When it comes to sex, we always have high expectations. We want to feel that trembling pleasure, to be able to escape from all that defines ordinary life and focus on that moment of pure ecstasy. 

And yet, if a few simple principles are not followed, everything might go wrong and pleasure can turn into discomfort. One of such discomforts might arise from from friction. Lubricant reduces friction, enhancing comfort and pleasure during sex. It prevents discomfort, irritation, and potential microtears, promoting a safer and more enjoyable experience for both partners. Therefore, using the lube during sex is very important.

But, in a market full of different brands and products, how can you find the best lubricant? Well, things can be pretty straightforward, but first, we need to look closer at silicone vs water based lube and see the key differences between them.

What is a Personal Lube?

Silicone or Water Based Lube

Personal lubricants, sometimes called lube, are liquids or gels used during sexual play to reduce friction between body parts. Furthermore, lube can reduce friction during penetrative sex, masturbation, or sex toy play, in addition to increasing pleasure. In sexual activity, whether with a partner or alone, lube keeps you lubricated and softens your vaginal or anal tissue, leading to a more satisfying experience.

Using lube does not mean your body isn't functioning properly. Even though your body naturally produces lubrication for your vagina, there are plenty of factors that can contribute to less production than usual or situations in which your body would benefit from more lubrication. A number of factors can affect your body's natural lubrication level, and using lubricant can always improve your masturbation experience. Check out our best water-based lube lube here.

So, Silicone or Water Based Lube?

Water-based and silicone lubricants are two prominent options in the world of smooth sex. Both serve the same function of reducing friction during intimate activities, but they differ in ways that make them appropriate for various scenarios.

Thus, when selecting a lubricant, consider the scenarios in which it will be used. Do you wish to incorporate clit sucking vibrators into your routine, for example? Are you seeking the best lube for masturbation or are you looking for plain vanilla sex?

The idea is that using lube during sex are crucial since they lessen discomfort, regardless of the scenario that best matches your sexual desires. using lubricants decreases the chances of vaginal irritation.

To give you a clear image of the benefits and drawbacks of each lubricant, we will go through each one in depth so that you can make an informed choice at the end.

Everything You Need to Know About Water Based Lube

Water Based Lube vs Silicone

Water-based lubes are one of the most often used types of personal lubricants. They are frequently produced from a combination of water, glycerin, and a thickening substance such as hydroxyethylcellulose, and are generally thought to be safer for genital health than other lubes. 

They're also compatible with silicone toys, which is always a plus. So, choose one of your favorite cheap sex toys from Tracy's Dog's collection and try it with water-based lube. 

Benefits of Water Based Lube

  • High compatibility: Water-based lubes are compatible with a variety of materials, such as latex condoms, silicone sex toys, and other intimate products. Because of their versatility, they are a popular choice for anyone looking for a lubricant that can be used with a variety of materials without causing harm or deterioration. So, whether you enjoy BDSMShibari, or simply want to masturbate, a water-based lube might be the best option. 
  • Easy to clean: Another key advantage of water-based lubricants is their ease of cleanup. They can be simply rinsed away with water because they are water-soluble, leaving no traces behind. This feature is especially handy for people who want a lubricant that doesn't leave a sticky or oily aftertaste. This can even be the best lube for handjobs.
  • Natural feel: Water-based lubes closely mirror the body's natural lubrication, delivering a smooth and natural feel during intimate interactions, either if we are talking about anal sex or vaginal sex. They are frequently praised for their ability to improve comfort and reduce friction without dramatically affecting feeling, even in case of vaginal dryness or sensitive skin.

Limitations of Water-Based Lubricants

Water-based lubricants have limitations, just like anything else in life, and it is critical to understand them to make the most educated decision when it comes to personal lube.

  • Reapplication: Because water-based lubricants evaporate or are absorbed by the skin over time, they may need to be reapplied frequently during longer activity. This feature may be inconvenient for those looking for long-lasting lubrication with no interruptions.
  • Consistency: Water-based lubricants have a thinner feel than silicone and oil-based lube, even though they come in a variety of consistencies. This could be a disadvantage for people who prefer a thicker lubricant or need extra cushioning during rougher moments.

Everything You Need to Know About Silicone Based Lube

Water Based vs Silicone Based Lube

Silicone lubricants, as the name implies, are made from silicone-based polymers. They gained popularity due to their distinct features and benefits. In fact, as you will see, distinct circumstances might require different lubes, which is why it is critical to grasp everything about these two common options mentioned in this article.

Benefits of Silicon Based Lube

  • Long-lasting: Silicone and oil-based lubes are well-known for their long lifespans. Because they do not evaporate or absorb as quickly as water-based lubricants, they are perfect for prolonged usage without the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Waterproof: One of the most significant advantages of silicone lubricants is their waterproof nature. They do not degrade in the presence of water, making them ideal for shower sex or an exciting adventure at the beach. This feature also allows them for use in hot tubs and other damp situations.
  • Smooth and slippery: Silicone-based lube have a characteristic silky and slippery sensation that many people enjoy. 

Limitations of Silicone Based Lube

Some of the benefits of silicone lubricant come along with drawbacks that must be considered before purchasing a product of this kind.

  • Incompatibility: Silicone-based lubes should not be used with silicone sex toys or other similar products due to the risk of degradation and harm over time. Before using silicone lubricants, ensure that they are compatible with the other items you want to introduce into your sex life, including the condoms used.
  • Stain potential: Because we are talking about a silicone composition, there is always the possibility that whatever surface you are on during sex (the bed, sofa, chair, or anything else that catches your eye) will remain stained.

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Water Based vs Silicone Lube

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Wrapping Up!

In a nutshell, using a lubricant is crucial for comfortable, safe, and pleasurable sexual experiences. They reduce friction, preventing discomfort or potential injury, and enhance sensitivity. Lubrication is especially important during activities that may not naturally produce enough moisture, ensuring both partners enjoy safer and more enjoyable intimacy. However, choosing the right personal lubricant is a matter of personal preference and considering specific needs.

So, when deciding between water-based and silicone lubricants, it's essential to consider the key factors including material compatibility with condoms or sex toys (will you want to use powerful vibrators with lube?), desired longevity, and ease of clean-up.