Megan braced herself for what Daniel’s big reveal. She had her fair share of stalkers in the past, but this was somehow… different.

Amidst the quiet atmosphere of the Spanish restaurant, Daniel took a deep breath and began.

“I knew how much you liked your collection of sex toys, and I liked that you weren’t shy about it,” he said. “In fact, as soon as I saw that we matched on Tinder, I took the plunge and got you something…”

He took a small paper bag from underneath their table and handed it to Megan.

“Oh! Wow. Just… um, I don’t know what to say...” 

Megan was speechless. She took the little bag and peered inside. In it sat a small nondescript box with gold lettering.

“You actually went out to buy this for me?” She gasped.

Daniel nodded. “I had to leave work early and grab it before coming to see you. I wasn’t sure how you’d feel, but I thought if there’s someone who could use this, it’ll be you,” he said.

Megan was overjoyed. It was a little discreet sex toy she had always wanted. She first saw it featured in a major kickstarter website but she missed her chance when it sold out before she could get her hands on it.

“But, how on earth were you able to get this?” She clutched it close to her chest, her voice a whisper. 

“I knew a friend who brought a small handful of them in to be resold online, and luckily for us, this was the last piece. I hope you like the color pink,” he smiled.

Suddenly, all doubts about Daniel flew out the door. Here was a stranger who shared a common interest, and for the first time in years, someone actually bought her something practical that she could cherish for years, or as long as it lasts.

Megan made a quick decision.

“Would you like to test this out? My place. We’ll get the tapas and some cheap wine to go.”

Daniel did not miss a beat. “I’ll get the bill; wait for me.”

Before long, they were driving back to her apartment. Sitting next to Daniel while he was driving, Megan sneaked glances at her handsome ‘stranger’. She did so love the way his hair curled around his neck. And his fingers! These were the fingers of a guitarist! Or so it seems. 

She was so lost in her reverie that she didn’t realize they had arrived.

“Is this your place?” Daniel asked.

“Yes!” Megan nodded happily. “Go park there, and I’ll wait for you upstairs. Third floor, it’s the one with the green door and yellow mat.”

“Alright, see you, Megan,” Daniel replied, before she hurried out of the car and into her apartment.

Upstairs, Megan took a quick look at her apartment. “Not too shabby. It’s a good thing I had someone clean it yesterday,” she smiled.

She went into her room, methodically removed her clothes, and shook out the little box out of its bag. With slightly trembling hands, she took it out of the package. Inside it was a dainty little pink sex toy, the sort that features clit sucking action powered by air pressure. 

“Huh,” Megan smiled. She didn’t expect it to be this small. “I hope it’s powerful. Well, here goes nothing…”

She didn’t care if Daniel walked in this very minute. In fact, she wanted him to.

She didn’t care if anyone heard her.

She didn’t care if the world came to an end this very minute.

All Megan knew was that the little device came to life the moment she turned it on. 

And came to life it did. She was propped up comfortably against her headboard, but when it started sucking on her clitoral region, her body writhed and shook against her sheets. She started slow, getting to know the buttons on the sex toy (there weren’t many - very minimalist, she noted), but before long she was gasping for breath. Her first orgasm was imminent. Against her primal instinct, she had a split second to ask herself if she should have waited for Daniel. What if she spent all her energy and left none for the poor guy? 


Throwing all caution to the wind, Megan let loose. The delectable sex toy was humming and buzzing in her hand, silent as a church, a stark contrast against her feathery moaning that rose in a heightened crescendo as she massaged her vulva. Megan couldn’t suppress her desire: she had just masturbated twice that day and yet… and YET!

Legs spread, Megan went to town with her little toy. It was small but highly powerful as she hoped it would be. The air sucking mechanism worked beautifully and even gave off gentle vibrations against her dewy skin.  

She finished with a flourish. Her climax hit hard, and before she knew it, her vision was clouded with stars that seem to shine and dance about. So intense was her orgasm that she temporarily lost all sense of hearing. Her heart beating faster than a shinkansen, Megan laid back in bed, the damp spot beneath her spreading rapidly…

It was a full minute before she opened her eyes and realized that Daniel had been sitting on the edge of the bed all along. 

She didn’t bother to ask if he had been there to witness it all. His lustful eye told her the answer. 

She didn’t bother to offer him a drink.

She didn’t bother to say thank you.

All Megan did, was to promptly climb on top of her handsome, generous stranger (“Must remember to thank him after all this is over!”). She sat straddling his lap, his erection just inches beneath her sweet honeypot. 

“I gathered you like the gift,” Daniel whispered. 

“Ssh,” Megan placed her finger on his luscious lips. It was even more delectable up close. “Don’t say a word before I am done with you.”


To be continued...