtickletrunk's trash-talking about Tracy's Dog. However, there are two that can be sure. First, they are trying to get more traffic to their website by using our name. Nowadays more and more people know about us, and they type and search our name of "Tracy's Dog". When people type and search us, their website pops up because their blog has the "Tracy's Dog" keyword. Second, they falsely defame the brands in the same industry without actual evidence to get benefits. That's low, immoral, and unethical.

Again, thank you so much for reading this long article, and thank you so much for always supporting Tracy's Dog! We wrote this because we feel like we need to get it off our chest, and it's time for us to break the silence to defend our name. It's about ethics and morality. As a legit and ethical business, we don't attack opponents with false accusations just to get benefited because that's completely wrong. Hope travelingtickletrunk could come to their senses one day.