When it comes to weird and wonderful vibrators, the rose sex toy seems quirky and colorful on the surface, but when you look closer, it seems not so different from other clitoral stimulators besides its shape, portability, and sucking function.

Rose Vibration Toy is a heavenly awakening for those who haven't heard of it. While the toy has been in the market for some time now, it has been receiving accolades across a variety of social media platforms in recent months. The Rose Vibrator is a clit-sucking toy that promises mind-blowing, earth-shaking, soul-splitting orgasms, and the truth is that it tends to live up to all the accolades it’s getting. One of the questions users often had was; How to use rose sex toy? We'll try to answer that below.

Rose can pass for a Bluetooth speaker, so it can be easily hidden in plain sight and used as a decorative centerpiece. Your friends will never guess that it is the most enjoyable experience you have ever had. There's finally a new toy that offers women new ways to explore their bodies, and we'll explain exactly how to use it in a few moments. This toy is unmatched when it comes to delivering consistent orgasms..

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What is a Rose Sex Toy?

How to Use the Rose Toy

You're probably familiar with the rose sex toy if you have a TikTok account. In 2022, the flower-shaped toy quickly rose to popularity thanks to dozens of reviews from delighted users who claimed it provided record-speed orgasms and the ability to squirt and experience new forms of pleasure. Are the praises deserved? Yes—but there's more you should know, according to our experts.

The rose adult toy works by suctioning on the glans head of the clitoris with the use of air pulse and pressure technology. According to users, a suction head combines sucking and vibrating functions, delivering unmatched stimulation and back-to-back orgasms. Experts recommend this rose-shaped sex toy for anyone who wants a toy that's cute, precise, and powerful.

How Does Rose Sucking Vibrator Work?                   

In contrast to other clitoral vibrators, the rose offers a sucking sensation through a spout-shaped feature at the top that wraps around your clitoris. 

A rechargeable clitoris-sucking vibrator that mimics the feeling of cunnilingus has three intensity vibration levels and ten sucking modes. The toy's internal vibrations generate rotating airflow that suckles and teases your clitoris with a click of a button. 

One of the best things about the rose adult toy is its versatility. It is common for people to just sit on the head of the clit right away instead of exploring other ways of getting pleasure. A lot of clit-sucking toys are also nipple-sucking toys. This can include erogenous zones such as your navel, thighs, anus, ears, and more, in addition to your nipples. If you are interested in these types of vibrators check out Tracy's Dog collection of Clit Sucking Vibrators

Because the rose toy is waterproof, it can be used in the bathtub, shower, and even in the pool. Additionally, the rose toy complements partnered sex, whether used dog-style or on your partner's body throughout a sexual encounter.

How to Use Rose Vibrator?

How to Use Rose Toy

The best way to use the vibrator is to apply some lube to the clitoris before using it. Place the rose toy on its side instead of centering it over it, and move the rose around until it feels comfortable. Alternate between the speeds for a varied experience, depending on the intensity of the sucking. In order to understand exactly how you should use a rose sucking vibrator, follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Prepare Yourself for The Journey

It's important to set the scene before starting so that the right atmosphere can be created. The right mindset is crucial when going for the 'Big O'. Get in the mood by playing your favorite song, taking a bath, lighting some candles, or even treating yourself to a glass of wine. Putting all jokes aside, it is important to be in the right mood before using a vibrator.

Step 2: Apply lubricant

Lubricant can smooth transitions and make you feel more comfortable. Lubrication is important during sex for several reasons. When having anal or vaginal intercourse, the area can sometimes feel very dry. Lubrication can moisten those areas, allowing the skin and tissue to stretch properly during intercourse. In addition to reducing friction and rubbing, lube allows the shaft to be pushed deeper into the cavity with less friction. It may be enjoyable for some to feel pain during sexual intercourse, but that pain should not cause long-term problems in intimate areas. Dryness causes the cavity to tear and fissure easily. Therefore it is important to use lubricant when using a rose sucking vibrator. Try out Tracy's Dog water based lubricants in order to achieve the best experience with a sext toy that you have ever had.

Step 3: Cover your Clitoris with a Rose Sucking Vibrator

You should create an airtight vacuum between the clit sucking toy and your clitoris for maximum intensity. It's not necessary to have a perfect seal in order to benefit from the suction; however, covering your clit with rose sucking vibrator can significantly increase the intensity of your orgasms.

Step 4: It’s Showtime

 Now that you're warmed up and lubricated, it's time to orgasm. Set the setting to the lowest possible level. It's common for our users to start off with high settings too quickly and don't give their clits enough time to adjust. When you're using it for the first time, the first setting is usually good enough. If you're looking for more intensity, gradually increase the vibration and suction.

Step 5: Orgasm

Now that you've used the Rose Sucking Vibrator to its full potential, you're done. It is not necessary to have direct contact with the clit when using these suction vibrators. This means you can actually have another orgasm without having to wait a while! Ultimately, it's up to you.

Other Ways to Use Rose Sucking Vibrator

How to Use Rose Vibrator

In case you still want to play with your new toy but your clit needs a break, there are a few other places you can do the Rose Vibrator.

The same way you covered your clitoris, apply some lube to your nipple. You'll feel like you've been on a dry spell for a year after having your nipples sucked. Check out our other Nipple Suckers if you're into nipple play. As well as your inner thighs, belly button, feet, and even your armpits, you can apply this to other parts of your body if that's what gets you going.

For those who want to include their partner in the fun, there are a few options:

During foreplay, let your partner use the toy on you. Before getting into sex, many of our customers prefer to have an orgasm with the Rose Toy first.

When performing penetrative sex, make use of it! Regardless of the position, your suction vibrator will always fit comfortably. Getting your body moved around a lot could be frustrating since you'd probably lose your position. If you are interested in using vibrator with a partner make sure to check out this article; How to Use a Vibrator During Sex | Beginner’s Guide.

If you want to keep your partner and best friend separate, that is absolutely okay. Once the deed is done, go to a quiet room and enjoy the Rose Vibration until you can no longer feel your legs.

Best Rose Sex Toys at Tracy’s Dog

You should consider two things when buying a rose sex toy on your own: your budget and your desire to own the highest quality vibrator. At Tracy's Dog, we offer the highest quality, high-end products for reasonable prices, and below, we will discuss a few of the rose clit vibrators that we currently have in production. Choose the rose sucking vibrator based on your needs from the list below. If you are interested in finding the best sex toy for you make sure to check out this article; How to Choose Best Sex Toy

Rosie, Portable Rose Clit Sucker

How to Use a Rose Toy

Rosie is a portable rose clit sucker designed by Tracy's Dog to provide the most realistic oral pleasure and nipple stimulation. With its tiny but powerful motor, you'll experience a mind-blowing orgasm in just a few seconds. This rose sucking vibrator is made of the highest quality, body-safe silicone that will reach your sweet spot in a matter of seconds. Enjoy Rosie with your partner or by yourself.

  • 10 different intensive modes
  • Multi stimulators (Nipple, clit, anus)
  • 100% body-safe odorless silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Super portable and cute
  • Easy to clean

Rose Clit Licking Vibrator

How to Use the Rose

Rose Clit Licking Vibrator a two-in-one rose licking vibrator with a butt plug from Tracy's Dog. Rose was designed to deliver the most realistic oral pleasure and nipple stimulation by using the tongue clit technique. With its small, rounded butt plug and 9-frequency licking and stretching vibrations, you'll be able to experience a mind-blowing orgasm in no time. Explore more related product such as: clit sucker toysthrusting anal vibrator, and licking vibrator for more electrifying sensations!

  • 9 Frequency Stretching Vibrations
  • 9 Frequency Licking Vibrations
  • Couple toy
  • 100% waterproof
  • Super portable

Wrap Up!

Rose Vibrator promises mind-blowing, earth-shaking, soul-splitting orgasms, and the truth is it lives up to all its praise. Get the best orgasm of your life by simply following the steps described in this article for using the rose sucking vibrator in the right way.

Rose can pass for a Bluetooth speaker, so it can be easily hidden in plain sight and used as a decorative centerpiece. Your friends will never guess that it is the most enjoyable experience you have ever had. There's finally a new toy that offers women new ways to explore their bodies, and we'll explain exactly how to use it in a few moments. This toy is unmatched when it comes to delivering consistent orgasms.