Megan heaved a huge sigh of relief as soon as she saw that the clock on the laptop read 6 pm.

"About fucking time," she muttered under her breath.

Shutting her laptop with a flourish, she stood up and stretched. It had been a long day at work for her. It didn't help that she was working from home due to the pandemic - the clients won't stop pinging her with their requests.

Despite the hectic schedule, Megan did love the short respite she had away from work. At home, she's free to rummage for a chosen sex toy in between client meetings and go to town with it.

Megan was proud of her little sex toy collection. Well, not so little actually, judging by the massive box she'd stashed under her bed. She had the frame custom made after her last helper mistakenly threw out several of her prized pieces.

Now, she kept all of her trusty treasures under her bed, locked up until her next private session.

Megan wished her boyfriends and Tinder dates were more open to her using the toys during their session. Maybe they were perturbed by her...hobby.

"Or maybe they're just jealous!" her friend Amanda opined. "Some men can't handle the fact that my sex toys can be better lovers than they are!"

Megan reflected on this and decided she doesn't know the answer to the sure, but what she knows is, nothing can stop her from amassing her small army of sex toys and growing her collection. She was already browsing for a sturdy display cabinet to house them after moving out of her current place.

Grabbing her towel and heading to the shower, Megan spied her phone screen lighting up. It was a new Tinder match.

"Not too keen, but yeah…" she shrugged and tapped on Tinder.

Her recent match was a financial analyst who lives just 10 minutes away. "Daniel: loves dogs, noodles and will find 101 things to amuse you before breakfast." Megan resisted a snort. How bold to assume he'd be eating breakfast with her!

She read on. His profile does look attractive, and he is quite good looking. Exactly her type, actually: longish hair and a boyish smile. His sense of humor did stand out a little; he didn't exactly try hard to win her over, which was a refreshing change, at least.

"Meet me for tapas at the corner of Fleet Street…" Megan typed. She didn't like long conversations on Tinder, or anywhere else for that matter. Which was why she was glad when Daniel typed back: "Great, my number's xxxxxx, add me and I'll see you there in an hour. Just finishing up some work stuff."


Megan did some mental math and calculated that it would take her 10 minutes to leisurely stroll to the quaint little Spanish restaurant for their date. With a mischievous grin, she pulled out her Forbidden Chamber, as she liked to call it, and took a good look at her sexy toys collection.

Before her, a bounty of equipment was laid out in the spacious under-bed drawer. Dildos and vibrators of all shapes, colors, and sizes, cuffs - furry and leathered, plugs, beads, nipple clamps feathers, and other sensory objects she had amassed for sex play were at her disposal. She selected her favorite waterproof vibrator, brought it along with her to the shower, and had a great time exploring her body and pleasuring her petals after a hard day at work.

"Exactly what I need," Megan whispered, after coming down from her second orgasm of the day. She didn't see herself as a sex addict. Au contraire, after several failed relationships, she had much preferred to stay indoors with her sex toys.

Until Daniel came along.

She found herself thinking about the handsome stranger she was about to meet and wondered if he would be amenable to fuck her with the aid of her trusty orgasm helpers. She decided to find out. Grabbing her keys, she locked her front door, but not before stashing her disinfected bullet vibrator into her handbag.

Taking a leisurely walk along the streets, Megan breathed a great sigh of relief. The walk was uneventful and a refreshing change from being stuck indoors. She was grateful her sex toys provided some distraction, but during these challenging times, she really craved human interaction, and Daniel was going to give just that, among other things…

Megan arrived at the restaurant and was pleasantly surprised to see Daniel already seated and waiting for her. "That's nice; for once my date is punctual," Megan smiled inwardly. Daniel was easily the best looking man in the restaurant, or she could have been biased based on her personal preference.

Daniel stood up when she approached the table.

"Wow, you look amazing, Megan!" Daniel beamed.

"I think you do too, Daniel," Megan purred demurely. Daniel smiled boyishly, almost embarrassed to be complimented. "Please sit and order something."

After they got their orders out of the way, Megan leaned forward and spoke in a low voice.

"I don't want to scare you, but I am somewhat a sex toy connoisseur - if we ever happen to bonk, you'll know what I mean."

Daniel seemed taken aback, but only just a split second.

He smiled and said, "I couldn't tell, but thank you for telling me and being honest about it. Why would anyone have an issue with that?"

"Well, I've been with men who didn't really accept me that way…" Megan began. "I've dated men who didn't understand why I would need my sex toy when I already have them to do my bidding."

Daniel nodded and listened attentively.

"Maybe they're just jealous, or they feel the need to be the only one giving me pleasure, I don't know…" Megan shrugged.

"Well, they don't know what they miss. I like you, Megan, and I must confess something," Daniel said.r

"What is it? Oh God, are you an axe murderer?" Megan said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Daniel laughed. "No, silly, Okay, please don't think I am a creep or anything, but I actually know you from somewhere…

"What? Where? How?" Megan's guard immediately went up.

"Okay. So, I'm part of this Facebook group where we review and share our experience about sex toys...," Daniel began.

"OMG, you're thedazzle911!" Megan exclaimed. "How could I not see it? You had your profile picture taken in silhouette, but that's why I thought you seemed familiar!"

Now it was Daniel's turn to laugh. "Yeah, that's me! We exchanged a few lines before. I thought you were funny and charming. Imagine my surprise when we matched on Tinder."

Megan giggled. The evening turned out to be super promising.

Then Daniel dropped the next bombshell.

"But that's not the only surprise."

To be continued.