Sex is a constant in every person's life, both a necessity and a pleasure, which is why sexual compatibility is essential in relationships, even if we think sometimes it can be overlooked.

People differ greatly from one another. We like and dislike different things, and this is also true when we get between the sheets. It's difficult to tell what a person likes and dislikes just by looking at them.

You can't simply take a glance at someone's clothes and the way they wear their hair, and tell what kinks they have. But if you look at their zodiac sign, you might learn more about the things that make them happy and light up their heels.

Of course, it is not necessary to put your trust in horoscopes, and it is perfectly natural for some people not to. Although you may be a person who values logic above emotion, it wouldn't hurt to at least check your zodiac sign to see what it has to say about your sexual preferences. You might find some of them that you haven't even known about yet, which might significantly improve your sex life.

Aries: A Zodiac Sign Full of Spontaneity

Because Aries is a sign that values spontaneity above all else, their actions in the bedroom are driven by their need to try new things, explore, and find new pleasures.

Although Aries does not have a particular kink, it appears like the entire sexual universe is condensed into one zodiac sign. If this astrological sign rules your significant other, suggest fulfilling a long-held fantasy since they will be more than happy to do so.

Taurus: The King of Foreplay

Taurus The King of Foreplay

In a world where everyone is in a hurry, the Taurus will always give time for foreplay. As a Venus-ruled sign, Taurus will always be drawn to beauty. In other words, anything that involves touching, kissing, attention, or words full of desire will draw a Taurus straight into bed and let them put aside any inhibitions.

Sex toys are also the ideal choice for a Taurus since it is a sign that desires adoration and constant attention. Use a clit sucking vibrator with a gorgeous appearance that is also discreet, like P. Cat, if you are a Taurus or if this sign rules your spouse. 

Gemini: A Dirty Talk Genius

Given their natural curiosity, conversational nature, and willingness to try new things, Gemini is likely to be open to new challenges in the bedroom, even though they may first ask a lot of questions.

The Gemini will always be ready for some dirty talk, though, and will even take this kink to the level of art knowing that they are a sign that values communication.

Cancer: When Nipple Stimulation Changes the Rules

When people under the Cancer sign recognise they have been exposed, they feel vulnerable and tend to retire into their own space. Yet, two erogenous zones can transform the scenario when it comes to sex.

If you focus on stimulating the nipples and the abdominal region, the Cancer will fade. And therefore, the answer lies in sex toys with many vibrational modes, like clit sucking vibrators, which are also easily adaptable to other forms of stimulation.

Leo: The Go-To for Handcuffs Fun

Leo The Go-To for Handcuffs Fun

Leo is a zodiac sign that values romance and likes every sexual experience to be theatrical, filled with fantasies, and driven by the need to feel powerful.

As a result, for Leo, foreplay accessories like fluffy pink handcuffs, scented candles, petals, and sex toys that can help create unforgettable moments are what make sex a truly meaningful experience.

Virgo: The Answer is BDSM 

Virgo The Answer is BDSM

Although it appears that Virgo is a zodiac sign that transmits purity with every breath and appears to be anti-kink, in reality, Virgo will always say yes when it comes to BDSM practices.

The ropes must not be missing from the bedroom for those moments when the intensity reaches new heights. It goes without saying that they will always be willing to attend Shibari classes.

Libra: A Mix of Sex Toys and BDSM

Libra is naturally drawn to sensory experiences. They will always say yes to sex toys and will be willing to try any BDSM practice that appears to be strongly linked to powerful emotions. Libra is open to trying anything, from spanking to handcuffs.

Furthermore, as a generally laid-back person, experiences in the bedroom are always full of surprises and new experiences, opening the door to unexpected pleasures.

Scorpio: The Powerplay Area

Scorpio is all about powerplay, roleplay, and everything related to dominance and submissiveness, so BDSM could be a fantastic choice in this case as well.

Scorpio is the type of zodiac sign that is willing to experience a little pain before undergoing a lot of pleasure, so hot wax is something that they might always say a clear YES to. The same is true for other experiences, less popular, such as clit punishment

Sagittarius: Outdoor Sex Lover

Sagittarius is a sign willing to try almost anything, and most of the time, they will reach for that sex toy that gives them double stimulation, like OG Pro 2, to feel their entire body melting.

However, beyond any experience, Sagittarius is the type of person who enjoys traveling, discovering new places and being outside, so outdoor sex is always a go-to option for them.

Capricorn: The Foot Fetish Hero

Capricorns enjoy having their thoughts read. They are not the type to keep their sexual desires hidden, they would rather their partner be well aware of how to enhance their pleasure in the bedroom.

So, if you're in a relationship with a Capricorn, pay attention to the feet, because a foot fetish is something that will make their imagination run wild and their body trembles with pleasure.

Aquarius: A Group Sex Fan

Aquarius A Group Sex Fan

Aquarius enjoys being surrounded by people, so being attracted to sex with more people is natural for them. In general, Aquarius' fantasies revolve around group sex and orgies.

When Aquarius wants to change the rhetoric of the day and bring more pleasure into their lives, group sex is always an option.

Pisces: The Submissive Spouse

Even though Pisces are generally the ones in charge in real life, things change in the bedroom, at least when it comes to their fantasies.

In contrast to reality, Pisces prefers to be submissive, to be told what to do, and to be pushed into new sexual positions.

Wrapping Up!

People are different, and most of the time, their kinks are very distinctive from how they are in real life. That’s because we all seek to break away from the ordinary and try things that we wouldn’t normally try.

This is also true when we look at the zodiac signs, as they are symbolic of the people we interact with in our everyday lives.