Thanksgiving season is all about gifting your loved ones with the best gifts you can afford. For a couple in a sexual relationship, getting someone the perfect gift can be a bit challenging. One may want to surprise the other with something that will leave a permanent mark in their lives. As such, they may get the urge to give intimate gifts. Intimate gifts can go a long way to spice up a relationship and raise sexual attraction with each other.

Here is a list of intimate gifts for adventurous ones.

Vibrating Panties

Imagine using a sex toy at the office and nobody noticing. Sounds good, right? With a vibrating panty, you get to experience mind-blowing orgasms and make sex better. You get to experience pleasure from a hands-free vibrator right inside your panty. This holiday season, you can buy some vibrating panties for your loved one.

Vibrating panties are affordable, versatile and will enhance the kinky side of your relationship. There are different styles of vibrating panties; some have a pocket for a bullet vibrator, and others have vibrators to clip on your panty. They serve to enhance one's eroticism and will stimulate your sexual desires as you go on with other duties.

The panties have a remote control that one can operate on their own or give someone else to handle. They can be fun as they provide you with discreet stimulation whenever you want. Additionally, you can control it using a mobile app connected via Bluetooth.

Butt Plug

Butt plugs are anal sex toys that can enhance pleasure for both men and women. They have a broader base, which helps prevent them from being sucked in too far. Regardless of one's orientation and genitalia, everyone can use a butt plug.

Butt plugs stimulate the prostate in males and increase pressure on females' back of the vaginal wall. They add kinkiness to sex, and if you are planning on having anal sex, butt plugs can help you stretch a bit in preparation for anal preparation. Gifting someone a butt plug is suggestive and will enhance your sexual life.

Clitoral Suction

Getting your girlfriend a clitoral suction for thanksgiving can help strengthen your sexual relationship. Clitoral suctions do not work like vibrators which stimulate the surface of the clitoris. They use pulsing suction and cover the entire clitoris for an all-round stimulation. The suction gently, giving one a fantastic feeling.

The clitoral suction increases blood flow into the clitoris, heightening one's sensitivity, arousal and potential to experience an orgasm. It gives a unique sensation that makes her feel like it is oral sex. The good thing is that when in action, the power button is well easily reachable, and you can control your pleasure easily.

Bullet Vibrator

For anyone exploring the pleasures of sex toys, a bullet vibrator is a perfect addition to their collection. They are suitable for use with both newbies to the game and people who have used them for a long time. Getting one for your girlfriend as a gift can give them a good feeling.

The bullet vibrators come in different sizes, beginning from small and discreet ones. Those are perfect for someone who wants to hide them in fear of someone else noticing. Bigger ones are also available for someone who wants penetration.

Bullet vibrators are easy to use, and one can use them while alone or with a partner. They usually contain one button that powers them on and off. With some bullet vibratos, you can control the speed of the vibrations.

You can also buy a wand massager as a gift to your loved one. With its multiple functions, the wand massager can be used both as a sex toy and a massage tool to relieve pain and stress from the body. With its ability to stimulate the clitoris, the wand massager can be a good companion during sex as it will stimulate the female partner, making her have multiple orgasms.

Bondage Lingerie

Gifting your girlfriend with bondage lingerie this season can help spice up your sex life. With their unique decorative design, bondage lingerie usually reveals suggestive body parts, making her look more appealing. They make sure that she has the sexy look you desire.

With the lingerie on, it does not mean that she has to practice the art of bondage. Its sexy strappy look sets the tone for more erotic play. The lingerie is available in the colors of your choice, including red, cream and black. Its adjustable straps make sure that the one wearing is comfortable and can adjust them according to the demands.

Even so, you can also surprise your girlfriend with a sexy panty. For instance, a crotchless or backless panty can go a long way to build intimacy. It may just show her how much you need her, and once she wears those panties, you will be fully turned on.

Leather Cuffs

A leather cuff bracelet can be a good surprise gift for your intimate partner this holiday season. They can easily blend on any outfit, and they will make one have a distinctive look. A good thing about leather bracelets is that some are unisex. Buying one for your sex partner will show that you not only want sex with them, but you care about their appearance.

Moreover, you can go the extra mile and buy sex handcuffs. They will act as bondage gear in case you are into raunchy sex. You will spice up your sex life and be in control once you have the cuffs on your partner. They will give you the freedom to maneuver freely, and you can use sex toys to provide them with the pleasure they desire.


Getting the perfect intimate gift for your intimate partner can help improve intimacy. If you know your partner well, you can pick an intimate gift easily. It is also good to experiment new things together so that you can spice up your sex life even more.