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Traditionally, sex toys are not created with sexual wellness in mind but rather to back some unreachable ideals from adult movies for both men and women. Hence, adding a toy to your bedroom feels very intimidating for most people. We want to change that. And that's why one of our main guiding principles at Tracy's Dog is to keep in mind your sexual wellbeing, include various particularities of body anatomy and diverse body challenges when creating any toy.





We've seen that quite often, the Sex Ed, from school to later in life, is misdirecting the expectations girls and boys have from their own bodies and their partners. Along with making toys that will improve your sex life, we aim to educate our fan base on their bodies and what to expect when using a toy. As with anything, the more you know about it, the more confident you're around it, and the less scarer or confused you are when something different than expected happens. 





Apart from being innovative, we always keep in mind that the end goal is to help you achieve pleasure. We have enough things to worry about in our lives. Sex shouldn't be one of those things. We engineer all of our toys to help you achieve that body quivering, shaky orgasms. And like any good recipe, with well-balanced elements, we include body science on both physical and mental levels to help you reach the climax. 





Most of all, we value and set to achieve all around inclusivity in our toys' design. We make toys for both men and women, for all body sizes and all ages. For those that want to go at it alone or in a couple. As well as beginners or pros. There shouldn't be a reason to stop getting pleasure if you've reached menopause or if you're on the heavier side, equally not to shy away from using a toy if you never have done it before, or more so, if you like things on the spicier or adventurous side. We all have agency over our lives, and there shouldn't be any rules that state when and how to have sex. And most importantly, with whom. 

And our toys are here to help you with that. 






Our team includes many smart engineers, both men, and women that with the help of endless amounts of coffee, keep pushing the boundaries of innovation, while the sex therapists on our team always help to keep an eye on the wellbeing side of things. The result is that every new toy innovation is aimed to heighten your pleasure, include the latest tech developments, and use modern body-safe materials while never challenging your wellness, no matter how adventurous you want to get. 





And ultimatelywe aim to encourage a lifelong self-exploration exercise and self-love practice with our toys as tools to help you in this ultimate, lasting mission. You may stop eating meat (hey, we're not judging) and become vegan, you may change jobs, and stop being a finance gal or guy because the economics add up, and finally start writing, in a secluded cabin by the seaside, Or decide you don't want children (preferably tell them as well, so they are not surprised when you tell them to pack up and leave).

But you may never stop pursuing pleasure. 





The majority of the sex toys on the market are aimed to cater to porn fantasies while excluding those that may feel different. At Tracy's Dog, we promote and encourage you to follow your own path, whether you're hypersexual or asexual, or anything in between. 





This guiding principle pushes us to design only cool toys that you'll love. 

Think of us as your cool sex-tech savvy friend that makes your sex life better. 





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