If you have the need from time to time for sex to become much more intense, tougher, and, in essence, to entail that pure carnal passion in which partners chase absolute sexual gratification, then primal kink may spark your imagination.

Basically, we all have times when we wish things would change from the usual, gentle method of sex between two people who love each other. We want to focus on the desire, pleasure, and total attraction to the partner. And this is perfectly natural.

This form of sexual activity, known as a primal kink or primal fetish, represents the path to sex that is often classified, especially in porn movies, as rough sex.

This type of sexual action allows partners to let loose and indulge their carnal needs without inhibitions. Furthermore, primal kinks can pave the way for the introduction of other devices into the couple's life, such as clit sucking vibratorsbullet vibratorsclit jewelry, and so on.

What Is a Primal Kink?

What is a Primal Kink

A primal kink is a type of sex in which partners must give free rein to their natural impulses, raw feelings and basic instincts, seek the gratification of primal urges, and not be concerned with how they sound or look.

Although it appears to be an animal way of contemplating sex, with unfiltered emotions, and is frequently associated with animal play or pet play, primal play or primal kink is very different.

If animal play indicates that the partners dress up as animals during sex, which is a sort of role-play, the primal play focuses on the partners' desire to let go of their inhibitions and engage in a sexual act perceived by many to be rough or aggressive.

Primal play can be expressed with bites, hair pulling and scratches, but it is essential to note that such sexual activity is fully consensual and that both partners must agree on everything that is going to happen.

How to Get Started With Primal Kink?

Despite the fact that it might seem to be a sexual practice without boundaries, given that we are discussing an animalistic sexual act, primal sex play has certain clear principles, the majority of which involve communication between partners.

First and foremost, the partners must speak honestly about their expectations and goals, the limits they establish, and the things they are prepared to negotiate.

Second, as well as in the field of communication, it is critical for both sides to establish a safe word for whenever sex becomes too intense, pain arises, or simply when one of the partners needs a break for recovering their breath. After all, we are talking about intentionally evoking raw emotions. 

In the case of a safe word, in order for it to serve its purpose and not simply be a passing term that goes undetected, an entirely odd word, such as a color, an animal, or, why not, a fruit, must be picked. It's important to have a safe word during sex, whether you have mommy kink, daddy kink, sensory deprivation kink, or a primal kink.

Just think how the term "giraffe" cannot go unnoticed in bed.

It is also important to consider whether you want to incorporate other devices and accessories in the bedroom for this primal sex, even if, to be honest, the instinct usually forgets about the use of other things around and focuses solely on the carnal contact between two individuals.

Sex toys, on the other hand, might be an interesting investment if you want to make things a little more heated up. You don't even have to spend a lot of money on them; instead, choose one (or more!) from Tracy's Dog's collection of cheap sex toys.

You can start sexting at the very beginning of the day, before meeting your spouse, to heighten the feeling of anticipation. After that, before moving on to the animal moments you seek, you can boost the urge with some fingering or mutual masturbation.

A Basic Terminology for Primal Kink

Primal Fetish

Despite the fact that you might not find information about primal sex play everywhere, and this practice doesn't seem to be highly common, it does have a true culture surrounding it, although a more limited one.

There is even a terminology dedicated to this sexual form of expression based on this culture and this interest of people, even if in a smaller number than in the case of other sorts of fetishes and behaviors, such as using sex toys with a partner.

So, in this context, we'll go over the most popular terms used to describe primal kink.

The current terminology describes how, in the case of a primal play scenario, there can be a variety of scenarios that add to the mystery (prey and hunter, two cavemen, or even a pack, in the case of primal kink group sex).

  • Predator: the dominant partner in a primal kink which involves a scenario of hunting and being hunted;
  • Prey: a submissive partner in a primal kink that involves both hunting and being hunted.
  • Hunter: The dominant figure in a primal kink;
  • Alpha: Also a dominant authority in a primal kink;
  • Pack: A group of people who participate in primal kink together;
  • Mate: A person with whom you engage in primal kink and have an emotional link connection. 

Examples of Primal Play

The primal play scenes provide an exhilarating opportunity to explore the depths of our raw nature by exploring our primal fetishes and desires. Primitive play encompasses a wide range of activities that unleash individuals' primal fetish and unleash their inner animalistic essence, allowing them to engage in a variety of experiences that ignite their primal energy. Here are a few vivid examples of activities that can be an integral part of this immersive and electrifying journey of self-discovery and connection. Also, keep in mind that sensations are very individual, so what turns someone on may not necessarily turn you on. If you would like to learn more about yourself and your kinks, read this article; What Turns You On | Exploring Kinks and Fetishes.

1. Sniffing, scratching, wrestling, biting, and growling: The goal of primal play is to engage the five senses and to tap into our most fundamental instincts. It's an opportunity to embrace our animal nature. In order to create an immersive experience, we can follow our partner's scent, such as the musky scent of their sweat, by sniffing it.

2. A fight for dominance: Just like in the animal kingdom, primal play may involve a power struggle where two partners engage in a primal battle for dominance. This exchange of power intensifies the scene and adds an exciting dynamic to the play.

3. Chasing: Imagine having a chase kink, where one partner becomes the primal hunter and the other the prey. It can involve eagerly pursuing or being pursued, mimicking the animal instincts in the wild as they hunt their prey. The chase heightens the excitement and adds an element of anticipation to the play. 

4. Forced submission: Once one partner has been overpowered, the struggle for power may continue until a point of forced submission is reached. This can involve physical and mental exertion as the dominant partner maintains control, while the submissive partner relinquishes their power, succumbing to the dominant force.

It is essential to emphasize that in these activities, any physical pain inflicted should be explicitly agreed upon and negotiated beforehand. Consent, communication, and establishing boundaries are paramount to ensure that the experience remains enjoyable and doesn't cause discomfort or harm to either partner. Also, remember sensations are very individual, so what turns someone on, doesn't necessarily mean that it will turn you on as well.

The Link Between Primal Play and BDSM

The BDSM universe includes primal kinks and primal plays since they can feature a power play between partners. One is the hunter, while the other is the prey; one is dominant, while the other is submissive.

This is not to say that primitive kink is about pain, or that BDSM is about pain. In both circumstances, the partners' goal is to reach new levels of sexual pleasure, which is why the use of devices like a G-spot vibrator is actually suggested.

Of course, the essential difference between BDSM and primal kink is that, while there is always a relationship of forces in BDSM, it is not absolutely required in primal kink. Even if there is an equal connection between partners, two people's primal instincts might be put to work in very intense and carnal ways; if both have the same sexual experience, have the same ability to dominate, and desire to be dominated.

Things can get very intriguing when there is a balance of forces and raw emotion.

Primal BDSM

Primal BDSM

Primal BDSM is a type of BDSM that's all about embracing our inner wild side. It's like letting our animal instincts run wild during a power play. Think of it as going back to our primal roots and exploring our raw and instinctual parts.

Primal sex involves people taking on animal personas and playing different roles, such as predator and prey or alpha and beta. It's all about acting out animal behaviours, like growling, crawling, scratching, and even biting. It's intense, passionate, and can get pretty physical. If you would like to learn more about BDSM, check out this article; BDSM Basics For Beginners.

As with any BDSM play, consent and communication are crucial. Getting everyone involved on the same page, knowing their boundaries, and respecting each other's limits is essential. So, as long as it's consensual and everyone's having a good time, primal BDSM can be a thrilling and exciting way to explore our primal desires.

Safe Primal Play During BDSM

Engaging in primal play requires a strong foundation of trust, respect, and open communication between partners. It's essential to discuss and agree upon boundaries prior to such scenes, despite their animalistic and impulsive nature. Just like a dominant and submissive would have conversations about their preferences, limits, and hard limits, a primal and their partner should also establish a clear dialogue. This will ensure a safe and consensual experience.

Primal play involves intense, uninhibited sexual exploration between partners while prioritizing safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction same way as all types of BDSM plays. To ensure immediate communication and boundary enforcement, establishing a safe word is highly recommended.

After engaging in primal play, post-scene aftercare becomes essential. In order to accomplish this, partners must comfort one another, openly communicate about the scene, and ensure that both of the individuals feel seen, appreciated, and cared for rather than discarded or used. In a way, it is a way to provide emotional support and reassurance after an intense experience.

Participating in primal play and embracing a primal identity can be deeply imaginative and cathartic. Intimate relationships can be profoundly stimulating and fulfilling when discussed in advance and negotiated to ensure comfort and satisfaction.

Wrapping Up!

Even if primal kinks are relatively rare, they are a sexual practice worth discussing because of the intensity they may bring to a relationship. Through such a connection, partners are free to follow their instincts and let go of any inhibitions, which is always a wonderful thing.

To try and conquer a primal kink, all you have to do is let yourself thoroughly enjoy the partner in front of you, with the goal of gratifying your every intimate need.