“What’s up, Brooklyn? How y’all feeling?” Says Deon Cole and the New York crowd goes wild! This was the start of Deon Cole’s new comedy special “Charleen’s Boy” where each new joke seemingly got crazier and funnier. 

Deon Cole’s new stand-up comedy special is as new as it is old school. As he delved into his routine, the stand-up comedian did what he does best, make people laugh.

After saying hello to the people in attendance, the comedian begins by explaining his sex life to the audience. “I’ma tell you this much, though. These young women have been on my ass lately,” says Cole, who is now faced with the trials and tribulations of dating as a middle-aged man.

Deon Cole can't keep up with the seemingly endless advances in technology, even in the bedroom! I'm sure you're wondering what exactly about sex is so new and advanced for our comedian. That's right, it's the new sex toys - especially those made by Tracy's Dog!

“There’s some new shit out there right now called, Tracy’s Dog” says Deon and the crowd (especially the women of the audience) start cheering excitedly. This stand up show is going to be a hilariously dirty little ride!

In this article, we’ll be exploring Deon Cole’s new comedy special “Charleen’s Boy” and his newfound relationship with Tracy’s Dog sex toys. Read on to find out more!

Who Is Deon Cole?

Deon Cole
A comedian, actor, and screenwriter, Deon Cole has been doing stand-up comedy for over fifteen years. You might also recognize him from his appearances on Black-ish and Grown-ish, as well as his roles in films like Barbershop and The Harder They Fall. His new stand-up special, Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy, features him once again.

One thing that makes Cole stand out as a comedian is his delivery. In his voice, he has this firm tone that makes you know that while he tells a joke, he is also being serious. As an example, he did a bit about wasting time, which was really funny, but the way he said it made you know that if someone really wasted his time, he'd make sure they knew it.

In addition to reaching 50, Cole has reached a pivotal moment in his life. This milestone does prompt a variety of routines about his life, including lurid descriptions of what it means to be a gentleman these days and sex in middle age.

Why the Name of "Charleen's Boy"?

This hour opens with footage of Deon Cole out at a restaurant with his mother, Charleen. While she asks him about what’s next for him and Netflix, he mostly just nods and smirks while giving side-eye to his camera phone. Will Deon’s new hour be an extension of his Cole Blooded Seminar, his mom wonders? No. Not at all. In fact, nothing will unfold the way she expects, Deon says at the end we should readjust our expectations.

As the episode opens, Deon Cole sits out at a restaurant with his mother, Charleen. Deon mostly nods and smirks while giving the ‘side-eye’ to the camera as Charleen asks him how things are going with him and Netflix. 

Despite what his mom thinks, Deon's new hour is not an extension of his Cole Blooded Seminar. In fact, nothing will unfold as she expected. Deon advises us to adjust our expectations at the end.

Deon Cole uses the footage as a tribute and letter of love to Charleen, showing a glimpse into their close relationship.

Charleen’s Boy is Dedicated to Deon’s Mother

Unfortunately, Deon Cole’s mother had passed away before the stand-up comedy special aired. His mother played a huge role in shaping who he is today.

In the pandemic years, his aunt, two uncles, and mother all died, leaving him almost entirely without a family. He also did not have a father as a child. This special was filmed on the first anniversary of Charleen's death, which is why it is titled after her, as a tribute to her memory. "That shit devastated me, and I've been f—ed up ever since," says Deon during his 1-hour special.

Despite the hardship the pandemic has caused for everyone, Cole is aware that most people his age (50 and over) have also felt the same way he has because they have lost parents or loved ones. So he implores us to be kind to one another. Because he knows what all of us know in the end: time is a precious resource and it is important not to waste it. This is a notion he mentioned earlier in the hour.

Deon is more open with the audience now than he was in his first specials, where he only hinted at his life outside of comedy. "We gotta put away everything that’s bothering us in order to come make y’all happy and we not complaining. It’s part of the job. A boxer get hit, so that’s just the job and shit.. It's part of the job. But you never understand what the comic is going through." 

Why Is Deon Cole’s Stand Up So Trendy?

Deon Cole Tracy's Dog “Don’t get in your emotions, this is still jokes. Stay with me, motherfucker.” 

It's great to see all the new comedians we love, but sometimes it's just as fun to see the old-school comedians like Cole crack some jokes too. He gets on stage, tells his jokes without making any political statements or preaching, and knocks it out of the park with each punchline. This special can make you fall in love with stand-up all over again and seems almost timeless. There is no reason why it won't be funny in 50 years.

In addition to Deon’s comedic chops, the special has gone viral on different social media platforms. It can be fully viewed on Netflix, but snippets of his comedy are also available on different social media platforms.

A lot of his talking points from the special have now been posted on TikTok and are being seen by countless fans and newcomers alike. For example, his newfound appreciation for Tracy’s Dog sex toys is a hilarious take on modern vibrators and how it’s helping him navigate through middle-aged sex life.

Deon Cole’s Comedy is For Everyone

Cole seems to have fallen into the same mold as other Gen X men in comedy in his first Netflix hour by complaining about what comedians are entitled to and are prohibited from saying on stage, despite being well paid for that complaints. He has a different level of humor now and he is more original than ever before.

As Cole acknowledges there are still people in his generation who are sadly not living their true lives because homophobia ran so rampant, he praises the younger generations for standing up for civil rights. Cole asks Gen Z for a compromise, asking, “Be patient with us being patient with you, alright?” 

Deon's ability to bring people together through poignant objectivity is also worth mentioning. Due to his age, he has a hard time adjusting to new ways of socializing and meeting younger women. It’s something he makes fun of.

“They’re always asking me for my Instagram instead of my phone number and shit. Yeah, that’s young bitch game.”

Deon’s Opinion on Sex Toys

Deon Cole Tracy's Dog Special
“ Upgrade your sex toys, goddamn it! Some of your sex toys are older than your kids.”

Cole can be serious sometimes, but he can also make you laugh with his facial and body expressions. It's like he enchants you with his straight-faced jokes, then unleashes the extra stuff that leaves you speechless and laughing hysterically. 

Cole’s jokes cover everything from sex toys (you googled Tracy's dog, right?) to having sex as you grow older to not wanting to cuddle. The best part of comedy is when comedians make fun of people, even if it is raunchy. When a joke hits, you get those people who think, “That’s not me,” but Cole quickly assures everyone, “That’s you.”

In fact, Deon is fascinated by new sex toys and how they helped him ease into having sex as a middle-aged man. “Got that same rabbit tonguewand… bullet… It ain’t even a bullet no more. It’s a slingshot. Upgrade your shit.” 

He goes on by adding that he isn’t as physically fit as he was back in the day and sex toys are helping him out in a major way. Sometimes it’s best to introduce a toy into the bedroom to keep the relationship thriving. “Men change too. The older we get, now, we can’t fuck the same. Shit, sometimes, we don’t even be thinking about fucking like that, though.” 

Tracy's Dog Deon Cole Assessment

Deon Cole’s 1-hour stand-up special was full of memorable moments. He joked about his sex life, old age, strange habits that people have, but our personal favorite was when he started talking about Tracy’s Dog sex toys.

“Tracy’s Dog, this motherfucker is serious, you hear me?” Deon tells the crowd while laughing himself to tears along with the cheering crowd. 

He then proceeds to tell a story of how his family members view the sexy Tracy’s Dog toys. Spoiler alert - she loves it! “Our little testimonial holler is right there. My son’s mother, she said, “I can’t keep that motherfucker in the house because I ain’t getting any shit done with it in there, alright? Can’t get shit done with that motherfucker in there.”

Crowds start laughing in a whole new way after Deon goes in on Tracy’s Dog. Who knew that he could be such a good spokesperson for sex toys? 

“This motherfucker is 50 fucking dollars, you hear me?” And this is like this U-shaped device, right? This part goes in, it’s vibrating and it curves around to the top. And on top, there’s this sucking mechanism that goes right on the clit. All it does is just sucks” Deon explains as he makes audible hissing noises, describing the Tracy’s Dog vibrator.

Deon Cole's Impression of Tracy's Dog?

Tracy's Dog and Deon Cole
Truly, Deon has been impressed by what Tracy’s Dog has to offer. “Ten speeds of sucking on this motherfucker. This bitch will collapse your forehead, I promise you.”

Continuing on, Deon speaks to the women in the audience about how they wouldn't regret searching Google for this product. In order not to forget what it's called, he repeats Tracy's Dog six times in rapid, frantic succession. It seems that most of them understood Deon's point!

Deon concludes the joke by saying women will secretly be trying to get Tracy's Dog toys even if they don't show interest in them. “You out there with your man. Your man’s like, “You don’t need that shit.” “You’re right, Daddy.” “Tracy’s Dog, Tracy’s Dog, Tracy’s Dog…”

Why Tracy’s Dog?

Deon Cole has been popular with women for quite some time. So if he says a sex toy is legit, especially in one of his stand-up specials, then you know he means it. That’s exactly the type of quality and care Tracy’s Dog puts into their sex products - they leave everyone satisfied. 

Founded with the purpose of empowering self-love and sexual expression, Tracy's Dog makes mind-blowing sex toys that obey your instructions. Tracy's Dog loves everyone, regardless of their age, gender, or sexuality.

It's true that Tracy's Dog is known for the original Sucking Vibrator, but that's just the tip. As Deon points out, the sex toy shop offers a variety of fun products designed to give maximum pleasure. In order to meet evolving needs, their catalog is constantly updating to suit the desires of customers.

Why the name ‘Tracy’s Dog’ though? Well the company has a mission of becoming your faithful and loyal companion for your personal pleasures. If a dog is a person's best friend, Tracy's Dog leads the pack. Their innovative collection invites adults to discover higher levels of bliss with robust features and responsive interfaces.

Wrap Up!

Ultimately, Deon Cole: Charleen's Boy is the kind of special that you can watch without any reservations and just enjoy the hour in advance. His jokes are accessible to people of all ages, but it still feels like it would be most relatable to the over-30 crowd who has gone through some difficult times in their lives. It is raunchy, funny, and downright crazy, but it’s also very relatable. A fun show to watch, for sure.

As a matter of fact, Deons Tracy’s Dog jokes have already become legendary on their own, exploding on TikTok and other social media platforms. Who knows, maybe there's some truth behind Deon's jokes? Tracy's Dog seemed to be well known to many people in the crowd.