Facts to Clear Misconceptions about Sex Toys

For a long time, it was not easy for someone to freely talk about sex toys. Things have opened up now, and you can easily walk into a pharmacy to get your favorite sex toy. However, some people still hold misconceptions about sex toys, making it difficult for them to purchase some. Conversations around sex toys were filled with stereotypes and a feeling of discomfort. Here are some of the facts about sex toys that will clear all the myths:

Sex Toys will Make Your Sex Life Better

One of the misconceptions about sex toys is that they ruin your sex life. Myths have it that if you are enjoying sex with your partner, incorporating sex toys will only ruin your sex life. That is wrong. Sex toys enhance the pleasure you are receiving. They are a way to spice up things in your sex life. The fact is that if you enjoy using a vibrator, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy sex with another person.

Additionally, sex toys are not applicable for couples whose sex lives are lacking. Research by the Kinsey Institute revealed that women who often use vibrators enjoy sex more. They exhibit higher levels of sexual desire, have enough lubrication, and experience orgasms more frequently. Incorporating a sex toy in your sex life will make your sex life better as you will derive more satisfaction and fulfillment.

Sex Toys Have Health Benefits

As statistics indicate, women have orgasms only 64% of the time. A study conducted in 2009 showed that at least 75% of women do not experience orgasms during sex until they use manual stimulation or incorporate a sex toy. The same study revealed that approximately 10-15% of women never experience orgasm all their lives.

As sex therapists say, many women who go for consultation usually confess that they have never experienced an orgasm. On instruction to experiment with a vibrator, they typically achieve orgasm. A vibrator usually has a steadfast buzzing, which helps keep you stimulated and eventually achieve orgasm.

Other than just giving pleasure, an orgasm has additional health benefits. An orgasm can help a woman release some stress and also works on depression. Studies have shown that an orgasm reduces the risk of breast cancer in both males and females. Therefore, a sex toy adds some health benefits on top of ensuring that someone gets maximum pleasure.

Everyone Can Use Sex Toys

There is a misconception that the only people that can use sex toys are lonely and single people. The perception is that such people do not have any option other than deriving fulfillment from using a sex toy. That is wrong. Statistics show that people in all relationship statuses, whether single, married, engaged, and in any other relationship status, use sex toys.

As per the statistics, 78% of sex toy users are women who are in relationships. The relationship can be of any form since sex toys are not only for straight people. They apply to everyone. Couples of the same gender can use sex toys. Additionally, sex toys are not only for women. There are sex toys for men too.

Additionally, there are sex toys that both men and women can use. Anal plugs, restraints, whips, blindfolds, and ropes can all be used by men and women. Such gender-neutral toys encourage the idea of creativity during sex. People can try out new things, which spices up the sexual life.

Sex Toys Aid Where there is a Dysfunction

Sex toys can be beneficial to people who have some sexual health problems. For instance, a woman who suffers anorgasmia may never reach orgasm even after ample stimulation. Such cases may cause distress in a relationship. Using a sex toy can help you achieve orgasm. Usually, a vibrator will have a steadfast buzz that will stimulate a woman until she climaxes.

For men, if you experience erectile dysfunction, a sex toy can be of help. It happens for men who are aging. The sexual parts may not function as expected, and one may fail to achieve an erection at all. A sex toy can help you achieve orgasm even if you do not have an erection.

Sex Toys will Help Bring Your Mind in the Action

Some women may be too self-conscious. As such, they may act somehow shy or reserved in the bedroom. They may not be as free as their partner may require. Some may have insecurities concerning their bodies. Some sex toys may help remove the self-consciousness so that the woman can be open in the bedroom—for instance, blindfolds.

Blindfolds usually bring some liberation to such women. It may get even better if it is the man hat is blindfolded by the woman. She will feel free and can do things freely. She can also talk freely. Because the man is not looking at her body, she may feel more confident, making the sex more pleasant and satisfactory.

Sex Toys Cannot Permanently Numb You

There are many fears about the use of certain sex toys such as vibrators. Many men have the thinking that using an inanimate object to pleasure your partner may result in them becoming obsolete. Discussions around a vibrator's buzz are always about a numb feeling that may result during and after its use. The fact is that although some vibrators may leave you with a numb feeling, the effects have never been permanent.

The feeling does not hinder you from enjoying sex with another human. In fact, incorporating sex toys enhances your sex life. Using floggers, blindfolds, and handcuffs may make you be in control, giving you confidence during sex.


The myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of sex toys may make some people fear using sex toys. However, it is good to get the facts before jumping to conclusions. Finding the right sex toy may be difficult, but one needs to try. You may experiment with several, but once you find the ones that work for you, your sex life will change for the better.