We are unique people with distinct dreams and sexual urges. When it comes to daddy kink, most people who enjoy the practice are hesitant to give in or openly discuss it.

This embarrassment comes from the fact that many people associate daddy kinks with the thought of having daddy issues or having a wholly unsuitable relationship with someone's father.

In fact, this form of fantasy has nothing to do with such relationships or problems associated with childhood but rather symbolizes a BDSM practice tied specifically to the concept of a person's dominant presence.

Thus, regardless of gender, anyone can have daddy kinks and anyone can play the role of daddy, even if it appears unusual at first. You can even fantasize about a daddy while utilizing a clit sucking vibrator.

In other words, this form of sexual kink is far more nuanced than it appears at first look, and, contrary to popular opinion, it is brought on by a difference in age and, implicitly, experience between the submissive and the dominant. 

So, what is the reality behind this type of fantasy? What exactly is a daddy kink? And how do you prepare for something like this?

What’s The Deal with Daddy Kinks?

What’s The Deal with Daddy Kinks

Daddy kinks may be quite contentious, especially when represented in pornographic movies. In a nutshell, in the circumstances shown in such performances, the partners assume the roles of a daughter and a father who have sexual interactions. It goes without explaining why this looks inappropriate.

However, it is critical to distinguish between fantasy and reality. The protagonists in pornographic films are clearly not related, but the action, while not expressly presented as role-play, must be interpreted as a basic act out between two actors.

In real life, the same thing is happening. A daddy kink is a sexual preference in which a dominant and a submissive play a part. In other terms, it is a power game between two people, who are usually of different ages.

Furthermore, people who are attracted to the idea of daddy kink, or people who play the part of submissive, are drawn to the thought of a more mature, more experienced sexual partner, who can have obvious authority in the bedroom and who can throw away all the female sexual anxiety.

Considering this game of forces, even in a lesbian relationship, there can be a person who plays the role of daddy who displays clear authority, especially if there is an age play.

Alternatively, the fantasy can be consumed in another way, for instance by using powerful vibrators, simply thinking about a domineering figure nearby, a person spotted passing by on the street who awoke emotions in you, or even by watching a porn movie. You can try this one with qualitative but cheap sex toys from Tracy’s Dog collection. And this is just one of many tips for great sex offered here (wink!).

What’s the Origin of a Daddy Kink?

What’s the Origin of a Daddy Kink

As previously stated, a daddy kink has nothing to do with the daughter-father relationship, thus it is not about anything unethical here, but simply about a person's clear sexual desire.

Furthermore, each of us has different preferences in the bedroom. Some of us love to be in charge, while others prefer to be controlled. When it comes to sex, it's all about the power dynamic that people prefer.

In other words, it has nothing to do with childhood trauma or a strained relationship with an authoritative figure in a person's life, but rather with the role they like to play in the bedroom.

It is crucial to note that people with such sexual preferences are not fully dependent on them to reach orgasm, but can enjoy the pleasure of having sex through a well-balanced connection of powers in the bedroom.

Basically, like with many fetishes and kinks, it all depends on a person's attraction to a specific form of sexual activity or simply a curiosity that someone wants to satisfy.

3 Signs You Have a Daddy Kink

Although having a daddy kink can be pretty obvious, it is important to clearly determine what kind of sexual urges you have and, essentially, to properly understand the signs that your mind and body send you. When you get to know your body better and accept your fantasies, your sex life can reach new levels of pleasure.

Following that, we'll talk about 3 signs that you should take part in daddy kink role-playing.

1. You are attracted to older men

    If you've always been drawn to older guys who exude control over you and the people around you, a daddy kink may be right for you, given that it involves an imbalanced relationship of forces.

    2. You are turned on when you’re called "little girl/boy" or "good girl/boy"

      If you get goosebumps all over your body when you hear the words "little girl/boy" and immediately think about sex, you may want a commanding presence in the bedroom to dominate you. In other words, you really need a "daddy dom".

      This also applies if you being called "daddy" is a sexual turn-on for you.

      3. You prefer to be dominated than to be in control

        If you prefer the person next to you to tell you what to do, determine the sex positions and have a domineering presence every time you have sex, guess what? You've got a daddy kink. Furthermore, this need for domination can be seen in the simple fact that you prefer to always be underneath when it comes to sex.

        How to Get Started With a Daddy Kink

        When it comes to daddy kinks, the rules are fairly straightforward. Firstly, you need a daddy-dom who has a dominant presence or, why not, you have to be the dominant presence (because a daddy kink may also work vice-versa if you want to).

        Secondly, it is important to express your sexual preferences very clearly, so that your daddy-dom understands what your expectations are and what things can satisfy you in terms of sexual fulfillment. And don't forget that these kinds of sexual experiences can only happen between consenting adults, so you need a willing partner.

        Finally, depending on what you are willing to do, how this daddy kink is implemented can vary greatly. The sky is the limit, which means you can opt for traditional role-playing, cunnilingus, or even the use of a suction cup or other sex toys.

        Wrapping Up!

        A daddy kink is a more common fetish than you might imagine because it has nothing to do with childhood trauma, but rather with a power imbalance and an actual age difference between the partners.

        This sexual practice is extremely adaptable because a variety of sex toys can be incorporated into the bedroom to heighten the intensity of the moment.

        Essentially, if you want to engage in such a sexual practice, you must listen to your body and do what you want to feel truly intense delights.