Rose Vibrators

Explore discreet and naughty fun with rose vibrators, featuring a unique design and soft silicone for intense pleasure on all erogenous zones.

Rose Clit Licking Vibrator

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Rose Sucking Vibrator

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Tracy’s Dog Rose Vibrators Collection

Uncover the fun with Tracy's Dog rose-shaped vibrators, where a clever rose disguise meets thrilling multi-zone pleasure! These sly little bloomers are all about targeting your hot spots, whether you're flying solo or jazzing things up with a partner. Clitoris, nipples, you name it—this collection's got your back for a wild romp that's anything but garden variety.

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Rose-Shaped Vibrators

Our selection of rose-shaped sex toys brings variety to your doorstep, with options that vibrate, suck, and some that do both, all while sporting a charming rose design. Each rose toy is tailored for dual-action fun on the clitoris or nipples, featuring soft silicone that mimics the feel of real lips. Ideal for solo sessions or enhancing playtime with a partner, these rose suction toys are ready to shake up your routine and add a dose of excitement to your intimate moments.

Top-Quality Rose Toys

Step into the future of pleasure with Tracy’s Dog rose toys, each boasting a distinct rose shape that's as functional as it is discreet. Portable and compact, they're the perfect travel buddy, ready to go wherever passion leads. Dive into your desires with confidence thanks to their water-resistant build and hygienic, high-quality silicone material. Their intuitive ease of use and flexibility mean effortless enjoyment, allowing you to bend and twist your way to ecstasy with a simple push of a button. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is a rose vibrator?

A rose vibrator, often referred to as a rose toy, is a type of sex toy designed for clitoral stimulation. It is characterized by its rose-like appearance, with a design that usually includes a "bloom" that provides suction and vibration to simulate oral sex sensations.

2 - What material is the rose toy made of?

The rose toy is typically made of silicone, which is a body-safe, non-porous, and hypoallergenic material. Silicone is soft to the touch and can be easily cleaned, making it an ideal material for sex toys.

3 - How do you use the rose toy vibrator?

To use the rose toy vibrator, charge it fully before the first use. Apply a water-based lubricant for comfort if desired. Place the blooming part of the toy over the clitoris or other sensitive areas to experience suction and vibration. Most rose toys have different modes and intensities, so you can start with a lower setting and increase the intensity according to your preference.

4 - How do you clean rose toys?

Cleaning rose toys involves using either mild soap and water or a toy cleaner. First, make sure the toy is waterproof if you intend to submerge it. Rinse the toy under warm water, apply the cleaner, and gently clean the toy's surface. Rinse it thoroughly to remove any soap residue. Allow it to air dry or use a lint-free towel before storing it.

5 - How does the rose vibrator work?

The rose vibrator works by combining suction and vibration. It creates a vacuum around the clitoris or other erogenous zones with pulsating air waves, while also providing gentle to intense vibrations. This dual action aims to mimic the sensation of oral sex and can lead to a unique and powerful form of stimulation.

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