How do you orgasm? Most of us get off from vaginal or anal stimulation. It’s the more “traditional” method to reaching climax - but it’s not the only one!  

Most of the time, we disregard any other types of sex in order to focus solely on penetration or, at best, oral sex. But sex is much more than that, and we may make it more exciting by allowing ourselves to experiment with additional erogenous zones, which can surprise us in the most wonderful ways.

Some people can have incredible full-body orgasms from nipple stimulation alone, without any attention paid to the genitals. If you haven’t given your nipples much attention, you could be one of these people and miss out on some incredible orgasms.

After all, the clit sucking vibrators available on the market can be used in so many other ways than the ones we are used to. 

What’s a Nipple Orgasm?

What’s a Nipple Orgasm

A nipple orgasm is just how it sounds; you enjoy climaxing from only nipple stimulation. In fact, those who have experienced a nipple orgasm report it feeling very similar to a clitoral-related one. Our nipples have loads of nerve endings and are one of our erogenous zones.

When your nipples are aroused, a message is sent to your genital sensory cortex. This is the same area of the brain that is activated for genital-related orgasms. Experts say that because of hormone fluctuations, your nipples become more sensitive when you have your period. This increase in sensitivity can result in more intense sensations and the nipple ‘O’.

Practice makes perfect, and you may not orgasm the first time you try. You need to learn what you like, what feels good, and what gets you close. After discovering this – do more! To help you along, we’ve put together some feel-good foreplay techniques for nipple play and expert advice that is sure to arouse. 

It’s time to change the rhetoric from all that vanilla sex and the already classical mutual masturbation, right?

How to Get Started with Nipple Play

Because of all the nerve endings, your nipples are the most sensitive part of your breast. Although the focus will be there, incorporate the breast as well. Like vaginal and clitoral stimulation, mixing it up a bit can result in a more intense orgasm. You can enjoy nipple play with a partner or by yourself, with a 2-in-1 vibrator from Tracy’s Dog sex toys sale.  

Here are a few ways to engage in nipple play:

Nipple Massage

Although the physical attention is on the nipples, you need to get in the right mindset to cum. To get there, start massaging the areas surrounding your erogenous zones – thighs, hips, neck, ears, stomach, etc. The goal is to generate anticipation and arousal. Once you’ve done that, work your way to your breasts and continue massaging. Spend some time gently massaging your breast as arousal continues to build.   

Have you ever teased yourself or been teased, when arousal and anticipation build so much you feel like you will explode? Same idea. Once you get to this point, move to your nipples. You can do this with a bullet vibrator, so the sensations felt are more intense. 

Use your fingers and lightly circle and stroke your nipples. Try pinching them. Pinching your nipple will release oxytocin, a hormone that will make you feel relaxed. Experiment with different speeds and pressure. Try using a massage oil for extra sensual feelings, or you can add water-based lube.  

Nipple Stimulation

Nipple Stimulation

When you are feeling turned on, instead of reaching down below, direct your attention to your nipples. Draw circles around them or use a feather to tickle and stimulate the nipple. Ice cubes have also been found to increase stimulation as well–you can think of this technique as being part of sensory play sex. As the suspense builds, try twisting or pinching. 

Nipple Oral

If you don’t have the toys to do the job, you can always do it the old-fashioned way. This form of nipple play works best with a partner.  

Have your partner gently circle your nipple with their tongue. This will build arousal. Then, have them start flicking. Try alternating between gently blowing and sucking on your nipples. Sucking your nipple while simultaneously flicking it with the tongue is a big power move!

In addition to the above nipple play techniques, you can take some additional measures that will increase the likeliness of a mind-blowing ending.

  • Try new positions. You can stand up and lean against a wall, get on all fours or lie on your back. A new position can result in an entirely different experience. Try some masturbation positions to make things more interesting.
  • Ease in. You don’t have to jump right in and focus on the nipple ‘O’. Instead, begin working nipple play and stimulation into sex and masturbation. For example, next time you have your vibrator or clitoral stimulator out, start at your nipples and then work your way down. This will help your mind begin to associate nipple play with orgasms.
  • Get some toys. If you like all the nipple action, it’s time to up your collection of toys. There are several toys that are specific to nipple stimulation, like suction cups or nipple clamps.
  • Let your mind wander. Orgasms are just as much mental as they are physical. Allow yourself to fantasize or play out scenarios to help get you in the right mindset.
  • Set the scene. What gets you turned on? Do you prefer the lights dimmed with candles lit, or do you like it mid-day with the blinds open? Whatever helps get you in the mood. This includes what you wear. If you have some lingerie that gets you heated up, put it on. It will add to the experience.
  • Use lube or oil. Different types of lubes and oils can create different sensations. They are really great if you are extra sensitive too.

Wrapping Up!

It's a shame that the nipples are frequently overlooked when it comes to sex; it's essential to remember that they represent an erogenous zone, which can not only contribute to a magnificent orgasm but can also be the parts of the body that trigger the orgasm.

Tickle, lick, suck and pinch – it’s time to experience The Nipple ‘O’!