OG PRO2, The New Generation Of 2-in1 Clit Sucker Vibrator

The real gamechanger, combining the flexibility of the rabbit toy with suction stimulators, OG PRO2 is powerful 2-in1 sucking toy stimulating your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously ! If it was necessary to retain only one, it would be perhaps that one, with its 10 mode of vibration in the handle and its 10 mode of unique suction.

OG PRO2 will help you to hit a mind-blowing orgasm faster than ever ! Think to be soft with a body-safe silicon, this sextoy is totally waterproof and comes with a small remote control to play alone or in couple.

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Mr. Duckie, The Cute And Portable Clitoral Sucker

Called the little orgasm machine, this cute toy is a clit sucker toy using the airpleasure, an ingenious system of micro-aspirations that stimulates the clitoris, niple and more... Do not underestimate its small size.

Mr. Duckie is very well equipped with its 7 sussion intensities mode for various pleasures. This small sucker sextoy is the perfect companion to bring with you anywhere you want, of course he can swim !

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Hercules, The Super Swinging Dildo

Unavoidable, Hercules was initially created and thought to "calm those hysterics people", its size and its 10 vibrating modes and 5 thrusting & rotating modes leave no one indifferent! Both rigid and flexible, hercules can be controlled remotely with its small remote control!

Heat up Hercule Dildo with its heating core and constant temperature control for an even more realistic and hot sensation! Not to be placed in every hand.

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Craybit Rabbit Vibrator, Unavoidable 2-in1 Vibrator

We do not present it anymore, popularized by "Sex And The City" TV show, Craybit Rabbit is a 2-in-1 sex toy offering multite stimulation. With a handle dedicated to penetration pleasure, and are small rabbit with ars that come to place on the vulva and stimulate the glans of the clitoris for 2 times more pleasure!

Craybit Rabbit have 15 different patterns and speed more, along with the bunny stimulator, totaly waterproof and is made of body-safe silicon and exquisite materials, allowing you to enjoy yourself anywhere you want!

Turboo, Automatic Masturbation Cup

The spacex of the mastubator cup, Turboo from Tracy's Dog has the intention to send every men to Mars ! With its new innovative technology CFEET (Centrifugal Forced Ejaculation Enhancement), the Turboo come with 3 powerful vibration that can go up to just 13000 rounds/min that delivers a unique and intense orgarsm that you never imagined before... 

Elon Musk just behave yourself, because Turboo is here to change the life of every men.

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Shrooms, The 3 Butts Plugs Vibrators

Dedicated to anal pleasure (and not only for women), Shrooms is a set of 3 vibrating anal plugs of different size for unique sensations adapted to all the public.

Totally controllable with their remote control, the 9 modes of vibration will not leave your anus indifferent, of course you can put Shroooms where you wish, free to your imagination.

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