People’s interest in sex and various sexual experiences, frequently portrayed in adult films, changes over time, sometimes even depending on external events. This is particularly noticeable when we look at the statistics for searches on adult sites, such as PornHub, the largest porn site with over 100 million views per day.

Sexual exploration is natural and it is the only way we can get to know our bodies, and understand what gives us pleasure and what gives us repulsion.

However, sexual exploration means different things to different people, and searches for porn material vary from one state to another.

In terms of the external impact, PornHub's statistical data shows how people's sexual interests change and intensify in response to external events.

For example, during the Instagram and Facebook outages, access to PornHub increased by 10,5%, resulting in half a million accesses for every hour that Instagram and Facebook were unavailable.

The 2020 US election week was another event that influenced people's searches for adult movies. As a result, Americans from various states became more interested in specific types of pornographic films, such as "succubus" in Oregon, "tushy" in Colorado, "tickling" in Georgia, "yoga pants" in Iowa, "wedgie" in Connecticut, and "accidental creampie" in Missouri.

However, this does not imply that these states are the kinkiest in the country. So, which are?

What Do We Mean By Kinkiest

What Do We Mean By Kinkiest

First of all, the term kinky denotes unusual sexual behavior. This does not imply that the actions are wrong; rather, social norms do not regard them as normal, usual, or widely accepted.

BDSM practices are generally considered kinky. Simultaneously, anal sex, fetishes of any kind, or sex with multiple partners, such as threesomes, orgies, or gangbangs, can all fall into the same category.

Based on this presumption, we examined the most recent PornHub data regarding searches from various US states to determine which are the kinkiest, at least in terms of the level of interest shown in certain sexual behaviors.

Top Kinkiest States

To be politically correct, we must first specify that no state can be viewed as the epicenter of kinky behavior or interests. As we'll see in the following paragraphs, each state has its own characteristics, and its inhabitants tend to adhere to a specific type of sexual content - even if some states are more prevalent in tops than others.

To create a comprehensive picture, we will track searches for specific types of sexual content that are considered to be kinky. As an outcome, we'll look at the most searches for BDSM, foot fetish, golden shower, and feederism per state.

Top BDSM Searches: Vermont

BDSM is a very popular category in terms of adult films, and according to the latest statistics, BDSM, alongside other related terms, such as “bondage”, “slave”, “latex” and “spanking” represents 1.5% from the total number of searches on the platform.

In the US, the state that seems to have the greatest interest in this category is Vermont, with 31% more searches than the national average, followed by Oregon (+31%), New Hampshire (+29%), Maine (+28%), and Montana (+20%).

Top foot fetish searches: New Jersey

Foot fetish is another category that has gained significant traction since the year 2019. As a result, searches for "footjob" were the 140th most popular on PornHub in 2019. Other search terms for foot-related videos included "foot worship" and "foot fetish".

Regarding this category, New Jersey is #1 when it comes to searches on PornHub, according to the platform’s latest data. As shown by the available data, New Jersey residents searched for 41% more videos in the foot fetish category than the national average. Following New Jersey are Rhode Island (+31%), Massachusetts (+26%), Pennsylvania (25%), and Connecticut (+19%).

On the other hand, Vermont, which ranks first in BDSM-related searches, isn't really into foot fetish, and searches for videos in this category are 14% lower than the national average.

Top golden shower searches: Vermont

The golden shower is undoubtedly a controversial sexual experience. It is not for everyone, and not everyone understands why someone would actually want their partner to urinate on them. However, some people enjoy watching these materials, and Vermont ranks first in the United States for such searches on PornHub.

People from New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are also fans of golden showers.

Top feederism searches: Vermont

Feederism is a relatively unknown fetish, but it still appears in PornHub searches. Feederism is a slave and master type (BDSM) fetish in which one partner (the feeder) feeds the other (the feedee) for sexual pleasure.

Vermont is once again the most involved in feederism, followed by Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine.

What Other Things Can Make a State Kinky

What Other Things Can Make a State Kinky

Adult site searches do not completely define a state's dominant sexual interests, but they can help us form an overall picture of the population's sexual expectations and openness to certain socially unusual behaviors.

The number of sex toys purchased, openness to products such as clit sucking vibrators or fucking vibrators, the tendency to form open couple relationships, and the number of sexually active adolescents are all indicators that can help us determine which states are the kinkiest.

Such data cannot be considered relevant because it is not currently updated. As a result, searches on the world's largest adult website are the only valid indicator for now.

Wrapping up!

Looking at recent PornHub searches for categories like BDSM or fetishes, we can conclude that Vermont is the kinkiness epicenter in the US. However, as we've seen throughout this article, trends and people's sex interests shift from year to year and are sometimes influenced by unexpected external events.