How many of us right now, at this moment, are craving the touch and intimacy of a lover? Barred from intimacy due to travel restrictions, quarantine, or self-isolation, how many of us have truly found ways to cope during these unprecedented times when the pandemic is still raging on in a path of global destruction? 

How many couples have been drawn apart, with relationships faltering between "LDR is not working out for us" and "What's going to happen to us being separated physically for so long?". And how many sex workers have been struggling to earn a decent living because suddenly, interpersonal touch is deemed too risky.

Luckily for us, technological advancements these days have opened up a whole new world where virtual sex can thrive. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, smart sex toys, and innovative dildonics - these are only a handful of virtual sex solutions that can make intimacy at a distance much more bearable, if not safer, and more secure. Of course, these innovations are not 100% perfect and don't come close to replacing physical interactions between two people. But, when utilized properly, it can unlock a world of limitless possibilities and break boundaries beyond these challenging times. 

Immersive experience with VR sex

Although VR porn isn't something new, we are expected to see more of virtual sex toys making their rounds before the next pandemic rolls in (COVID-19 has taught me to expect the unexpected - you never know what's the next global calamity will be). 

With the marriage between VR sex and teledildonics, lovers can now simulate each other anytime, anywhere, and in the comfort as well as privacy of their own homes. In fact, this opens up a whole world of possibilities - imagine indulging in office sex, backyard sex, beach sex, virtually any sort of intercourse is possible between two or more people. You'll want to continue reading: it gets juicier very soon. 

Coronavirus: a blessing in disguise for the future of sex work

Fact: Thousands of sex workers are being persecuted each day. Stats show that legal or not, sex workers are exposed to many problems, including health and safety issues. 

But then Covid-19 happened, and suddenly everything that requires close physical contact is considered taboo. The sex trade across the world suffered a severe downturn. Pattaya, long seen as one of the most illustrious red-light districts in the world, went tits up almost overnight. 

While I agree that things looked pretty bleak for sex workers ever since Coronavirus did a drive-by, it did, however, present a most unique opportunity to increase the adoption of virtual sex. 

Sure, most of us have watched porn before. I'm no stranger to Pornhub myself. But beyond that, the subject we should really be talking about is virtual sex, aided by cutting-edge VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and even the immersion experience delivered via XR (Extended Reality). Most interestingly, XR unlocks a wealth of all real-and-virtual environments generated by computer technology and wearables. And yes, wearables do include sex toys. 

In fact, OnlyFans became a huge success overnight. For many, the platform has been a savior, unlocking a world of possibilities where sex workers can now earn their living via virtual sex.

And now, the playing field just got leveled. This is anyone's game now. You don't need to be extraordinarily gifted or rich to enjoy success as an online porn influencer. Being in charge of your own online porn business, offering content that you're in complete control of, and minimizing health and safety hazards - all these point to a better working environment and sustainable income for sex workers and also for those who are thinking of going down the path of this lucrative career. 

Immersive porn and haptic sex: a new standard for interactive pleasure? 

Yes, yess, yesssss oh yes! A popular women's sex toy company released haptic vibrators that can be controlled remotely via app. In Prague, unknown to many, a sex doll brothel flourished amidst the health crisis. Does that tell you just how advanced the online sex industry is today? 

Imagine owning a sexbot that not only responds to your sexual advances but is also able to fulfill your desires emotionally. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the future of sex toys' dominion in the world of tech. 

Final thoughts: safety and security 

With all the wonders brought upon by technology into the realm of sex toys, it won't be surprising to realize that there may be flaws within the system. 

Take this case that happened a few years back: the infamous WeVibe4 device makers got into hot soup when it was discovered that their product had been hacked into. Valuable data captured by each device was stolen. Data like device temperature and intensity, both amongst others measured in real time, fell into the hackers' hands. What's more worrying is that there is a potential of finding out who a person was with, when they're using a sex toy and what kind of sex they're having. We are so advanced that we put all efforts into perfecting sex toys that we put very low importance on what consent, privacy, or security means in that context. 

The potential for people to spy on partners or commit sexual assaults is very high. Taking advantage of stolen data will drive hackers to actively glean data through advanced hacks. In view of this, every sex toy company out there looking to ride on technology to boost their standing in the market should endeavor to guarantee data privacy and security. Each vulnerability should be reported and utilized, resulting in a product that protects its customers' privacy.