Allow us to state the obvious: Orgasms are amazing. They’re empowering and good for your brain, and they deliver the kind of deep satisfaction that can be found only following a flood of feel-good hormones—with or without a partner. That's where Tracy's Dog comes in as your ultimate source of sexual satisfaction.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at Tracy’s Dog Amazon reviews to see how satisfied customers are.

We know that quality goods are hard to come by in this day and age. It is important to know every detail of a product before you make the finalized purchase online. This holds true for adult toys too! It can be frustrating to buy a vibrator online. It's understandable that people feel overwhelmed when there are so many options to choose from these days. And a great way to discover good toys is to read customer reviews.

That’s why we’re confident that you’ll love our line of adult toys and products! We make it our mission to satisfy every single one of our customers through exceptional customer service.

Everything about Tracy's Dog 

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At Tracy's Dog, we specialize in adult toys that can enhance our customers' sex life. Sexual expression should be a right for all individuals. In addition to providing high-quality toys and great customer service, we strive to build up a Tracy's Dog community that values all people no matter their age, gender, sexuality, etc.

Our employees are dedicated to providing loyal, intimate attention to our customers. Our products are designed for people from all walks of life. All people should be treated equally when it comes to sexual freedom and pleasure. Furthermore, we work closely with sex therapists and sexologists as well as taking feedback from you into account when we make our products. It is our goal to continuously improve ourselves and our services for your pleasure.

Tracy's Dog knows that intimacy and pleasure go hand in hand. We’ve pleased over a million customers worldwide and continue to bring pleasure to the world, one satisfied customer at a time. This article will share some of the wildest, most fascinating, and funniest stories and reviews from our satisfied customers to prove that we mean business.

What to Look For in Vibrator Reviews

Orgasms are great. Sexual pleasure is a major stress reliever, no matter who you are. Whether you're alone or with a partner, masturbation can be a blissful, exciting experience. That’s why we make it our mission to make your private sessions as enjoyable as possible!

In the midst of a pandemic, we’ll take as many bliss-filled moments as we can get. Plus, masturbation could actually help slow the spread of COVID-19, per the NYC Health Department. In times like this, it’s no wonder the internet is perpetually in search of the best vibrator.

We are aware that today, everything can be found online. Whether it is good or bad, a product or a service, most things are just a couple of clicks away. However, it is important to make sure that whatever you purchase online is of high quality. Perhaps you are wondering how you can determine if a product you buy online is worth getting.

The best solution for getting out the good from the bad is by doing a little bit of extra research. Reading the experiences and first impressions of other customers who bought a product (let’s say, a vibrator) before you can be a great start. You can learn a lot from their comments and reviews, so make sure you check them out. You might enjoy reading them too!

Reading reviews before finalizing a purchase is especially important when it comes to getting vibrators. It is critical that you are 100% certain the product has been carefully crafted and that you can trust it.

Each and every Adult Toy we provide at Tracy's Dog is designed to be enjoyable and dependable. Our customers love them. That’s why Tracy’s Dog Amazon reviews are so hilarious and honest. Some of the reviews for our products even went viral!

Below, we’ve listed some of the funniest, most popular, and honest customer reviews of our products. See what people who have tried our toys think of them. You might be pleasantly surprised *wink, wink*.

Tracy's Dog Hard Not to Laugh Reviews

For some people, buying a vibrator is a very personal experience. However, some vibrators are so amazing and life-changing that you feel you need to leave a review in order for the world to know about it. Well, maybe not you, but a lot of other people feel compelled to do so.

It's hard not to want to buy Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator after reading the Amazon reviews. There are over 6,400 reviews of the best-selling vibrator on Amazon, which features 10 suction and vibration patterns. The adult toy is under $50, as well. You can never go wrong with a vibrator-or at least appreciate the hilarity of those who own them. Here are some of our favorites—a few reminders: hydrate and stretch.

A reviewer with the username: Cloud D gave this feedback about Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator:

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"This is a weapon. It cured my depression, I don't go to therapy anymore." She continues on by describing her experiences - in full detail, "I was walking from side to side after I finished using this thing, you'll feel like you just had your best dick appointment ever"... "Best believe you will never see me frown ever again. My life has completely changed." She finishes her detailed review by wishing the readers to "Have a blessed day". So wholesome, yet so honest!

Another user starts of her review by exclaiming that she "Died and never leaving her house again." She was so impressed that she went on by saying that Tracy's Dog vibrator was one of the greats! "By far the best sex toy I've ever used and I've used a LOT of sex toys. I'd pay $300 for this. Easy. Mind blowing doesn't begin to touch it."

It's as if the vibrator spoke to her in a profound way, she continued - "They didn't ask me to review the product. I mean, I don't know if they did. I got it out of the box an hour ago and now I'm just laying here like a crazy person who doesn't want to tell all her Facebook friends about this CREATION but I need you all to know. LADIES! DEAR GOD BUY THIS AND YOU'RE WELCOME."

All the praise comes with a warning, though! "Warning: start slow. I'm not kidding. I'm not over sensitive at all and level 4 can be too much. Whatever, you know what? Do what you want. You'll figure it out when you start to hear colors."

Here are some more funny Amazon reviews by our satisfied customers, enjoy!

tracy's dog review amazon funny

"This was the best $50 I have ever spent in my life! Every single person over 18 with a vagina needs one of these. I have been having issues lately with my "drive" because of my birth control, and after seeing a post about this beautiful little piece of equipment on Facebook, I said screw it. It came in 4 days! Let's just say I'm not having any more issues and I keep it plugged in more than my phone."

"I'm going to use a phrase that depicts this product from a little movie called Wayne's world.... "I'm not worthy".. After reading the reviews I went into it prepared... well so I thought.. I started the suction on low, vibration on low.. I was not prepared for when I ever so slightly moved my hips and came instantly.. I am mortal and Tracey's dog put me in my place.. The fact that it has a $50 price tag, it sound too good too be true and it was beyond my expectations.. The only downside I can foresee is that I won't be able to use and have my bf inside me at the same time.. Have fun ladies"

Tracy's Dog Amazon Reviews that Went Crazy Viral

Even though, Tracy’s Dog has a wide range of vibrators, one managed to reach the top of the list. After sharing her Amazon review to Twitter, a woman's review of a vibrator she purchased incited thousands of social media users to purchase the product. An Amazon user shared a five-star review for Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator. The device retails on Amazon for $52.99. She said that she got more than she expected out of the product. 'I'm pretty sure i levitated. It was an unending orgasm,' she said.

Tracy's Dog Amazon Review: wow just wow

An anonymous Amazon review of a vibrator appeared in April of 2019 of a . Reviewer Ifyougiveagirlacookie wasn't prepared for the Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, which promises "revolutionary" suction technology, multiple vibration patterns, and a "slightly phallic tip." At under $50, it was a bargain with some big promises.

She wrote that, after reading reviews, she had high expectations, but since it was under 50 dollars, she wasn't going to be surprised if it was mediocre. Then she explained how she learned about the device: "I heard about it from a few friends who recently purchased it and told me about its power. I was warned to take the day off, hydrate, and above all do some stretches. I thought they were being such drama queens.”

tracy's dog amazon review wow just wow

The little purple vibrator arrived two days after she ordered it. Upon opening the very discreet box, she read the instructions that indicated a 2.5-hour charge time. "Not too bad, I plug this li’l bad boy in. While the kids are at school waiting for it to charge, killing time reading some erotica my friend and fellow queenie recommended because I don’t have time to screw around waiting to get into ‘the mood,’” wrote the reviewer. Seeing as she was in a rush to pick up her kids, she quickly plugged the toy in to charge to get it ready for a 'quickie'. "Tik tok b!tch, tik tok. Welcome to motherhood.”

tracy's dog amazon review wow just wow

In anticipation of the best vibrator on Amazon, she checked its pink light every ten minutes “like a crackhead waiting for his dealer.” “After only and hour and a half [of charging], solid pink light. Game on.”

Next, what happened was: “I played with the settings on my hand to test this fine machinery out. The vibration for the G-spot part is quite strong. I was impressed with that even before use,” she writes. “Next was suction. So many levels; it was interesting to see the different patterns and strength. There are 10 levels for clitoral and 10 patterns for G-spot. I’ve never used a clit suction type stimulator, so I have nothing to compare it to, but looked forward to it nonetheless. Time to solo party.

“I found placement for the clit a bit low for my body shape; it took me a few min to get everything where it needed to be. That was a bit time consuming and slightly frustrating."

tracy's dog amazon review wow just wow

Our reviewer was curious to see the full potential of the vibrator. "I started the clit one on low, which I barely even felt. Unbeknownst to me it wasn’t lined up 100 percent. So, me being me, I decide to go from zero to 60 in 3.5. I hit the suction button setting to level 5 or 6 and hit the G-spot button as well. And made a minor adjustment on suction placement."

Oh and did she find it out! “At least I think that’s what happened, because I’m pretty sure I blacked out."

tracy's dog amazon review wow just wow

“My legs went straight out like those goats who faint when scared. “I never came so fast and so hard in my life. I squirted, I have NEVER DONE THAT. (Luckily I put a towel down ’cause I hate wet spots.) “I frantically tried to turn it off, but ended up hitting the buttons like a maniac, sending to even stronger suction and now variant pulses from the G-spot vibrator. And came again. I’m pretty sure I levitated. It was an unending orgasm. This time my soul left me, and God himself said: ‘Child, it is not your time, go back to the li’l pink light.’ (Mind you, I’m agnostic.) I’m brought back into my earthly body after managing to pull it off me throwing it across my bed, it falls to the floor, still buzzing happily away."

“I shook for a good 5 minutes, I couldn’t get up off the bed if even wanted to. I stared at my ceiling dazed trying to remember who I am and what year is this. I get up to clean up and realize in my seizure-like orgasms, I hurt my hip and back. I’m still hobbling 4 hours later. I did not stretch enough"

tracy's dog amazon review wow just wow

"So in conclusion, this met and exceeded expectations. Hydrate, make sure you don’t have to do anything that involves decisions or brainpower for the rest of the day. And for the love of God, stretch like you are about to run the 500-meter dash.”

The vibrator went viral after the glowing review was posted on Twitter. Device briefly sold out on Amazon after the screenshot was posted.

Tracy’s Dog "Keep It Honest" Amazon Reviews

tracy's dog amazon review honest

The Amazon listing for Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator has disappeared due to extremely high demand. The toy was nowhere to be found, and many customers turned to Tracy's Dog's Instagram account to request updates. The brand has finally answered their prayers by bringing back the suction toy, and it's better than ever.

For its latest release, the popular toy received an upgrade. There are still suction settings for the clitoris and internal vibration settings for the G-spot, but with this new device, you can also explore different settings with the touch of a button - without any interruptions. Switch between internal stimulation and dual stimulation for increased intensity. Reviewers say you won't really need it, but you'll get up to 50 minutes of playtime on a single charge.

A user says his wife orgasmed within 30 seconds of playing with the toy. Taking it at a slower pace is also an option. Another shopper says it only takes them until the third setting (there are 10) before they reach an orgasm. (This is a win since it's proven that having an orgasm is good for you.)

The return of the toy has one downside: Since an upgraded product must have a new listing, all the product reviews from its original product page are gone forever. The waterproof toy has struggled to regain much of its traction, despite Amazon shoppers helping it regain some viral popularity. Fortunately, there's one user ready to sum it all up when it comes to the new and improved vibrator. "Holy crap. It makes my toes curl and my heart beat faster," They wrote. "I'm very pleased." Well, what more can you ask for?

Tracy's Dog vibrators aren't the only toys that are getting some well deserved love by our community. We believe that adult toys should be enjoyed by all genders! Just check out one of the thousand raving reviews for Tracy's Dog Male Masturbators Cup.

"It looks so realistic and just like it was described and shown, I love all the textures inside!!At the same time use with lubricants, makes it feel more like the real thing. The toy is very easy to clean out because the bottom of the toy has a hole where you can easily run water through the top and rinse out anything else that may be in there."

Tracy’s Dog Reviews from Other Planforms (Going Crazy Online)

While Amazon shoppers have helped the waterproof toy regain some traction, it still lacks the thousands of raving reviews it received with its predecessor. Fortunately, our customers who’ve purchased our vibrator products from other websites had this to say!

One woman stated on her blog that “Tracy’s Dog has done it again. By that, I mean they’ve spoiled my vagina with the OG Vibrator that took care of all my sweet spots at exactly the right moments.” The experienced reviewer has been thoroughly impressed by the possibilities that the new toy offers “Now, I’ve had my share of having silicone-sucking sex toys between my thighs, and really, the competition is getting steep with this new battery-operated-boyfriend.”

Another satisfied customer had raving reviews due to the ‘orgasmic’ nature of Tracy’s Dog vibrator. “Sure, a vibrator is great but have you ever inserted a vibe into your honey pot, and had the other end of the magic wand simulate oral sex? If you haven’t, I demand you try the Tracy’s Dog OG as soon as orgasmically possibly because once you do, all your other toys won’t even be able to touch the pleasure you are about to experience.”

Tracy's Dog Funny Reviews, Sorry... Funnier

But wait, there’s more! The Tracy's Dog vibrator has become more and more popular since the posting of the viral Amazon review came out. The Amazon review section of our products has exploded with chatter as a result. Many more hilarious tweets and reviews have been posted too!

“I finally got a chance to use this bad boy and I am in love! It's so soft but oh so powerful! She hits all the Riiiggghhht spots! Seriously, if I could give it 6 stars, I would! She is so much fun to use with my hubby! I enjoyed using her alone but then I used her in combination with Tacy's Dog's Pink Dolphamine Clitoral Sucking Vibrator. Each one by themselves is oh so fun but put these two bad boys together?! Mind blowing! Let me tell you; you need them both in your lives! I am quite stubborn so imagine my husband's delight when I was there in under 90 seconds! These are my new go-to favorites!”

“My wife has used several different vibrators throughout the years, achieving countless orgasms with them, but this one immediately eclipsed all the others. Despite being in her early 50s, she lubricates quickly and profusely with the help of this apparatus and her orgasms are among the most intense she has ever experienced. While marketed as a g-spot vibrator, she prefers to use it to stimulate her clit to achieve orgasm. The angle of the vibrator’s shaft is perfect for her to use in any position, leaving me free to aid with kisses all over her beautiful body - mouth, stomach, legs and, of course, her sensitive kitty. Needless to say, kitty purrs contentedly. While my wife has yet to have a g-spot orgasm, inserting this vibrator is very smooth and pleasurable for her. As she likes to say, this one is rated #satisfied.”

Wrap Up!

There you have it folks. With thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, Tracy’s Dog products are beginning to revolutionize the adult toy industry.

We make our toys with love and care, specifically designed for your pleasure. Visit our website for a wide assortment of products that are guaranteed to ease your stress. We’re the best choice for your pleasure - just look at all of the “enlightening” Amazon reviews!