What do you think of when it comes to sex toys, do you think it is kinky or dirty? What is your reaction when a good friend tells you that she uses a sex toy to give herself pleasure? What is your opinion about using sex toys when having sex with a partner? Sex toys remain taboo in our society, and for a long time, people feel embarrassed to talk about it and resistant to use them. Thankfully, in the past few decades, we start to experience more openness and acceptance towards them. Led by mainly western countries, sex toys have become an essential tool in the bedroom. 

Today, I am going to share with you the benefits of using sex toys as a woman. 

Better orgasm and more orgasm

Research has shown one out of six women don't have an orgasm before 28, and many are not sure if they ever had an orgasm. Many women have difficulty experiencing orgasm during intercourse, and some women choose to fake orgasm to please their partner. The benefits of having an orgasm lie not just in the pleasure itself. According to studies, orgasm helps you fall asleep much easier and reduces your stress by naturally neutralizing your stress hormones. A sex toy such as a vibrator can stimulate many inaccessible areas inside your vagina and simultaneously massage your clitoris, resulting in mind-blowing pleasure and intense orgasms. Using a vibrator alone also creates a perfect environment, enabling you to concentrate on yourself without external distraction and pressure.

Sexuality expression

Sex is essential to our personal well-being. Instead of being ashamed of sexuality, we should embrace it because of its beauty and its unknown. Female sexuality is a very complicated subject, far more than male sexuality. Women can have multiple orgasms from different parts of the body. For a long time, female sexuality remains a mystery, and scientific studies are limited. That is why it is completely normal if you don't know your body. We should be patient with ourselves and give ourselves time to explore, listen, and learn about our bodies. The existence of sex toys creates an excellent opportunity to learn about yourself, discover your hot spots, and what you like in the bedroom. As a result, you'll widen the range of sensations you experience, find new and exciting pleasure points. When you find yourself with a partner next time, you will be more ready to tell then what you want with confidence. If you don't know your own body, how can you begin to tell someone else what you like or dislike? How can you have better sex without knowing yourselves?

Sex toys can lead to better sex with a partner

Many people are concerned that using sex toys during intercourse is insulting to your partner. The belief that "using a sex toy means your partner isn't a good enough lover is one of the most common misconceptions people have about sex toys," says licensed marriage and family  therapist, and resident relationship and sex expert at AdamandEve.com, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D. The truth is that not only sex toys are no threat to a good relationship; it also enhances your relationship through better intimacy. Psychology Today notes that couples who can explore new ways of intimacy (including trying out sex toys) tend to better maintain passion, desire, and relationship satisfaction than couples who don't. 

Another fear among couples is that another partner's use of a sex toy will replace them. Sex toys do not replace a partner, period. Sex toys can't provide you a passionate kiss, a warm hug, or romantic foreplay. In a relationship, we look for a special connection with another person. We seek affection, attention, and good rapport. We need someone to cheer us up when we have a bad day; we need an intellectual conversation with someone to feel energized; We need good company to do things together. A sex toy can't provide or replace any of those.

Therefore, no matter if you are single or in a relationship, there is something that sex toys can offer. The good news is you no longer have to put yourself in that situation if you are uncomfortable walking into a sex shop in a doggy neighborhood. All you have to do is order it online. You can also take your time to research and compare prices and features before deciding which one suits you the best.

Covid-19 impact on the sex toy market

Since the breakout of Covid 19, more people have been willing to explore sex toys. Among those people, many are first-time users. The online retail market for sex toys has spiked worldwide as more people remain isolated at home and refrain from touching new people. People are open about trying out sex toys at home because it reduces the risks of getting both STDs and Covid-19. This explains why even countries with a more conservative sex attitude, such as China, have started to experience a surge in sex toy sales. Not surprisingly, its customers are mainly females and millennial. Unfortunately, physical stores suffered a significant drop in sales because people used to buy sex toys from the shop now all turned to online shopping. 

If you struggle with orgasm or have never had one; if you are curious about what a sex toy does to you but don't know where to start, or if you want to spice up sex with your partner and add some novelty to the bedroom, I would encourage you to try it. The minimal investment to start would be to buy a vibrator and a bottle of lubricant. From there, you can decide what is next.