We all enjoy sex. It is one of many people's favorite interests, and the goal of sex remains for most of them the climax. Even if the goal is exciting, it is crucial to appreciate the journey as well.

It's important to remember foreplay when planning an interesting trip of this kind. A sexual encounter is less exciting when it proceeds straight to penetrative sex, without kissing, touching, or using sex devices like clit sucking vibrators.

With the help of foreplay, you can make the entire sexual experience unique by enhancing the intensity of the moment you are living and contributing to the force of the climax you will experience by increasing the anticipation.

Why Is Foreplay Important?

Well, let's start with the following questions:

  • When you think of having sex with your partner, do you instantly become aroused? 
  • Do you frequently orgasm when having sex?
  • Do you spend as much (or more) time dedicated to foreplay as you do penetration?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then you NEED to step up your foreplay game.

Foreplay is a mental and physical practice. There are so many techniques and strategies that will get you dripping wet and result in those back-arching, toe-curling orgasms you are both after.  It can even reduce female sexual anxiety and make male orgasm better (we already know that female orgasm is bliss).

Both men and women really benefit from foreplay. It’s not just a nicety – it’s a must-have and essential for really great sex and sexual wellness. The Journal of Sex Research found that both men and women crave 18 minutes of foreplay before sex. Are you dedicating 18 minutes? Most people aren’t, and they’re robbing themselves of the best orgasm!

So, without further ado, we are going to tell you the 7 best foreplay tips you can start using right now that will lead to mind-blowing sex and true sexual pleasure.

Top 7 Foreplay Tips That Will Change Your Sex Life

Top 7 Foreplay Tips That Will Change Your Sex Life

There are numerous foreplay ideas, ranging from watching a sexy movie and trying dirty talking to sexy underwear, clitoral stimulation, and oral sex, that will get your blood flowing while offering an unforgettable experience.

Foreplay can even be a good idea if you need to resolve a low libido problem.

Plus, it's important to always remember that anyone can initiate foreplay, that's not just a job for the male or the female. Always keep in mind what your partner likes and try to put it into practice for an incredibly hot sensory play.

1. Try sexting (or send a nude)

We are sure you have experienced sexual tension before; it’s when you can physically feel the sexual energy between you and another person. When you can feel your blood flow throughout your body. This often happens with a new partner, and the sexual tension can start to dwindle when you are in a long-term relationship. Some people become addicted to this type of mental, and sexual tension so they constantly seek new partners to get this high.   

You don’t need to find a new partner to create this form of mental foreplay (you’ll see this in technique #7 too). You can recreate these feelings with your long-term partner through some tried-and-true sexting. You can even try to talk dirty. Send a sexually charged and suggestive message like the following:

“I can’t wait to see you tonight – I’m getting wet just thinking about it!” 

The majority of us are often more “visual” -  that’s why the porn industry is much bigger than the erotic lit business! Try sending your partner a semi-nude pic. It doesn’t have to be a full-frontal or show-your-face; a picture of your panty line or your lingerie laid out on your bed will get their imagination going and start building the tension.

2. Dress to impress

The clothes you wear can play a big role in turning you on, as well as your partner. Wearing sexy lingerie and clothes you feel sexy in will create sexual energy. Go out for dinner and wear a dress or skirt – and no panties. Tell your partner this to build the suspense. This can even build the path to dirty talk if you are into it. Plus, he won’t be able to stop thinking about it all through dinner.    

If you feel sexy with red lips and your hair down - do it! Your partner will pick up on the confidence and sexual vibes you are putting out there. This way, your sex life will start getting better.

3. Kiss, lick and suck up and down the body 

Foreplay kissing should be a full-body experience. For an unexpected experience, start near their ankle and kiss your way up the inside of their leg. When you get near their inner thighs, things will become more intense.

Give your partner's body a little tease, licking, sucking, and kissing. Later on, you can even try some nipple play. The suspense will supercharge the arousal! Once you’ve made your way back down, you can give it a shot with oral sex or even with sex toys.

You don't have to pay a lot of money to buy powerful vibrators, just take a look at Tracy's Dog collection of cheap sex toys made to impress and pick your favorites.

4. Pleasure yourself in front of your partner  

You can turn yourself and your partner on with an erotic display of self-pleasure with direct stimulation. This is actually a great way of initiating foreplay without using other's bodies, but just your own.

Tell your partner you want them to watch you and incorporate sex toys. Try one of the best masturbation positions and make a show. There is something extra hot about a woman using a vibrator on herself. What will really drive you both crazy is a couple's vibrator.

Apply a generous amount of lube, and your spouse can watch and listen as this little toy eats you out. After, ask them to take over and use the toy on you.  There's nothing better than a sex toy on a woman's body parts.

This will create an image that will live in their mind, rent-free for the rest of their life!

5. Use handcuffs and a blindfold

Use handcuffs and a blindfold

You don’t need to wear head-to-toe leather and hold a whip to enjoy the pleasure of dominance and submission. When you take away the ability to touch, move and see, your other senses are enhanced, and every touch is much more intense.

You can use items you have around the house too. You can tie your partner's arms behind their back or legs together. There are lots of options, and each way creates a unique, erotic experience. You can even give Shibari a try!

6. Give each other a sensual massage 

Oil, massage candles, even whipped cream and, in general, pleasure-focused experiences are an incredible turn-on. Light some candles, get some lube or sex-safe massage oil, and lie on your stomach. Have your partner massage your entire body. Watch how wet you will become without other erogenous zone stimulation being involved. It is kind of a sensory play, which makes sex greater.

Just lying there naked and vulnerable creates incredible sexual tension. Have your partner focus on your cheeks and spread your legs so they can massage your upper thigh. The visuals for them will be amazing. After about 15 minutes, switch, and massage your partner. Use your body by straddling their back so they can feel how wet you are, or graze your hard nipples along their skin. You can even try dirty talk while giving this sensual massage. This experience will create a lot of sexual tension, as it is a huge turn-on and a sure path to good sex.

7. Role-play a one-night stand 

Living out a new scenario or role can create a lot of excitement. It’s the mental foreplay we all need. The certified sex therapist and SiriusXM Radio Show host Emily Morse, PhD., recommends the “one-night stand” scenario as one of the best foreplay tips.

Pretend you are strangers that just met or are on a first date. You create your own backstory with different names. She says, “You get the thrill of a ‘one-night stand’ without the hassle or infidelity.’

Wrapping Up!

Foreplay is crucial, and with these foreplay tips, you will almost certainly avoid dull sex and improve your sex life in surprising ways. A fulfilling sex life is important for both men's and women's health. Sex is not a requirement, it is a necessity, and it is essential to try to make it better throughout your life. 

If your sex life isn't getting better, try talking to a certified sex therapist.