“Ssh,” Megan placed her finger on his luscious lips. It was even more delectable up close. “Don’t say a word before I am done with you.”

Straddling Daniel, who was fully clothed but displaying naked lust in his eyes, Megan wasted no time diving into his pants and freeing his turgid cock. Daniel watched her as she stroked his tumescent member, gently at first, almost delicately, but as her fingers wrapped tighter around his cock and her strokes got faster, Daniel gasped, breathless.

“You’re not going to be gentle, are you, Megan…” His voice came out, barely a whisper.

Megan smiled devilishly. She knew he liked this, but she was surprised that she did too. It’s been a while since she enjoyed being on top and having such an… appreciative member of the audience.

Parting her legs to straddle him again, Megan grabbed his wrists and pinned them down either side of his head. Leaning forward, she kissed and nibbled at his collarbone, eliciting deep moans from his throat. She loosened her grip on his wrists, and he started to lift his arms. 

Megan tightened her grip once again, silencing him with narrowed eyes. Daniel laid back, still as a mouse as she went back to work on him.

As she held his wrists tighter, so did her nibbles that gradually turned into bites against his neck. Her long, bare legs, sweaty against his, rubbed lasciviously against his cock. In response, Daniel retaliated against Megan, using his strength to free one hand, just enough to grab one of her firm, plump, breasts. Twiddling her nipples, he successfully distracted her enough for her to loosen her grip on his remaining wrist. He ran his free hand down her perfect ass, appreciating her smooth, flawless skin and making a pitstop on her lady gash.

“You’re so wet, Megan,” Daniel whispered. He leaned forward and promptly opened his mouth to suck her nipples. Megan sighed delightedly, unable to contain the frisson of pleasure that spread across her limbs. Her moans got louder when Daniel’s fingers found their way to her wet folds. He slid a finger into her pussy, causing her to buck underneath his ministrations.

“I see you’re ready…” 

“For your cock?” Megan asked, tilting her head, her heavy breathing not subsiding anytime soon.

“Not just yet, love,” Daniel smiled. “I see you’ve “tested out” my gift, but I’ve yet to see how it works…”

Reaching over the edge of the bed to grab the sex toy that has been momentarily forgotten, he flipped it over his hands and feigned ignorance. 

“How does this work? Hmmm…” He turned the little device on. It hummed in his hand. “Amazing! So what do I do with this?” 

Megan giggled. She knew where this was going. Playing along, she laid back on her bed, her magnificently long legs spread all over her sheets. “Maybe there’s a manual you can refer to?”

Daniel inched closer to the goddess reclining upon the bed. Moving the toy closer to her body, he pressed it lightly against her bare stomach.

“I couldn’t find one; guess I’ll have to try and see what works then,” he smiled. Humming against her skin, the toy traveled down lower to her nether regions, causing Megan to gasp and breathe faster. Her legs parted involuntarily, her reflex giving in to the pleasure that seemed to spread further all over her body.

“I think this goes here…” Daniel said mischievously as he moved the toy directly over her clit. Without waiting for her to say anything, he pressed it down upon her clitoral region, eliciting a sharp gasp from Megan. The toy’s suction nozzle found its way to her pearl and began massaging it on the gentlest setting. Megan moaned loudly, knowing that a stronger wave is coming.

“Or perhaps I should make this vibrate stronger? What do you think, Megan?” Daniel asked rhetorically as he nudged the toy, coming to life with an even stronger humming sound. It was still very much silent, but the same can’t be said for Megan. The harder Daniel pressed the sex toy between her legs, the louder her moans. He increased the suction power gradually and played with her wet folds. 

“Aahhh, no, not there…” Megan writhed and bucked beneath his fingers, her nails digging deep into her palm in an effort to resist the gates of pleasure from throwing open.

“I can’t hear you above all that moaning,” Daniel winked. He inserted a finger between her vulva, exploring her moistness amidst her gasps of pleasure. 

Megan could not hold it any longer, and erupted into a blast of screams and moans as she experienced her first orgasm with Daniel. Her body jerked and her hips bucked violently even as Daniel did not loosen his grip of the sex toy against her skin.

She finally laid back, spent and breathing hard. Daniel tasted his finger, full of sweet nectar that lingered on his tongue.

“I think I may need more of this,” he said, indicating her honeypot that still trembled from its last climax.

Megan, recipient of four orgasms so far today, did not shy away from the challenge. But she had other ideas. 

“Fuck me first. I need this,” she stole a look at his glistening cock, “Inside me.”

And so he does, easing into Megan with surprising gentleness. She closed her eyes with pleasure for a second, but reopened them again to see him smiling sweetly at her even as he penetrated her folds. It took Megan a few seconds for her muscles to accommodate him.

Daniel began to thrust, the head of his cock edging harder and harder against the end of her passage. And again there’s pain, deeper now. It gives birth to guttural, strangled noises that escape Megan’s throat. She was lost in her throes of passion, and even as her inner consciousness took her, she couldn’t help but focus on the way he swelled inside of her. Dopamine streamed from synapse to synapse and triggered a storm of mindless pleasure. Her muscles obeyed, contracting wildly around his pounding cock. She flooded around his turgid rod and began to orgasm once again.

Coming down from her climax, she felt Daniel stroking her hair lovingly. 

“That was amazing…”

“YOU are amazing.”

“I’m going to suck the cum out of you next.”

Daniel laughed at her eagerness. “Plenty of time for that. But for now, show me your toy collection…”


He uses toy on her

She cums hard, wet

He fucks her hard

They cum together

They examine her collection


End: he picked one and begin using it on her

“We’ll have to shop for some of your own soon, big boy…”

“What makes you think I don’t have a collection that will rival yours?”





Possible spin off male voice!!!!!!!