You know that absolutely delicious feeling you get when you're so close to reaching climax, but it's still not happening? That intense moment you can feel is approaching, and it would be fantastic if it could last forever. What if we told you there's a technique called edging that can make you feel like you're a step away from climax over and over again? But really what is edging?

Well, edging is an orgasm control technique that involves maintaining sexual arousal while delaying climax. Normally a BDSM practice, edging is actually much more than that, and you can understand the benefits of such a practice only by trying it. But is it safe? Can you give it a shot at home? Is it actually fun? Can you try it with clit sucking vibrators, or is it only possible with a partner? These are essential questions that we will answer in this article. Let’s dive in!

What Is Edging?

Edging Meaning

Edging, also known as teasing, the stop-and-start technique, orgasm denial, surfing, or peaking, gained popularity in the 1950s as a method of addressing premature ejaculation while ensuring sexual stimulation. It basically means bringing yourself (or someone else) almost to the brink of orgasm, then stopping or dramatically slowing whatever you’re doing so that there is no orgasm; you can delay orgasm for as much as you want. Of course, that doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but edging doesn't stop here.

After taking it slow, to avoid climax, the sexual stimulation is resuming 30 seconds (or however long) later, once or as many times as you want. As mentioned earlier, it is a practice developed to avoid premature ejaculation, which means it is usually talked about when it comes to men. Still, anyone can practice edging to spice things up in terms of sexual wellness and sexual satisfaction.

In other words, we can say that edging is just between erectile dysfunction and sexual performance.

You might also have heard the term “edge play,” a set of BDSM practices that involve psychologically and physically intense play at the very limit of what someone can handle. While edge play can be extremely hot and rewarding between experienced practitioners, it also requires a significant knowledge base and comes with risks, so today we're sticking to edging orgasms, which may be considered sexual medicine for an intense orgasm.

Edging is for everyone because we all deserve to experience intense physical sensations—and edging with a partner is not a must. As previously stated, you can also try this technique with a sex toy, and you don't have to break the bank to do so because you can select one (or more!) of the cheap sex toys available on Tracy's Dog. You can achieve a delayed orgasm without the support of anyone. Just like you can buy yourself flowers! 

Are There any Risks Associated with Edging?

Edging, a sexual technique involving delaying orgasm for heightened pleasure, can offer a thrilling and intense experience for many individuals. It allows exploration of prolonged arousal, potentially enhancing sexual satisfaction and intimacy with a partner. However, like any sexual activity, there are considerations to keep in mind. While some people enjoy the heightened arousal and sensation, prolonged edging might lead to physical discomfort, such as genital soreness or the temporary sensation of "blue balls" in males due to increased blood flow without release. There can also be psychological impacts, like performance pressure or frustration if climax isn't achieved. Moderation and open communication with a partner can help manage these potential risks, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. It's essential to approach edging with awareness, respecting personal boundaries, and prioritizing mutual pleasure and comfort.

The Fun Behind Edging

Is Edging Bad
Even though it may appear at first glance that edging is only there to put a stop to a promising orgasm, it can actually be a very entertaining exercise. This technique can help men better control their ejaculation and thus give and receive more pleasure. For women, this pause and restart of sexual stimulation results in a much more intense orgasm.

According to a study conducted by the International Society for Sexual Medicine, edging can result in stronger, more powerful, and longer orgasms for everyone involved, which might be yet another definition of fun, right?

The Benefits of Edging

What Does Edging Do
Edging has no negative effects, but it can rather contribute to a more intense and satisfying sexual life. However, it is understandable that such a practice is not for everyone. For example, edging is not appealing to an anorgasmic person, who has difficulty reaching orgasm.

This practice, which is more about how to last longer in bed, has a few benefits that can be translated into both mental and sexual health.

  1. Faster onset of orgasm - This benefit is especially for women. Constant stimulation contributes to a greater sensitization of the vagina, so you can reach orgasm faster. You don't necessarily need a partner to reap the benefits of edging. You could just as easily use a sex toy like OG Pro 2 or P. Cat. Not to mention that you can also use sex toys with a partner.
  2. The orgasm is much more intense - Edging contributes particularly to the intensity of the orgasm, as it is a constant come and go that adds to the increase in sexual tension felt.
  3. Preventing premature ejaculation - Edging first appeared as an exercise to avoid premature ejaculation. As a result of this stop-start method, men can learn how to better control their own bodies in order to have stronger orgasms.

How To Edge: Edging 101  

How to Edge
“To help your orgasms become more intense and longer, you have to [...] open your mind to the possibility that your orgasms can be more intense and last longer. If you have never heard of or thought of something, that thing does not exist in your universe,” write Vera and Steve Bodansky in Extended Massive Orgasm, their book on expanding and prolonging sexual pleasure. So let’s assume that you can experience orgasms that are more intense and longer than those you currently experience. How do you do that?

Like anything sexual, the best way to try edging for the first time is alone (however, if you still want to try it with a partner, make sure to check out this article; Mutual Masturbation. You are your first and best sexual partner, and can be in touch with your body from the inside in a way that even the most attuned partner can never be. However, usually female edging and male edging differ, so lets dive in explore how to edge for both genders.

Tips for Female Edging 

- Focus on Sensation: Experiment with different types of touch, varying pressure, and techniques like circular motions or teasing strokes to find what feels most pleasurable. Try feather-light touches or more intense pressure to heighten arousal.

- Control Breathing: Sync your breath with the sensations you're experiencing. Deep, slow breathing can help build anticipation and intensify pleasure. Focus on exhaling slowly during moments of heightened arousal to prolong the sensations.

- Explore Edging Techniques: Practice stopping or slowing down stimulation right before reaching climax. This involves building arousal to the brink and then pausing or changing stimulation to delay orgasm. Gradually increase intensity to prolong and enhance pleasure.

Tips for Male Edging

- Experiment with Stimulation: Explore various techniques, such as changing hand motions, altering pressure, or trying different strokes to find what feels most pleasurable. Experiment with different levels of intensity and rhythm to prolong arousal.

- Practice Breath Control: Sync your breathing with the sensations you're experiencing. Deep, controlled breathing helps in managing arousal levels. Focus on slow exhales during moments of heightened pleasure to delay orgasm and extend the experience.

- Master the Stop-and-Start Technique: Approach the edge of climax and then slow down or pause stimulation just before reaching the point of no return. This technique involves building arousal and then easing off to delay ejaculation. Gradually build intensity to intensify pleasure while delaying orgasm.

Wrapping Up!

Edging, the art of delaying climax for extended pleasure, transcends boundaries. Defined as teasing arousal to the brink of climax and controlling its delay, it offers varied experiences, from preventing premature ejaculation to intensifying orgasms. While it may pose risks like physical discomfort or psychological pressure, moderation and communication mitigate these concerns.

Beyond its roots in sexual medicine, edging is a thrilling exercise, benefiting both partners by intensifying pleasure and fostering deeper connections. It's not limited to partners; it extends to individual exploration and the use of sex toys, offering diverse possibilities for heightened enjoyment. Ultimately, edging isn't solely about climax; it's savoring every moment, a versatile and exciting technique for enhanced sensual experiences.